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The Man… The Machine: 7 ways guys can last four rounds in bed



Men want to last longer in bed, at least to the point where then you can cum, pun intended. So, it is common knowledge that men orgasm quicker than women, there is average of 4 minutes difference between when a man orgasms and when a lady does.

We all know people get into a frenzy about pharmaceuticals, they always have one side effect or the other, and when such happens, it can be the weirdest bodily reaction.

In other to be on the safe side, we have compiled a list of natural ways that men can use to keep their erections long enough for everyone to be happy.

1. Use a condom

Condom is a secret helper in your attempt to distance yourself from premature ejaculation.
(Legion Athletics)

It’s neat little trick for you to last longer in bed, many guys have admitted to when they have sex raw, a little rubber between the dick and the pussy can reduce the sensitivities of the sex, allowing the guy to delay his orgasm. One quick advice, always use a condom unless the person is the one you’re committed to.

2. Exercising

Let’s just say it as it is, exercise is important to everyone. Exercising gives you a better stamina for sex. When exercising also try to do abdominal exercises, these do really well for your erection. Workouts essentially make people feel better and more confident.

3. Eat well

A good diet can increase your chances of being good at sex.

Eating good food is the best recipe for the soul. Healthy diet can be so much benefit for your sex life. Not heavy meal per say, just think more of foods that are good for the heart and the entire body. Foods such as garlic, eggs, bananas, onions, nuts and so many more. Having a good diet can help you get a healthy erection. Stay away from junk food as well.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol

Goes without saying smoking and alcohol is bad for you, you know that already by now. They can be detrimental to . Even worse is the fact that it can lead to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can affect the quality of erection, swelling the prostate in the process, they can both lead to impotence.

5. Take it easy on masturbation

Tugging at your dick so many times is also bad for your sex life, it can have adverse effect on your erection. Men need to experience more self control, and allow your penis give your woman a good time.

6. Get the right position

Doggy position helps to improve blood flow to the penis

Sex is a lot about the position you’re using, if you get positions where you’re comfortable then you can stay there long enough for your partner to get the goods. The right positions can even give you an increased erection. For example, helps to improve blood flow to the penis which can make the erection even harder.

7. Teeth brushing

Who knew brushing your teeth is important to your sexual health.
(Valour Digest)

Yes, you read it right, brushing your teeth can help you maintain longer erection. Here is the reason why your boner relies on you mouth’s health. Scientist have found pretty direct correlation between erectile dysfunction and gum diseases. So, now you know your perfect gum health can reduce your risk of getting erectile dysfunction as explained by Men Sexual Health Clinic.

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