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Ladies get in here! 5 sex positions for that afternoon pleasure


You don’t have to wait until the middle of a cold night to have sexual cravings.

Sexual cravings can come in the middle of the day, during work hours or during lunch break, a quickie is possible by heading home to your lover just to grab that little afternoon pleasure you desire.

These are five sex positions to try out in the afternoon;

1. Urgent sit-down

Urgent sit down
(Women’s health)

You might not be able to return to work after doing this. Sit him down and hop on his lap. Wear a loose skirt, no panties and keep your heels on. Hold onto him almost too tightly by the tie just to be a bad girl.

2. Boss Lady

Boss lady

Hop on top of him then lie flat, with your legs inside of his. It’s like you’re the dude in missionary, it feels super sexy and powerful and he will definitely love the view! Plus, having your legs pressed together is great for getting a really tight fit.

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