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Mr Lecturer Season 1

Episode 11

“ah Mrs Nnamdi, what a surprise, where have you been all these while?” i replied nervously, wondering what could be going through the woman’s mind as she stood before Comfort and I.

“seriously i have been very busy with work my dear but i will make out time to visit you guys very soon. I know your wife must be very mad at me for staying away for so long. Anyway i have to run along. See you soon” she smiled and left the restaurant, saying no single word to comfort.
I bit my lips as i watched her disappear, of course there wasn’t any doubt she was going to tell my wife about all she saw.

“you know you have ruined my marriage?” i said to comfort who shrugged and shook her head.

“how did i ruin your marriage?” she asked softly. I scoffed, shook my head and breathed deeply.

“how come i didn’t notice Nnamdi’s wife when i walked into this place?” i reasoned fearfully.
“my marriage is ruined. How do i explain to my wife what i was doing in a restaurant with a young lady when i was supposed to be at work?” i asked myself, sweat slowly drenching my body.

“what are you thinking sir?” i heard Comfort ask curiously.

“stop pretending as if you don’t know what is going on with me. The woman that just left is my wife’s friend for goodness sake. Don’t you understand?” I cried angrily.
“finish your meal let’s get out of this place” i said to her coldly.
The fire in my eyes was enough to silence Comfort who did nothing than rush up her meal without saying another word.

Thirty minutes later, i found myself at home, looking very guilty and scared. My wife was at the kitchen when i got into the house. She was yet to resume her hospital work due to the little health crises she had two days ago.

“my love” i breathed, drew close and kissed her neck from behind. She turned and stared at me with surprise.

“hmmm i never heard you walk in?” she said with a welcoming smile.

“the front door was open, so i simply walked in. Why did you leave the door open?. Did any of your friend visit?” i asked curiously.

“no dear, i rushed out minutes earlier to buy fresh pepper. I forgot locking the door when i got back. I’m sorry” she apologized without knowing the real reason i asked the question.

“but can you believe Mrs Nnamdi called me today?. After such a long time of avoiding us. Guess what?. She’s coming on Sunday with her husband and Kid. We are having lunch with them on Sunday” she giggled with excitement while my face fell with fear. I was so scared.

I knew the silly woman was coming over to gossip with her. She was definitely coming to share her discovery with my young innocent wife. I just was so confused as a thousand and one ideas ran into my head that very moment.
A part of me wanted to confront Mrs Nnamdi and beg her not to say a word about what she saw to my wife, but doing such thing could also be an admission of guilt. Yes she had nothing strong to prove her point but i just couldn’t allow such information to get to my wife nor allow her harbour such speculation in her heart. However another part of me, urged me to cook up a good lie and present to my wife before her friend shows up on Sunday. I just didn’t know which idea to follow.

“dearest, are you alright?” my wife suddenly asked with concern.

“I’m alright my love” i answered, forcing out a smile to hide my feelings. But the question still remained therein.

“should i talk to Mrs Nnamdi in a bid to stop her from opening up to my wife or should i find something to tell my wife concerning Comfort?”

what should i do??

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Episode 12

“my mum will also be coming over from Abuja on Sunday. She’s very concerned about my health and wants to take me along when going back on Tuesday. But i told her that i will first discuss the issue with you” she added seriously while i shrugged.

“yea you can go with her. She’s your mum. Anything that will make you get me a child is acceptable” i answered with a smile, even though my mind was still on how to tackle her friend who was probably visiting on Sunday to snitch on me.

“why are you talking like this?. It’s not as if i’m carelessly losing my pregnancy” i instantly heard her sob painfully, gaining my full attention with the appalling words that came out from her mouth.

“my love what did i say wrongly?” i asked with concern, holding her softly.

“no it doesn’t matter. Don’t mind me” she replied and quickly cleaned her wet eyes like a spoilt child.
I breathed deeply and swallowed hard.

“dearest i’m so sorry, maybe you misinterpreted my words or something. I’m not blaming you for losing anything. Your mum wants the best for you so does everyone. Moreover She’s very experienced in child bearing issues and i have to agree that going with her will go a long way to help us. Fine if you want, I’ll also pack my things and go with you” i added a bit seriously. She smiled and hugged me.

