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Mr Lecturer Season 1

Episode 31

Comfort simply stood up after listening to my proposal, came towards my chair, stopped and stared at me for some seconds.

“your offer is quite a generous one even though you sounded harsh with it. Nevertheless, thanks for coming up with it but another important thing i must emphasis on is nothing else but having you around at all times. No matter how you try shaping the situation, you will never deny the fact that we are starting a family. From next year, your presence will matter a lot to me. I feel you already know the other necessary roles you are to play for the safe delivery of our child?. It’s not all about money” she asked softly. I drew back my chair and stood up.

“you are not my wife Comfort. You can never be my wife. The best i can do is to support your pregnancy with money. Any other thing you are trying to add won’t work. Believe me i will throw a party if you even lose this pregnancy” i said harshly, melting her eyes with my words.

“okay, fine thanks for everything” she said softly, turned and slowly left my office without another word.
I always felt bad after using harsh words on her but most times i couldn’t stop myself from being harsh to her.
I equally thought about my wife at the same time. I couldn’t imagine what she was going through nor were she was staying. My life was totally empty without her, just as the previous week was quiet messy. I couldn’t imagine how to survive the new week all alone, moreover my house was slowly getting untidy with lots of unwashed clothes, plates and pots pilling up everyday, no companion to hold at night and share my stories with. Nobody to serve me dinner with a sweet smile.
“d##n” i breathed hard.

The rest of the week however was totally uneventful. I tried very hard to establish contact with my wife but was unsuccessful and so i managed myself all alone until 22nd of December when i got a surprising phone call from my father. He told me that my wife’s family were inviting us for a family meeting on the 26th of December which was four days away. At first i was a bit happy over the news, thinking that perhaps we were being invited in order for us to put heads together and settle my marriage problems but on a second thought, my heart skipped as i remembered the words my father inlaw used on me the first time he confronted me over what i did to his daughter. I quickly realised that perhaps they were inviting us in order to finally cut ties with my family.

I travelled home on the 24th of December with a very anxious mind but unfortunately my fears turned out to be true, when we got to my wife’s family home.

“i guess you already know why we invited you all here” my wife’s father asked as soon as we settled down in his sitting room.
“Anyway let me hit the nail on the head. Your son destroyed the relationship our families enjoyed by getting another woman pregnant. My daughter has no choice than to move out from his house. We already know she has no child and probably may not have a future in the house she helped build. Anyway let’s avoid long talk. How much do we refund you?” he asked, looking directly at my father and jolting us with his words.

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Episode 32

“c’mon Prof. You shouldn’t be making such statement. What we are supposed to do in this case is to find a peaceful way of helping our children out of this mess” my dad cut in, but my father in law wasn’t ready to listen to anyone.

“i warned your son. I advised him right before he married my daughter that i won’t take any nonsense from him. Just take a critical look at everything happening right now. Your son got another woman pregnant barely a year of marrying my daughter. Isn’t it an insult to my daughter and my family?. Aren’t you ashamed of your son’s action?. Isn’t his action a prove that he never loved my daughter?. We are talking about a marriage barely a year old?. C’mon let’s be realistic, your son probably married my daughter just to boost his career in a job i helped him get. He never loved my daughter and i will see to it that he loses that silly job of his” the old man barked, silencing my father with his words while his wife stared at him with great concern. There wasn’t any doubt he was highly annoyed with me.

“prof we have been friends for a long time huh?. Right from when we worked together at NITEL and we have maintained the relationship till now. Don’t let our children ruin our friendship. Ever since this problem reared up, you have been avoiding me, but please let’s go to your balcony or bedroom and put heads together like men” my father begged calmly. The old man stared at my father for some seconds before shrugging.

“i have always respected you chief. Even though you made a mistake of choosing politics instead of furthering your education” he said humorously, reducing the tension in the room with his words. The two men laughed while i watched on nervously.

“okay let’s go to my bedroom and talk” he finally accepted and slowly led my dad to his room, leaving me all alone with my mother and mother in law.
My mother in law fixed her eyes on me, saying nothing but the venom in her eyes were enough to kill silently. I quickly became very uncomfortable.

“please ma, how about my wife?. Is she in the house?. I’m dying to see her” i begged softly, desperate to get out of the sitting room. She hesitated for some seconds before pointing towards the bedroom.

“she’s In her room” she said carefully. I quickly rose up and headed to my wife’s old room without another word, opening the door without knocking and coming face to face with the poor woman who was sobbing uncontrollably on her bed. I was shocked to see her in that condition.

Of course the whole affair was paining her much more than it was paining me, but instead of stopping her father or returning to me she preferred dying silently with grief.
My eyes quickly melted with tears.

“dearest” i called with a deeply shaken voice.

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Episode 33

“my love” i called out again, drew close and sat by her side. She turned and stared at me for some seconds before bringing down her face once again.

“dearest stop punishing yourself. You are killing me with this attitude. I beg of you lets go home together. You are my wife, my life and my destiny” i begged, caressing her back softly.

“just leave me please” she sobbed.

“you are my legitimate wife, don’t let our home fall because of my mistakes. Let’s get back together. I already have things with that woman under control” i begged. She slowly cleaned her eyes, sat up and faced me.

“so what’s up with her?” she asked. I breathed deeply and smiled.

“i agreed supporting her till she delivers the baby. I equally agreed on getting a good accommodation for her where she will stay till she delivers. After which i may continue supporting her until the child becomes a graduate. But as for my last name, i won’t give that to the child. The child will bear the mother’s last name, I’m also preparing a Will which gives everything we have to you and the children we are having together. So you see, everything can be easily fixed. Let’s go home together” i begged. She stared at me for some seconds before shrugging.

