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Mr Lecturer Season 1

Episode 6

“so how do we go about your friend’s paper. Will you also write for her?” i suddenly asked, fetching out the exam answer papers from the file i held.

“write what?, i don’t understand sir” Comfort asked with astonishment.

“we are here for the exam you missed, are we not?” i asked nervously.

“of we are but you can’t expect me to write the exam here. Can’t you just award marks to us. Did you pay for a hotel room just for me to write an exam i missed?” she protested, while i dropped the papers with embarrassment.
Of course i came for s#x but i just didn’t know how to start. She was my student for crying out loud. Yea we somehow looked like age mates but it still didn’t change the fact that i was about selling my dignity for a juicy K###y.

“oh sir you are just dulling me. You are behaving like an old man” she hissed boldly, stood up, took off her top and kicked out her trouser, facing me like a hot stripper. I instantly got aroused over the sight of her juicy body.

I swallowed hard, drew close and grabbed her shoulders furiously. She l####d her lips and gently unbuttoned my shirt.

“now you are behaving like a man. You are really so young to be a lecturer, i must confess. How did you get to such position so fast?” she asked like a playmate. I couldn’t even a word. My mouth simply was glued with excitement.

Within seconds, i was totally naked before her.
She drew back, took off her undies and gently dived to the bed.
“come get me” she invited with a cosy smile.

I quickly pulled on a condom and joined her at the bed where she offered a very succulent forbidden fruit to me and i have to be honest. I really enjoyed every bit of it. However not only did she even offer me the fruit, she equally brought out the passion in her to feed me with such undescribable hungry passion.
But one funny thing about the whole affair was that immediately after the deed was over, my eyes opened and I saw that i was shamelessly naked before my student. I couldn’t even look her in the eye.

“i hope you are giving my friend and I an “A” on the course we just took care of?” she asked, caressing my back with her left hand. I felt totally disgusted and ashamed.

Medicine after death. Lol 🙂

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Episode 7

“yea i will work on it today, just dress up. We have wasted enough time here already” i coldly answered with guilt, picked up my clothes and dressed up. I couldn’t believe all that happened few minutes ago between Comfort and I were all real.

“seriously sir, you are behaving as if you didn’t enjoy me. You pounded me like a tiger all through the duration of the s#x and now you are trying to spoil my mood with your obnoxious behaviour. You have to live with the fact that you cheated on your wife. You are not the first person to do it nor will you be the last. How am i supposed to feel with your behaviour. It’s not as if i’m a w###e or something insignificant” the girl before me complained like an abused lady, sat up on the bed and sighed.
I threw one last look at her, shook my head and left the room without even bothering to say another word to her.
Of course we both were to be blamed for the sin we committed, and my behaviour towards her was very uncalled for. I truly wasn’t thinking straight that minute and i left her all alone as if she wasn’t a human being.

I slowly made my way to Henry’s office, paid my bill and headed out without exchanging much words with my surprised friend who couldn’t understand my changed mood.
However i ran into Comfort once again at the car park. She boldly stood beside my car and coldly stared at me waiting for an apology i wasn’t ready to render.
I ignored her and unlocked my car while she hissed furiously.

“it’s alright sir. I can’t believe you are acting like an uneducated jerk. Don’t i deserve a little respect?. Anyway I know you will come back. You guys always come back” she murmured and left while i gently climbed into my car and headed home with guilt. The bold way Comfort talked to me equally created more fear in my heart. It was very clear, i was now just an ordinary guy to her.

On getting to a quiet street close to my house, I stopped my car, disposed the remaining unused condoms which i forgot disposing at the hotel, cleaned up myself one last time and finally drove home, praying for my eagle eyed wife not to notice anything bad.

My heart throbbed furiously as i got to the entrance door and pressed the door bell. I was so shaken up with guilt and regret. Unlike a boyfriend /girlfriend relationship, being caught cheating by your spouse is something so unforgivable and unforgettable. Your marriage can never remain the same again, no matter how much you try to fix up things. Yea you could be forgiven at the end but the sin will never be forgotten.