“i always get very emotional and upset when such topic is brought up. I’m so sorry” she apologized softly while i gently caressed her back.
Of course she was very right. I couldn’t help but notice how fragile and emotional she had suddenly become. She easily read negative meaning in harmless words, which invariably had me thinking twice before making a single sentence in her presence. Seriously being married and staying married are two distance relatives…

“i have to go to my room now. I can’t afford having burnt meal” i joked, kissed her forehead and headed to my room to think more on my situation with Mrs Nnamdi and Comfort.

I finally had no choice than to cancel the senator’s wedding Anniversary i was invited to, because it was holding on the same Sunday my wife’s friend was coming over with her family.
Yea after much thinking, i decided not to confront the woman nor try to put any more silly ideas into her head by trying to talk to her. I easily could come up with a harmless lie if she as much as breathed her discovery to my wife. Nevertheless i knew a very nervous Sunday awaited me….

Saturday slowly approached without much eventful moments. We simply had a quiet day preparing for our guests ahead of Sunday, and later in the night had one of the best s#x ever. We took time to devour each other as if we were having a second honeymoon. I pounded my lovely wife with all my strength, sucked her bosoms until my mouth dried up and kissed her all over like a darling queen she was. We really were aiming to score another goal that night and i really enjoyed every moment of it especially when she gave me a special treat of serving me with a reverse cowboy position.
I was taken to high heavens as she rode me to hell while i grabbed her sumptuous a#s and nodded like Lizard as she jumped up and down on me.

“oh my love i badly need a child” she breathed.

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Sunday finally arrived with Nnamdi’s family coming over for lunch. My wife was overly happy and delighted with their presence while i hid my fear with a calm smile which never left my face all through that Sunday afternoon.

Of course the two ladies had a lot to gossip, while Mr Nnamdi and i contributed little to their discussion. My heart was so heavy with worry and fear, freezing each moment Mrs Nnamdi opened her mouth to start a new topic. Fortunately nobody noticed my tensed up mood, nor did the woman mention anything concerning her discovery to my wife. She didn’t even tell her that she ran into me a couple of days back, and i really for very grateful for that. I seriously never knew she could be so matured as to skip such dangerous information, something i knew even men will find hard to keep from their friend. Yea supposing i was the person that ran into Mrs Nnamdi in such a compromising situation, i really would find it hard keeping it to myself.

However as they got ready to leave two hours later. Nnamdi dragged me to a quiet section of my house. The look on his face instantly grew serious as he stared at me.

“my wife told me something, i found hard to believe. Is it true she saw at a restaurant having a romantic time with another woman?” he asked seriously. I swallowed hard, unable to figure out a good reply.

“i understand how tough it is marrying very early in life. But that shouldn’t be the reason for you to go astray. You have a wonderful woman by your side. Her family is very rich and influential just like yours. Don’t ruin your kids future. As a married man you now have responsibilities and commitments. Anyway the best advice is the one you can give yourself. Don’t hurt your wife” he summarized and tapped my shoulder, while i stared at him speechlessly.

“my wife won’t breathe any word about it to your wife, because i told her not to. But please let her silence be worth it” he concluded seriously.

“thank you bro” was all i was finally able to mutter, and it was the only word I was able to say to him for such a huge favour of stopping his wife from bringing up the topic before my wife…….
I couldn’t help but imagine my wife’s reaction supposing the news got to her. Luckily it never happened and our visitors soon left carrying the heavy secret with them. my9jarocks.info

Episode 14

My wife’s mother showed up very late in the evening like she promised. It really was such a happy day for my wife and she really spent almost the whole night chatting with her mum while i stayed awake in my room thinking over the situation i was slowly dragging myself into.

Truly i was very lucky that Nnamdi and his wife were brilliant folks. They gave me the benefit of trust by keeping sealed lips instead of damaging my wife’s fragile heart with such heart blowing information. Of course i owed them big time.

Early the next day, i headed to my school to conduct the last exam of the semester while my wife stayed back at home to prepare and set things in order, ahead of her holiday trip to Abuja.


As I headed back to my office after a very stressful exam invigilation. I ran into the Senator’s daughter at the parking lot in front of my office. She was the first to see me and quickly blocked my path politely.

“good morning sir!. You didn’t attend my parents Anniversary, what happened?” she instantly queried. I shrugged and smiled.

