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Vagina: 3 harmful things you should never do to it


The vagina is a self-cleaning organ and doesn’t require washing with soap or douching, you can, however just rinse with clean water.

Although some ladies still insist on messing around or tidying up down there. Below are 3 common moves that can go really wrong.

1. Do not self-medicate

All those over the counters vaginal creams medicines for yeast infections have their place and this is a very bad call some ladies make. You should never try to self-medicate with homemade remedies like garlic, it’s best to see your specialist.

2. Inserting different stuff in there

Only pads, fingers, sex toys, a penis, lube, birth control, menstrual cups are some of the thing allowed to go into your vulva. However, sex toys should all be cleaned and washed in-between uses. Things like cucumbers, bananas, and your kitchen utensils should stay far from your lady parts.

3. Stop douching

Downstairs isn’t supposed to smell like strawberries. Your vagina maintains its own special pH-balanced environment, thanks to the lactobacillus bacteria present in it. When you squirt a douching mixture up there, you’re changing the normally acidic environment to a neutralized one and thereby disallowing your vagina from protecting itself.

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