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Mr Lecturer Season 1

Episode 36

After breakfast the next day, I took my wife out for shopping. We spent almost all day moving from one shop to another, buying almost everything that caught her interest. Later in the evening, I took her to a quiet hotel downtown for swimming, something i haven’t done with her in a long time.

Of course she was totally stunned and overly happy with my show of affection, and truly i must confess that not only did we have a very wonderful time swimming together, it equally gave me the opportunity to realise and reflect on the fun i had denied our marriage prior to that moment.
Yea just like most couples, our marriage used to be very uneventful and affectionate. We spent the weekdays working, and weekends resting without any form of recreation apart from the nights we had the normal marital s#x. We hardly went shopped together nor spent an evening in a beach or hotel and then when Comfort finally showed up in my life, the little attention i was paying my wife slowly fizzled out without me even realising it.

“oh baby, today is simply the best day of my life” she smiled as we swam out of the pool together by 6pm that fateful day. I l####d my lips, grabbed my phone and faced her.

“what are you trying to do?” she asked, hiding her face with her hands.

“c’mon are you shy or what?, abeg give me a superb pose jor, or don’t you want my facebook friends to see your great curves?” i asked jokingly. She gasped, rushed forward and grabbed the phone.

“you want to post my naked pictures on facebook?. You must be crazy” she barked playfully. I grabbed her from behind and lifted her up.

“I don’t know much about clubbing, neither do you. So how about we club tonight?” i asked, leaving her staring at me with great surprise.

“noooo” she breathed,

“yes” i smiled,

“hmmmm i don’t know” she shrugged with hesitation.

we finally wrapped up the great day, with an awesome night at a hotel Club. It was such a bright moment for us. Oh i can never forget the kiss we shared as we danced together.

“seriously i’m so breathless with happiness. I haven’t experienced such eventful moments all at once In my short life. Thank you very much. I just wish you will continue giving me this kind of awesome treat” she said with tears of joy in her eyes as we drove home by 3am the next day.

I was delighted i finally got my wife back, but yet i still had a tough job of winning back her full love.
There is nothing half as bad as a broken home. I wasn’t raised in a broken home and i won’t be the person to start it in my bl0*d-line by raising my kids in such home, but then no matter my ideology and feelings, i still had no perfect solution for Comfort’s Child who unfortunately was said to be mine as well. In the end the innocent baby would end up suffering the most in everything.

I just wished i could turn back the hands of time, live a scandal free life, raise three kids and grow old so happily. But that’s life. Nothing on earth is perfect.

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Episode 37

Two days later, my wife woke me from sleep with a very worried look on her face. I lazily rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed.

“what’s wrong my dear?, why did you turn on the lights?. It’s still 4am” i asked curiously, taking a quick look at the table clock few steps away. She breathed deeply and folded her hands.

“i’m sorry for waking you but i just was unable to sleep. I’m really worried over many things” she complained seriously. To be sincere, i really wasn’t ready for her drama that morning but just to make her feel at ease, i drew forward and pecked her.

“what if i end up not bearing you children, what happens to our home and love?” she asked while i breathed deeply and shrugged. Her question was really unexpected and i had no clue whatsoever on how to answer it.

“maybe God has a reason for allowing that young girl get pregnant for you.” she added slowly, making me very uncomfortable with her words.

“what if she gives you a male child and you turn your back on him only to end up not getting any child from me?” she asked.

“oh dear me, you are too young to be saying all this s##t. How many months have we been married to each other. Please this topic is making me totally uncomfortable, let’s sleep. I beg of you” i said with a controlled tone.

“you really don’t understand. You don’t just get it” she added slowly, forcing out my temper which i quickly controlled by biting my lips.

No matter how much you love a woman or no matter how loyal, respectful and loving a woman is. There comes a time when she acts like a kid, bringing up emotional or annoying topics for no just reason or perhaps to score a point which totally is quite unnecessary. Yea i knew she was still emotionally insecure but waking me up by that time of the day to bring up such topic was really really annoying. I couldn’t display my anger because marriage is all about tolerance.

“i will like to have a talk with that girl carrying your child” she suddenly added, shocking me with her demand .

“what!, you mean Comfort?” i asked with shock.
“i think it’s a bad idea my love” i quickly added.

“no on the contrary i think it’s a good idea. I have every right to know the lady carrying my husband’s child. The last time she was here, i was so disorganised by her presence that i couldn’t study her appropriately” she persisted.

“okay ooo, i’ll call her later in the day and check if she’s in town, so can we sleep now?” i seriously said, forcing out a smile. She breathed deeply and nodded.

However, as we had breakfast later in the morning, she brought up her request again, leaving me with no choice than to call and invite comfort to our house. Just like i expected, Comfort was in town and quickly accepted my invitation without hesitation, promising to show up at my house by 4pm that fateful day.

I just didn’t understand my wife nor the motive behind such an unusual request.
Hmmmm sometimes women can be quite unreadable.

Episode 38

Comfort showed up at my house by 5pm looking very calm and a bit curious. I really was extremely nervous having her in my home but there was nothing i could do than to man up and face the situation.

“thanks for coming over” my wife politely welcomed her as she settled on my long couch.
I couldn’t help but notice the cold smile on my wife’s face. Of course she alone knew her plans that fateful evening. Comfort on the other hand, appeared a bit surprised to see my wife, perhaps she thought i invited her on my own, which probably was the reason she eagerly accepted my invitation.

“so how have you been doing and how is your health?” she curiously asked, sitting beside the astonished girl. This time around i was greatly worried over my wife’s behaviour.

“oh yes i’m fine, thanks for your concern” Comfort replied quickly.

