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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 3)


He had just his boxers on and she was so tempted to let her hands in there and take charge but he had already beat her to the punch. She was here for this moment and was sure going to savor every moment of it. Olumide grabbed one of her thighs and pulled it up…

Aisha knocked up on Olumide’s door and got no response, just when she was about to hit the door for a second time, it swung open and an arm reach out and dragged her in. In a matter of seconds, her lips were covered by another pair and hands were all up on her ass grabbing and squeezing.

She closed her eyes and threw her bag to the floor before wrapping her hands right around his head.

He had just his boxers on and she was so tempted to let her hands in there and take charge but he had already beat her to the punch. She was here for this moment and was sure going to savor every moment of it. Olumide grabbed one of her thighs and pulled it up to his waist, the high slit by the side of her dress only gave him more access.

The feeling of his palm against her soft skin only drove his dick into a fit of rage and led his hand to dig in between her thighs just to discover she had no panties on and was as wet as could be. He broke off the kiss and stared at her in shock.

“What? Did you think I had anything on underneath this dress? Then you must not know just how much I miss your dick, how much I miss you fucking me. That dick taking all of me” Aisha moaned.

Olumide was watching her lips as she spoke and once she stopped, his dick took over his body. He dropped her thighs and grabbed her arms before turning her around and pressing her body against the door. He placed his mouth right next next to her ear while his dick rubbed behind against her ass.

The sound of his breathing right next to her ears was such a turn on than she could ever imagine and she knew she could not take too much of it. She was going to end up begging him to take her anyhow he wanted. She did not have to though as she felt his hands slide up and take up her dress along.

It was a matter of time before she felt his dick poking between her ass cheeks. She always loved the feeling of his dick, it was always so filling and yet when without warning, he shoved his dick her pussy, she could not help but scream out loud. He was not in the mood to pamper or soothe her feelings as he fucked her without a care in the world. She raised a hand and reached behind to hold on to his head as his dick violated her pussy in any and every way imaginable. She did not know what language she was screaming out in but one thing was for sure, it definitely was not english.

He moved backwards and pulled her hips with him, making her bend low with her hands on the door. His hands had moved away from her ass now and were on her neck, choking her. She was finding it hard to breathe, let alone scream anymore. Just when she thought she could not take anymore and that she would pass out, he came all in her with loud groans. He stayed inside her till he was all empty and his now limp dick slid out of her.

Then and only then did he release his hold on her and move back. He stood and stared at her ass as she was still bent over and in no hurry to stand up. Then he spanked her really hard…

“Go to the kitchen and fix something up. We have got a long day ahead of us and I plan to use that body of yours in every way I can”.

Aisha could not utter a word, all she could do was stand up and nod at him before making her way to his kitchen.

Ada closed the novel she was reading and rubbed her forehead. The Mills and Boons book was not helping her mood at all. She thought of Edward and sighed. Her husband was the perfect man, just too perfect. And that was the problem. She needed a little more excitement and danger in her life and Edward was simply not offering that. He was just the perfect man, taking care of her every needs and the children. It had even been his opinion for her not to work, just sit back and enjoy life.

He made enough money to take care of five families, he always told her anytime she brought up the idea of working. At the end, she had accepted and just stayed back home. Especially after he started paying her a ‘weekly’ Salary. She had always laughed at whenever she thought of it. Been paid for doing what she enjoyed. What more could a woman ask for? Even their sex life was amazing, well it was till that night.

That night she had Olumide inside her. It had been at a party Ahmed’s company had thrown. Considering it had been a while too long she had been out to have fun, she had gotten a little too much to drink and could not remember how or why but thirty minutes of the night had been spent in the backseat of Olumide’s car.

He had made love to her in a way that her husband had never done before. He had paid attention to every single detail of her body and in such a short space of time, had made her climax twice. Everyone had gone home without saying a word to each other. She had been able to sleep that night thanks to the level of alcohol in her body.

And the next morning, she had woken up and made up her mind to confess all that had happened to her husband but he was nowhere to be found.

He had woken up and had to make an emergency work trip. She spend the next few hours in the church praying. Afterwards, she had made up her mind to go see Olumide and confront him. What had happened that day in his office had changed her life in a way she could never imagine. She could not explain what had happened but had ended up been fucked by Olumide on his office table.

And the shocking part of it all was that she had wanted it. She enjoyed it. After that day, she had given in to her pleasures. All looking forward to having his dick inside her. She forgot about confession and just dedicated an hour each morning to prayers of forgiveness.

The big clock in the living room chimed and she looked up at it, it was just 11am. The kids were due back from school till 4pm, five hours for her to kill. She looked at her phone and thought about calling Olumide again but then decided against it. She might as well just go n surprise him.

She stood up and went for her car keys, she wasn’t going to need the driver for this trip.

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