“i just don’t know dear, even though you are trying to set things right and make me happy, i still somehow feel for the innocent child you are trying to cut off, but i guess it’s the right thing to do because the innocent child won’t be innocent when he grows up and decides waging a war on his half brothers and sisters if i eventually have children of my own” she murmured while i looked up at her with bright eyes.

“Abraham did the same to Ishmael, didn’t he?” i asked with a smile, even though i really wasn’t sure if i got the question correctly.

“and you just talked about having children?. Does it mean you are coming back to me?” i asked hopefully but before she could answer, her mother came into the room, interrupting us.

“you guys should come over to the sitting room right away” she addressed us and left instantly, My wife quickly stood up and led the way, while i followed slowly.

On getting to the sitting room, she happily hugged my mum and dad before facing her own parents.

“we have settled, we have reached an agreement. I have forgiven him” she suddenly announced to everyone, shocking me with her words.

“come here” her father said with a smile, stood up and hugged her happily.

“you are very lucky my daughter loves you but we still had to be hard with you in order to teach you some practical lessons” he said to me with a smile before facing his wife.

“go prepare the table dear, we are all hungry” he added jovially, leaving my parents and I totally speechless and stunned with happiness and relief.

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Episode 34

As we eat together minutes later, my father in law once again advised me on the need to be dedicated, honest and truthful to my wife just like he did before i married his daughter many months ago.

“To be candid, i don’t give people second chances once they wrong me, but I just decided to give up this fight for the sake of my daughter and her happiness. We had a very long talk yesterday evening and she kept begging that i should forgive you. She loves you more than you deserve but i still had to shout her down and behave the way i did earlier today. Anyway it’s now all in the past but do know that you have used up all your life lines. Any new bad report about you i get, i won’t hesitate dealing mercilessly with you. That reminds me, you have to sign an undertaking to that effect” he seriously said to me while my wife screamed with a smile.

“oh daddy come off with the attitude. Everything is now over and Caleb isn’t signing any agreement” she protested.

“oh don’t worry dear, I can sign anything” i added.

“no you are not” she insisted while her dad shrugged with resignation.
After the meal we all had a long discussion concerning Comfort and her baby. I told them my plans for the baby she was having for me. I told them all i earlier revealed to my wife in her bedroom. We ended up having a long debate over it, my mother in law insisting that it was so cold a decision while my parents and father in law accepting that it was a good but tough decision, however at the end of the day, we all agreed on giving the child my last name if it turns out to be a girl but do the opposite if it turns out to be a boy.

My parents and I finally left later in the evening without my wife because her parents refused allowing us go with her. They jokingly but seriously insisted that i pay back all the expenses the made on her head all the period she was out of my house.
However two days later, i went back for her with two strong goats, two bottle of hot drinks and ten thousand naira wrapped in an envelope. Jessica was handed back to me, just like i wished, and thus my second shot to a happy life began. We spent the rest of the Christmas and New year together with my parents and on the 3rd of January we headed back to the City to face life once again.

Unfortunately no matter how optimistic i was that January. I still was scared over my situation with Comfort because she always comes up with something new to shatter my plans, nevertheless i was very hopeful that she will have no place in my future. My second prayer was for my wife to get pregnant……

Episode 35

Our first new year night in the city was simply magical. Even though we were very tired after a long journey from home, we wasted no time in tearing each other apart.

After having a quick shower very late that fateful night, we laid beside each other, totally naked and happy.
“you know we still have a lot to talk, now we are finally together in our home” my dear wife said seriously to me. I smiled and kissed her softly.

“i know dear, but that will wait because i want to make love to Mrs Caleb. I want to make Love to my precious Jewel” i said sweetly. She rolled her eyes and smiled. I quickly grabbed her and hmmmm a lot happened.
Oh yeah the passion and way in which we made love that fateful night, spoke volumes on how much we missed each other.

I started the whole show from her breasts, kneading the two mounds, tormenting the n#####s as i took one of the extended tips into my mouth. The inflamed bud was overly animated and with ease i had her squirming.
I Nuzzled to her other b####t, teasing and laving it, until she was overly aroused. I continued on, to her stomach, to her navel and down.

Burrowing into her mons, i tickled and l####d her belly, my fingers fondling her privates. She spread her legs for me, granting me great access to go on with my exploration. I was so wild for her, delving and probing, spurring her to a savage precipice.

I kissed her inner thigh, then worked up her torso, thoroughly investigating her body until she was afire in every pore.
When our lips finally joined, she seized the advantage, expertly turning me around and sitting on my thigh. She commenced her own journey by caressing my chest, ribs, dallying with my n#####s until i was in a frenzied state. My pulse pounding furiously.

By now my joystick was adamant and demanding. She obeyed its request with a smile, taking it in her hand and into her mouth. Yea my wife knew how to drive me crazy whenever she puts her mind on it.

With great vigor, she toyed and played with my joystick, stroking my balls while her tongue goaded the incited tip. She grazed and trifled until my s#xual juices were oozing with abandon.

“oh dear!” i breathed with excitement, rotating in a swift motion and having her pinned down to the bed once again. I quickly nudged her thighs apart, centered myself while she braced for me to raucously plunge in, but instead i l####d my lips, smiled and left my joystick dangling before her.

“tell Me how much you want me dearest?” i demanded breathlessly.

“I love you. I love you. I love youuuuu” she sang with passion. My eyes glittered with delight, I drew back and plunged into her with a single smooth t####t, quickly embarking on a race to satiation, thumping my hips like the pistons of a gigantic machine.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking them behind my back as i reveled in the ecstasy.

“i love you sweetheart. Please don’t break my heart again” she begged as her orgasm promptly overtook her, while i emptied myself inside her with such a force i had never experienced {prior to that moment}.
I was sure she was going to get pregnant once again for me.

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