My wife opened the door with tears in her eyes. She had a towel tied round her body like someone coming out from the bathroom, but the tears which freely flowed from her eyes alarmed me a lot. My heart froze with fear. My guilty conscience took over my sense of reasoning.

“did she discover that i never attended any meeting?. Was i followed, or did any of her friend catch me with Comfort?” i asked myself without even bothering to ask her the reason for her tears.

“baby” i murmured with fear.

“let me be” she cried.

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Episode 8

“baby what’s wrong?” i asked again. She wiped her eyes and shook her head.

“i lost the pregnancy. I lost it again” she sobbed bitterly.
I tried holding her, but she pushed me away.
I really was a bit relieved on hearing the reason for her tears but i equally was far from happy over the terrible news she just gave me.

“this is now the second time i’m losing my pregnancy. What could be wrong?” she cried bitterly, melting my eyes as well. I drew close and strongly hugged her.

“no this can’t happen. Nooo” i breathed with pain.

My wife lost the first pregnancy few days after our wedding ceremony but we easily pushed it away, thinking that it was caused by the stress of the wedding ceremony and all the running around that followed it. But now it has happened for the second time. A pregnancy not up to two and half months.
“What could be wrong?” i wondered with fixed feeling.

“i wasn’t feeling very well at work today, which forced me to come back home the time i did, but i had barely settled down to rest when i noticed i was soaked with bl0*d” she sobbed.

“c’mon my love. You got to be strong. We still have enough time to have as many kids as we want. So stop crying. I beg of you” i pleaded passionately. She slowly broke away from me and stared into my eyes.

“you smell somehow. I don’t understand the scent i’m perceiving from you” she suddenly asked curiously. I froze with shock for some seconds before smiling and regaining my composure.

“this your big nose really works overtime. What kind of smell are you perceiving?” i covered up innocently, grabbed her a bit roughly and carried her to our bedroom while she playfully protested.

Finally as the man of the house, i played down my wife’s fears concerning the lost pregnancy and made sure she left her pains behind, but nevertheless i equally was very worried because it was a bit abnormal to lose two pregnancies in a year.
I couldn’t go to work the next day, but instead followed her to the hospital where every required test was carried out and all the results surprisingly came out fine.

“when next she gets pregnant, don’t allow her to stress herself too much. Your wife is perfectly fine but i believe her body isn’t the strong type” her doctor calmly advised me.
We returned home hours later, prayed together and hoped for the best.

The next day i headed to my office to see about three well matured female students, who looked much more like old models than students waiting for me. I couldn’t help but imagine what they came for.

“i hope Comfort hasn’t opened her mouth?” i wondered as i walked into my office with a worried look. my9jarocks.info

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After relaxing in my office for a while, i invited the girls inside and curiously stared at them.

“good morning sir” they all greeted.

“yea what can i do for you?” i asked with a serious smile.

“we came to introduce ourselves because we believe you don’t know us” one of them replied while i nodded in approval.

“actually we are students of this great department but we graduated last year. Unfortunately the old man you just replaced failed us in his course, forcing us to spend an extra year over it” she summarized with a pleading look.

“OK i now understand because your faces really look very unfamiliar” i said with a soft smile which lit up their faces. They all stared at me hopefully.

“please don’t let us spend another extra year over the course. We wrote the exam and tried our best in it, but we unfortunately missed writing the text because we never got any information about it” she murmured in form of an appeal. I breathed deeply and nodded.

“write down your names on a paper, I’ll see what i can do” i offered like a good man. They all breathed deeply with excitement.

“thank you sir” they chorused while i smiled over the way they kept calling me sir. Of course two of the girls really looked a bit older than I.

They wrote down their names on the paper, dropped it on my table and left happily, but as i made to take a look at the paper, one of the girls showed up again.

