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The Dream Job! There is vacancy for sex doll tester that is worth up to N17m a year



Sex dolls have been in the news for a while now, and there have been all about acceptance or rejection of a new reality where men can buy life-size sex doll to have at home and use anytime.

So, this should come as some sort of good news for guys who love sex dolls because the company that makes them, Silicon Sex World is looking for product testers, and the benefits are wonderful, the pay is very decent, and they offer gym membership as part of the deal, reports Jack Beresford, Loaded.

All your knowledge and thrusting power can be put to use at the product facility of this company in the latest product line. The company’s headquarters is located in Hatton Gardens, London.

Do you want a chance to test these dolls?
(Real Doll)

This new job been created has a lot of benefit of being one of the first guys on the planet to test new sex dolls manufactured. The work also presents favorable working hours, there is the chance for travel for successful candidates, who will be invited to industry events, and may also get to be interviewed about their work experience with the doll, if this is what you’ll like to see yourself do, then you’re in luck. If you’re shy, no problem, because you won’t be asked to perform in public.

If you’ve heard experience in porn industry and you just love the ideas of sex, with very specific interested in details, then the role may be for you, before they want people with these type of qualities.

For the role, the salary can be as much as 17,50,000 (?35,000, ?1=N500) a year which can be based off your experience, you’ll get 22 vacation days including public holidays.

The lucky candidate will make N17.5m also chance to travel around the world to talk about it.

Asides from these fantastic benefits, you’ll also get a company car. How many people can boast of this doing something they actually love. Richard Thorne, the marketing manager had this to say,

“This is an exciting time for the business. Interest in our products is growing steadily and this will be a hugely important role. It’ll make sure we maintain the quality of our offering and it’ll also help us innovate in a competitive market.”

If all of this sounds exciting to you then head to the Silicon Sex World website, submit your resume with a cover letter, the company will shortlist resumes by March 20th.

Goodluck guys!

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