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Mr Lecturer Season 1

Episode 21

I couldn’t decide on anything to do concerning Comfort’s pregnancy nor was i able to tell my wife about it.
Slowly two weeks passed by without Comfort showing up to disturb me, a development that made me very scared at first but when the third week equally passed without her showing up, I felt perhaps she had changed her mind towards using the pregnancy to hold me down.

The second week of December slowly arrived, making it a month i last saw Comfort. I couldn’t imagine where she was or what she was planning and i equally held myself from calling her on phone. My wife unfortunately was still yet to get pregnant and this time around was overly worried because according to her, she was scared of meeting my parents during the coming Christmas without anything to show for our marriage.

However On Tuesday morning, in the second week of December, Comfort surprisingly showed up at my office looking very serious and cold. I was shocked to see her but tried my best to maintain my composure.

“so how far sir?. What plans have you made for me?” she asked seriously as she sat before me.

“plans?” i repeated slowly.

“yes of course. I stayed away for a month in order to give you time to organise yourself and make preparations for me. Are you trying to tell me you did nothing?” she asked while i speechlessly stared at her.

“i’ll be going for my NYSC next march, and i’m planning to serve in this state due to my condition, so i really don’t understand you. Anyway i guess i will do everything my own way, since you are not ready to make it easy for us” she poured out, stood up and left without another word while I bit my lips nervously as i wondered what she had up in her mind.
There wasn’t any doubt she had something well planned out. I tried thinking of what she could do as she threatened but nothing came to my mind.

I however soon found out what her threat was all about later that evening when she surprisingly showed up at my house by 7pm in the evening when my wife and I was having dinner. I couldn’t believe my eyes as i saw her walk into my sitting room after my surprised wife answered the door bell. She slowly settled down on my couch, gave my wife a long look before leaving her eyes on me as i abandoned my meal and nervously drew close to her.

“i’m sorry for coming so late and i also apologise in advance for the shocking news i bear. Thanks for not asking too much questions before letting me in” she said with a cold smile to my wife who was absolutely shocked and confused with her boldness…

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Episode 22

“Madam, the news i carry will be of great interest to you and i’m here mostly due to the fact that your husband refused doing the right thing” Comfort calmly said to my wife who silently sat on the center table in our sitting room and faced her with all attention while i sweated and stood with fear, clueless on what exactly to do. Of course there was nothing i could do that exact moment than to keep quiet and listen to all the silly girl had to say.

“i’m pregnant for your husband. I’m having a baby for him” she coldly threw the bomb. My wife drew back with shock.

“you can ask him, yea ask your husband. I can’t believe he’s still keeping it away from you. It’s been up to a month i broke the news to him” she revealed, before taking her time to narrate the history of our outrageous affair to my wife who listened without saying a word. She shamelessly told her everything, not even skipping the s#x we had at the house months back.

“believe me i came here with a noble mind. I’m not trying to take away your husband but simply to make a report to you. He has to do the right thing by taking responsibility of my pregnancy. He has to see my parents and own up to the family way he has gotten me into. I can’t stand by myself without his support” she summarized and hopefully stared at the poor woman, expecting a reply from her, but all my wife could do was just to stand up with pain and tears which dropped from her eyes, gave me a long look and quietly walked into our bedroom without saying a word while i looked away with guilt.

“you have done your worst right?” i shouted at Comfort as soon as my wife was out of sight, advanced towards the bold girl and lashed out a dirty hot slap on her left cheek. She fell backwards on my chair, gasping with shock.

It clearly was my first time of hitting a woman and i really wasn’t proud about it but nevertheless it never worried me because that moment i was like a man who had lost all his dignity and wealth. I was like a drowning man struggling with his last breathe to survive.

“get out?” i barked, dragged the girl to her feet and roughly threw her out of my apartment before rushing into the bedroom in search of my wife who was crying with her head buried Between two pillows.

“my love” i breathed, standing few steps away from her, too scared to come any nearer.

“i’m not your love. You wouldn’t have betrayed nor kept this information from me supposing you had any atom of love for me. Just go, go away, go after your baby mama. She’s your responsibility. Our marriage is over” she cried, destroying the remaining pieces of my heart with the simple but painful words that came out of her mouth. my9jarocks.info

Episode 23

I tried once again to beg and possibly mutter some explanations to her even though i knew my plea wasn’t going to get anywhere because what i did was total unforgivable and heartbreaking. I bravely sat on the bed and called her.

“baby please can you listen to me?” i begged nervously.

“I want to be left alone Caleb. Let me think about my life please” she cried.
I stared at her silently for a while and tried holding her gently but she flung away my hand furiously, turning to face me with eyes filled with anger and tears.

“what’s wrong with you?. Leave me alone bikonu , or do you want me to leave your house this night?” she threatened, while i quickly backed away.

“you can sleep in any of the empty rooms. Just get out” she barked.

I couldn’t do anything else than to obey her and so I quietly left the room for her, first heading to the dinning room to clear the dinner plates which were still lying on the table. After dropping the plates in the kitchen, i headed to one of the empty bedrooms, where i spent all night thinking about the problem i brought unto myself. I couldn’t help but think of what my wife would do the very next day.
I was however certain of one thing. Things were never going to be the same between us.

Very early the next day, precisely at 5:55am, I sneaked into the master room to check on her, but was surprised to see her fully dressed up, packing a luggage. I was totally alarmed and quickly drew close to stop her from leaving.

