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Valentine Special! PornHub is giving premium videos free for today



If you’re alone and no plans tonight, and you have data on your phone, and like watching porn, you’re in luck today as PornHub has something for you.

There is perhaps a chance of unlimited jerking off because PornHub is offering free premium videos.

It’s free video time on PornHub

You may be wondering what premium videos are, here is the deal with premium videos, they’re longer and you have to pay to watch those ones which is where they make their money but in the spirit of giving, they’re opening it up for everyone.

We all know PornHub has amazing porn library depending on what works for you. This isn’t the first time they’re celebrating Valentine’s day like this. In 2017, this same thing happened, and they found out over 3.5 million users used this free offer. The people who logged on to watch this content went up by 308 percent worldwide.
So, go forth and get busy.

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