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Valentine Special: For just today, here are 17 places to have sex today



is different from any other day but the plan is for it to be more special than previous days.

First clue to making it special is taking it to places they are not usual, in that spirit. UK Expert Tracey Cox with Mail Online collated dozens of studies on the latest and most popular places people live to have sex, and these 17 have come out tops.

1. In Bed

It’s really a no-brainer, the most convenient place for sex is where you sleep, it takes the first place, and will probably be number 1 anywhere else in the world. Hey, it’s about comfort.

2. On the sofa

Seventy-eight percent love to have sex on the couch. The second favorite place to fall asleep. It could either “we’re bored, let’s have sex” or while the couple are watching TV, an incredible sexual scene comes on, and Bang! Sex is happening. This place belongs to the “Netflix and chill” clan.


This one is perhaps on everyone’s to-do list, the rush of water to the body while inside someone else is exciting, and if you’ve got a decent accommodation, its fairly easy to achieve.

4. The Car

Turns out 60% of Americans have had sex in a car (according to The Journal of Sex Research). Nigerians do this but the superstition that the car engine will knock hasn’t allowed us to be great with this. Although some school of thought think its absolute bullshit, do you believe it.

5. The Spin dryer

This position might be more common with homes that have washing machine, the spin dryer tend to vibrate when drying clothes, having sex on it while its operating can be amazing.

6. In water

I bet you wanna do this if you haven’t. It has a certain kick to it, seems a lot of people have enjoyed it, that’s why it is here.

It also has a lot of inhabitations, water naturally dries up lubrication. It must also be mentioned that pools/hot tubs are breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to irritations, urinary tract and yeast infections.

7. On the Kitchen table

Other than the risk of been hit by flying hot vegetable oil drops while frying anything in the kitchen. The kitchen is one favorite place for couples to feed different parts of their body. Most couples you know probably have sex in there before. It’s terribly unhygienic but it’s very racy.

8. In a tent

This happens for people who live outdoors a lot, camping. Typically not a Nigerian thing.

9. In the office

There is probably no place with sexual tensions more than an office, quite naturally, people will get together to get their groove on. Especially after close of work, or at abandoned places at work. The Boss’ table is also a prime location for these things.

10. In your childhood bedroom

It’s very easy to tell. While growing up, sex was a big taboo, your hormones then were uncontrolled and it was all you thought about but now you’re back to that room with your spouse. How about one for those times that you couldn’t do it? About 65 percent have sex in their childhood bedroom.

11. On a plane

It’s not as wide spread as you think, and not as welcomed as the movies would have you think. Imagine how crowded the economy cabin is with people and all sorts of their drama but mostly, the movies use first class cabin for sex scenes.

12. In a lift

For those that like to live on the fringe of thrill and adventure. It has to be highly co-ordinated and the timing has to be impeccable. There is the chance of the elevator camera recording your ‘sexcapade’, so you might want to avoid doing it in your apartment lift or work lift.

13. At a party

After several encounters with alcohol, everyone seems to be more open to a lot of things, even sex. There is the chance that some people have made each other extremely horny from the grinding dance hence they disappear for a while to explore their horny nature.

14. In changing rooms of a shop

There is the excuse that you need to help her make a choice, so you go in with her into the changing rooms to make sure it fits and also give her the D, why not? Kill two birds with one stone.

At big stores, you might need to be wary of the shop attendants, their horny couple radar can detect you from a mile away.

15. On the football field

It will be impossible to have sex on a football field in the UK, I don’t think it will be accepted at the Emirates pitch neither at Stamford bridge, but it is better achievable in the U.S with university students, those wild bunch.

16. On the train

The Night Tube has a lot of this but its also hard to get away with it, the conductors might meddle in your personal affairs because of some law against it.

17. In a row boat

Asides from the risk of falling out of the boat and death by drowning if you can’t swim. It is the least favorite place to have sex, but people who have tried it have confessed it is easy and very private.

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