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Sex: Hot things that happen to your body during love making


From the flushed skin, the calmness to the racing heartbeat, sex changes the people involved for at least few minutes. It doesn’t really matter knowing about the changes if you are happy with sex life.

However, having a tiny knowledge of what happens within can help especially when something seems a bit off. It’sno doubt that there are so many organs and systems involved in sexual function from the inklings of desire to an orgasmic climax and beyond, so it’s not just all about hormones. Below are some hot things that happen to your body when you hit the sheets.

1. The brain chemicals and hormones do their thing

Having sex starts in the brain. The brain doesn’t produce estrogen or testosterone, receptors for those important hormones are activated in the brain, while women’s excitement stage is above the shoulders, versus below the waist for men. However, as sexual desire rises, adrenaline starts pumping, as do all three sex hormones, the estrogen that accounts for your sex drive also testosterone and progesterone, too.

2. The blood vessels dilate

Just as your heart rate picks up, your blood vessels dilate or widen, which allows more blood to pump to those erogenous zones. So the more blood flow to the genitals is why a guy gets an erection and a woman starts to lubricate.

3. Your skin flushes

More blood gets to the skin just when the blood vessels dilate which is the major reason behind any blushing, flushing or direct warmth to the skin.

4. Your boobs swell

The blood flow to the boobs can really make them temporarily larger and more sensitive. Nipples may also become erect.

5. Your muscles contract

Most especially those in the pelvic floor, and nearby ab and leg muscles, which is in preparation for orgasm. With body tension rising before the relaxation of an orgasm.

6. Vagina lubricates itself

The blood flow down below arouses not just lubrication in the vagina, but swelling of the labia and clitoris. However, this effect can be amplified with direct stimulation to the region.

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