“i really forgot to invite to my parents marriage anniversary which is coming up on Sunday” she said, presenting a small invitation card to me. I collected it and read curiously. The names on the card slowly hit my face like a hot slap.

“don’t tell me your father is a former senator?” i asked with disbelief.

“yea i’m his last child” she replied, while a million questions hit my head.

“what the hell is she doing, studying in Nigeria. The old man i just replaced really had some balls to fail this girl. d##n” i breathed as i weighed the girl before me.

“i hope you are coming?, some senior lecturers including the vice chancellor will be there. Take advantage of this invitation. You are a nice man sir” she smiled and left. My face instantly coloured with excitement.

Just like every young man, I was very ambitious, but i equally realised that the more ambitious i got, the more corrupt i became. The invitation really was irresistible but somehow i was very scared over my intentions and the direction i was slowly heading.
I was still battling with my mind when Comfort walked into my office with a warm smile on her face. I instantly recoiled with guilt.

“what do you want?” i asked coldly.

“relax sir” she replied, drew close and sat on an empty chair across my table…..

The d##n girl was now like a silly noisy mosquitoe i couldn’t kill..

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Episode 10

“i’m sorry for barging into your office this early but seriously i do have a heavy load in my chest i need to offload” she said with a very light tone. I stared at her curiously, a bit eager to know what she wanted to offload.

“the way you treated me the last time we met was so totally uncalled for. You slept with me, used my body to satisfy yourself and spit at me afterwards. I have been unable to sleep after that incident. I felt so insulted and hurt. I do like you for who you are but i just don’t know anymore. I now feel like an abused girl” she poured out solemnly.

“you know we shouldn’t be having such discussion here at my office. I have lots of things to do” i said carefully, trying my best to act cool. She stood up and breathed deeply.

“so that’s all you are going to tell me right?” she asked with a drawn face, forcing me to look up at her with worry.

“fine we can head to a quiet place far away from the school vicinity to talk about your problem. Come back to my office by 12pm” i said to her. She shrugged, forced out a smile and left.

I breathed deeply and fell back on my chair.
“God what do i do with this girl. How do i settle with her. Thank God she’s a final year student. In a couple of months she will be out of this school and out of my conscience for good” i reasoned.

12 noon came faster than i expected. Comfort showed up at my office at exactly 12:05pm. I quickly closed my office for the day and took her to a small fast food joint at the other end of the town, which was far away from the school.

“seriously i really do regret and apologize the way i treated you two days ago, but you should have expected such behaviour from me. I’m a married man and you can’t understand how badly my conscience hurt after that dastardly act. I really should have helped you and your friend without asking for s#xual gratification” i tried explaining to her.

“i do understand but since it has happened, you shouldn’t kill yourself over it, moreover i think i’m in Love with you. I have to tell you the true situation of my heart even though it’s very unusual for an African woman to express her feelings to a man” she poured out seriously. I instantly recoiled with shock.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but as her words buried in me. I slowly smiled.
“of course the easiest way for a woman to get into a man’s head is by professing her love to him. No she doesn’t love me. Perhaps she’s after my money or something else. How can she genuinely fall in love with a married man like me” i reasoned softly.

“you know we shouldn’t be having this discussion. You are trying to get into my head. Hahahaha i know women” i laughed nervously. She calmly placed her hand on mine.

“yea i know what i said sounded quite silly and unrealistic. But seriously after the fun we had some days back. You left with a part of me” she murmured softly.

“ah Mr Ezubuike! Long time, no see. What are you doing here?. It’s been a while you know?” I heard a familiar voice greet me from behind. I instantly looked up to see my wife’s friend smiling at us. I was shocked and speechless.

I really was so engrossed in the discussion i was having with comfort that i failed to notice the woman approach. Of course only a fool won’t notice the suspicious air between Comfort and I. Comfort however quickly took her hand off me, but it made no sense at all because she did it very late….

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