“my love” i breathed,

“i’m moving into a friend’s house. I will be there for sometime before bravely making up my mind to meet my parents. You can come this Christmas to collect the bride price you paid on my head” she said seriously, wounding my heart with her words. I quickly held her hand, but she instantly snatched it away.

“there is no point remaining married to you. You not only cheated on our marriage but also expecting a child from it. I no longer have a stake in your life so it’s over between us” she concluded dragged her luggage and tried leaving the room but i strongly held her down.

“i hope you won’t want me to create a scene or do you?. Just let me leave right now or our neighbours will gather for us” she threatened and forcibly walked out of our apartment, my life and marriage.

“It’s that the end?” was the question i kept asking myself that fateful morning. my life was instantly at a standstill.
I caused it all.
how do I redeem myself?

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Episode 24

I just was confused on what to do. I couldn’t believe my wife was gone for real. I thought about my parents. I thought about her family. It was just a matter of minutes before they all get to hear the heartbreaking news.

The only solution i could think of that moment was running to God. For the first time in my life i looked towards God to solve my problems.
Yea i was a Christian quite alright but never was a strong one, but the situation of things clearly needed divine intervention and it clearly wouldn’t take much from me to kneel and pray. I knew God was all merciful and forgiving. He was my only hope.

I quietly dressed up and headed to a catholic church down the street to offer prayers to God. Luckily the parish priest was holding a confession session when i got to the church. I bravely joined the queue and waited for my turn to confess my sins before the Reverend father.
“perhaps God can talk to me through him” i reasoned as i set up my mind to do something i hated doing. Of course it was bad condition that pushes most people to God, just like it was doing to me that moment.

It soon got to my turn and i boldly went and confessed everything before the listening ears of the parish priest.
“My brother you truly offended God in many ways but i’m glad to tell you that God doesn’t turn his back to anyone who runs to him for shelter. As you were making your confession, God opened my eyes for your sake. Yea i saw a very rough future before you but don’t give up. Your wife will still remain yours at the end of the day. Your family and hers will still remain one big family, but for that to happen never turn your back on the second woman nor her child. I couldn’t see them in your future but nevertheless, do the right thing and fulfill your responsibility. Remember nothing is hidden under the sun. Do all i told you and leave God to do the rest for you. Remember i never saw the second woman in your future and so shall it be if you take care of her presently” he concluded before dishing out prayer points and bible verses i should read and pray on everyday.

I left the church thirty minutes later, relieved and optimistic but as i headed to my car, I got a very surprising phone call from my wife’s father.

“hey Caleb, i’ll be at your office in forty minutes time. Hope you are there” he said with his usual commanding tone and hung up without waiting to hear my reply. I instantly froze with fear.

I never knew the old man who was more in Abuja than in the state was in town.
My greatest fear was confronting him over the mess i dragged myself into and it was all about happening my9jarocks.info

Episode 25

As i headed to my office that fateful morning, I prepared my mind for the difficult task ahead.
Not only was i about having a long talk with my father in law, the old man equally was a faculty dean and a very powerful academia. Of course he could ruin my future with just a signature. There was no doubt I had to be extremely diplomatic when dealing with him.

On getting to my office, i tried calling my wife on phone but she refused answering just like i expected. I breathed deeply, muttered quick prayers and tried concentrating on a new work i was getting ready for publishing while waiting for my father in law at the same time. I really would have preferred going over to the old man’s office for the discussion but since he chose coming over to mine, I had no choice than to nervously wait for him.

He finally showed up an hour later, looking very serious and grim. I quickly stood up to greet him, respectfully offering my hand for a handshake which he declined accepting, giving me the first hint of trouble.

“i hope you know the reason i’m here?. My daughter told me she moved out of your house. She told me everything” he said seriously, searching my face with his eyes. I swallowed hard and stared back at him, visibly confused on how to explain myself to him.

“I did wrong sir. I cheated on my wife. I betrayed your daughter’s trust. I broke the sacred oath of marriage, but don’t kill me. Allow me to fix things. I beg of you” i pleaded solemnly. The old man simply scoffed and sat down on the empty seat opposite my table.

“how do you fix a house that has already collapsed?. You were unable to fix it when the structure was still shaking. How do you fix it now that it has collapsed?” he asked seriously.

“i will start from the beginning sir. I will start from the foundation to build it over again” i answered quickly as if it was a simple thing to do but the old man wasn’t moved at all.

“shut up!” he barked.
“do you think i’m a fool?” he asked,

“no not at all sir” i answered with panic.

“so don’t try acting a telenovela with me. Everyone now acts as if the world is as easy as this nonsense shown in movies. Your marriage with my daughter is barely a year, you got another woman pregnant and you are here trying to tell me you will fix things. What do you thing you are going to fix?. Our relationship is over from this minute. I will personally see to the divorce formalities. The bride price will be returned, but then better start packing up your things because your days in this school is now on countdown” he barked and stood up while i shook with fear.

“i beg of you sir, don’t add more fuel into the fire already consuming me” i begged with all my heart but unfortunately the old man looked more hurt and annoyed than his daughter when she left my house.

Not only did the world crash on my feet. It exploded and shattered the only hope i had left that very moment. I felt that the prayers i offered to God earlier in the day was rejected. I felt my sins were totally now beyond redemption even though the priest’s words kept ringing in my head as the old man left my office. I slowly dropped down and cried hard.

The reality of losing my wife and job in a hard country such as ours was so hard to bear.

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