“that’s cool, i’m actually the person behind the invitation. I just want to form a new kind of bond or should i say relationship between us. To be sincere, i don’t like you neither do you like me but i think the situation of things calls for us to work together. Hope i’m right” she addressed Comfort who simply nodded silently.

“from now onwards you are my responsibility. If you are in need of anything, come forward to me and not to my husband because my Caleb isn’t your husband. Your monthly allowance, accomodation and everything will be done by me. Don’t ever go to my husband nor speak to him for any reason. If you try it and i find out, you won’t like what will happen to you” she addressed Comfort with all seriousness while i drew back with shock.

I couldn’t believe my ears, i just didn’t know how to judge my wife’s actions that moment. Moreover i wasn’t happy that she failed telling me her plans which totally was unacceptable.
Comfort equally stared at her with disbelief, the look on her face clearly showcasing her mind.

“i don’t understand madam but i’m afraid to think that you are trying to get back at me for getting pregnant for your husband” she murmured with a coloured face. My wife simply stood up and Scoffed.

“you have no choice my dear. You are even lucky to still be alive after all you did to my marriage. Of course i know your plans and believe me, you almost succeded. I almost left my marriage for you and with one child, you can easily get another and another for my husband before i even realise myself. Do you care to have my phone number or not??” she asked the shocked girl while i speechlessly stared on, too shocked to say a word.
Of course tough measures are quite needed to tackle difficult moments but somehow i felt my wife was going a little too far with it…

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Episode 39

“i guess i have no choice than to accept your terms. You already got everything well planned out” Comfort murmured with resignation as she exchanged phone numbers with my wife.
She thereafter left five minutes later, but not after politely declining staying for dinner even though my wife was almost forceful with the invitation. As soon as she left, i faced my wife with a worried look.

“Jessica dear, hmmm i don’t know but you kind of surprised me with your actions this evening. Couldn’t you have let me into your plans rather than surprising me with it?” i asked curiously. She shrugged and scoffed.

“you are expecting me to apologize right?. Fine i’m so sorry darling” she said a bit coldly before heading to the kitchen. I followed her to the kitchen with a mind filled with many unsaid words but i couldn’t just tell her my mind due to many reasons which you guys equally know.
She however turned on noticing my presence and stared at me curiously.

“are you okay?” she asked,

“yea of course” i answered, forcing out a smile. She drew forward and held my waist.

“i’ll get the apartment for her myself. I will equally do the furnishing myself. I seriously won’t like you to have any form of contact with that girl. At least until after she puts to bed. Trust me, i’m going to run a DNA test on the baby as well. I don’t trust that girl one bit” she said seriously while i shrugged with resignation.

“fine do whatever pleases you with her” i accepted and kissed her forehead, but deep down i kind of felt she was only going to injure herself further by trying to get more involved with comfort who i very much knew to be an aggressive go getter.

Two days later, i barely had relaxed in my office as i resumed work for the new year when Comfort barged in looking very mean and serious. At first i froze with surprise on seeing her before quickly regaining my composure.

“what are you doing here?. Didn’t my wife ask you to stay away from me. You are no longer a student in this school and i demand you leave my office right away” i barked without even caring to know why she was at my office.

“i never knew your wife controls you. Just look at yourself shaking like a chicken. My wife said this, my wife said that. Where was she when we were f#####g each other??. Yea i’m no longer a student and you are no longer my lecturer, so i can tell you anything i feel like without fear” she poured out rudely, raising up her tone with each word and sending me on my feet with the insults that flew out of her mouth.

“i beg of you, keep your voice down” i begged, drawing close to her but instead of complying, she eyed me and continued.

“you can let your wife dictate things for you but she can’t do the same to me. I never knew you are a chicken. You just watched as she tore me apart in your home without doing anything” she fired on, leaving me with no choice than to slap her with such a force that drew out bl0*d from her nose.

“oh my God” she cried. my9jarocks.info

Episode 40

“you slapped me. You just slapped me” she cried, wiping out bl0*d from her nose. I swallowed hard with despair, breathing deeply. Of course I regretted slapping her. She was a woman. d##n.

“you know what?, I don’t need your money. I don’t need your help and i don’t need you in my life. You and your wife should go to hell” she screamed, forcing me to quickly cover her mouth with my left hand.

“maybe we should talk outside. Let’s get out of here please” i suggested, trying hard to avoid creating a scene with her in my office. She pushed me away and shook her head.

“no there is nothing to talk about. You already see me as a home spoiler while your wife sees me as a gold digger. No one cares about my feelings. I’m just a wild animal to you guys. I’m leaving, enjoy your life” she poured out and turned to leave. I quickly grabbed her left hand and stared at her suspiciously.

“what are you trying to do Comfort?” i asked,

“let go of me. I’m serious, I don’t need your cursed money” she hissed, broke free from my grasp and headed to the door.
I had the urge to go after her but on a second thought, i Let her leave even though i was greatly worried over her plans.
I couldn’t deny that i needed her to be under my protection and nose because of the baby she was expecting which somehow might appear insane to you guys reading this story since i had always appeared not to be interested in her pregnancy. I do believe in the ideology of keeping friends close and enemies closer.

I got home later in the evening and narrated all that happened between Comfort and I to my wife who was greatly surprised over the news. She even tried calling Comfort on phone but was unable to reach her.

“her phone is now switched off after ringing twice. I guess she’s very serious about not needing our support anymore” my wife said with resignation.

“so what do you think?” i asked.

“well i think your girlfriend has a very good counter-plan to use against us. I believe she will be back, that i know for sure” she replied seriously, leaving me worried and overly anxious…….

I didn’t know what to expect next.

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