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Not That Bad: 5 ways guys with little package can have great sex



In the time of and his monster penis, it will be easy to feel emasculated if you’re a man that isn’t endowed but as long as you don’t have a micro penis, and even for that, there is a solution

Here is a list of things such men should know about life with a small dick

1. It’s just like anyone

How are you even sure it’s small. Don’t judge yourself with porn stars.
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Small penises are like normal penises, they function that well too. Unless you have some kind of disease that might affect your penis then its as potent as any other one. It might be small but it can get things down, not everyone wants a insecticide sized dick. Small or regular sized dicks work well too.

2. How to tell women before hand

This is never easy to do. How is it done? How do you tell someone you’re hooking up when sex is about to happen? It is also problematic because ladies might feel insulted that they just want to be with you only because of the sex, or she is wild that she wants something big to satisfy her. If it isn’t a micro-penis then there perhaps isn’t the need to tell her. The only people who should be telling the girl before sex are people with monster dicks or micro-penises, the two far end of the spectrum.

3. No need massaging the ego

This might be happening, if after telling the lady about the penis situation, she still wants to go ahead, guys might either see it as a pity sex or she is being very nice. She can just mention that she likes the size. So, here is the point where you have to be a man, just go ahead with the tool, God speed brother.

4. Penis enlargement

This is always the solution that comes to mind but you have to be careful because these things come with side effect. The penis enlargement surgeries are expensive, painful and above all dangerous, here is the worst, the risk of not being able to enjoy sex like before exists.

5. Sex is still awesome

It all works out well at the end of the day.

Listening to people talk about small penises might be very disheartening but honestly, it can still be great for you because despite the size, if you can master your tool, you will be better in bed. Remember, size isn’t everything, the technique you use is very critical, and can make her cum over and over again.

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