“i’m sorry about that. I can still send them my greetings, can’t I?” i answered calmly. Her eyes instantly brightened.

“yea you can. Actually i told them about you, especially my mum. She was disappointed that you failed to show up after all i said about you” she said seriously, forcing me to stare at her with disbelief.

“you can’t be serious?. What on earth can you actually tell them about me?” i asked.

“seriously i don’t know if you can make it to my house today. My parents are leaving the country on Wednesday and i really will feel bad if you don’t meet them after all i said about you. I bet fifteen minutes of your time will be very much enough to see them” she added pleadingly while i stood indecisively for some seconds, wondering why she was so anxious to get me meet her parents.

“c’mon sir, it’s just fifteen minutes of your time” she pushed on.

“okay, so how do we go about it?” i asked.

“it’s easy sir, I’ll drive ahead while you follow with your car” she answered.

“fine, you can come to my office in thirty minutes. I will be ready by then” i accepted with a smile.

An hour later i found myself inside the senator’s plush residence. Unfortunately the old senator wasn’t at home, and so i was received by his wife who used up all the time i spent there asking about my wife, kids, plans and so on. Very weird questions i must add, however i answered her diligently and finally headed home thirty minutes later.

Just like on Saturday night. I had great s#x with my wife as if she was heading to the moon. We rounded everything up with an early morning quickie which she called coffee.

“i cooked three different pots of soup, which i evenly shared in small pots. They are all in the freezer. A pot of Stew is equally in there. Please just manage yourself for me. I will be back in no time. I’ll stay only two weeks with my mum. Promise me you will take good care of yourself” she begged with a noble heart. I held her hand and promised a hundred times over that i will be okay, but deep down i was scared of my future for no just reason.

It was as if a part of me knew that the promises i was making wasn’t a strong one. But my wife believed in me. She loved me with all her heart. All she wanted was the best for me. A child to seal our marriage

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Episode 15

My wife and her mother finally left for Abuja very early on Tuesday morning, leaving me all alone in the house. I really felt empty watching them leave but there was nothing i could do than pray for God’s grace and blessings.

I headed to my office later that morning to meet a group of first year students who missed my biology test waiting me. I quickly attended to them, by keeping aside my strict policy and giving them a lengthy assignment in place of the test.

As they left my office fifteen minutes later, Comfort walked in with her usual deceiving smile. I instantly kept a serious face on seeing her while the events of the previous week flashed into my mind. Mrs Nnamdi’s curious stare slowly appeared in head. The image of how she ran into us at a restaurant slowly played in my head.

“what is it again?” i coldly asked Comfort who simply kept smiling with her eyes on me. A situation that made me very uncomfortable, but before i could say another word, a knock landed on my door which slowly opened as the senator’s daughter who i followed to her house the previous day, walked in with a lightly wrapped small basket. She appeared a bit surprised on seeing Comfort but still maintained her composure as she dropped the basket on my table.

“good morning sir, we forgot wrapping up something for you yesterday. It’s just the anniversary gifts. My mum specially packed this for you” she explained calmly.

“wow do thank your mum for me. I really can’t wait to see what she packed inside, but i guess i will have to save the pleasure till i get home” i said humorously. She shrugged, laughed and left while comfort’s face coloured deeply as she silently watched the drama.

“you know seriously our closeness is getting out of hand. People easily read meaning out of nothing” i quickly scolded her as soon as we were alone once again. She stood up, went to my office entrance door and locked it, forcing me to sprang up with surprise.

“what’s wrong with you?, what do you want?” i asked with a slightly raised tone.

“you know what i want. I’m not after your money nor anything. I want your person not your personality. I want you as my Caleb and not as my Lecturer” she said frankly with no holds barred.

“you are just trying to mess with my head. I know you want something else from me” i breathed.

“what else can i possible want from you apart from a relationship?” she pushed.

“no this is strange, very strange. A girl telling me she loves me?. Oh no it isn’t possible. It never happened when i was a student and single. Surely it can’t be possible” i breathed aloud. She drew closer and wrapped her hands around my neck.

“there isn’t any harm, giving it a trial to confirm my true feelings. Kiss me” she invited provocatively. I stared at her lips and swallowed hard. The temptation was just too great and irresistible but i couldn’t imagine myself getting down with her in my office.

“just a kiss” she invited again.

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