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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 9)



Edward looked up at the ceiling as he could bare to look down at the bobbing head between his thighs. He gripped the pen in his hand extra tight, one part of him saying it was only a matter of time before it snapped.

He could be less bothered, he was in heaven at the moment. He looked down right about the same time his secretary was taking her mouth off his dick. She looked at him and smiled with saliva running down the side of her mouth. Her hand was still at work stroking him, she keep eye contact with him as her other hand went to her shirt and got to letting the buttons free.

She let two buttons go and her massive boobs still enslaved in a bra came to view. Edward swallowed his saliva as his attention moved away from her face to the cleavage now unveiled before him. He knew he was in trouble, the kind of trouble he liked. Her head went down again but this time she did not take him in her mouth, she only let saliva roll down and onto his dick as her hand began to go slower now.

Edward closed his eyes as he tried to search for some self control but he knew it was a losing battle even before he began the search. With despair running all over him, he opened his eyes and jumped up with his dick sliding out of his secretary’s hand. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up, turning her around aggressively.

She knew what was coming next and promptly prepared herself for it by grabbing her tight skirt by the hem and pulling it over her ass. Her hands were holding onto the table for support as her boss grabbed the thong she had on and ripped it apart. She bit her lips as she felt him rubbing his dick between her ass cheeks.

The dick was still well covered in her saliva and the wet feeling between her ass was more turn on than she could explain, so it was with a scream that she welcomed a finger sticking into her asshole. Her voice had barely died down when his dick went into her and then her voice was gone.

Her mouth was all open but no sound was coming out. Her hands became tighter around the table as her boss started to fuck her like a prostitute he had paid in full for.

Edward was panting as he started to fuck his secretary like his life depended on it. He looked down to see his dick going in and out of her covered in her wetness making his dick glister in broad daylight. And there was the flimsy thong he had torn into two flapping in the air. He grabbed a huge chunk of her ass and squeezed as hard as he could.

Fucking her gave him a feeling he could not explain, there was something different about her that even his wife could not give him. She was his guilty pleasure and it only fueled him to keep fucking her the more each time he remembered she was also married. He grabbed her by the neck, tightening his grip around her neck before pulling her up till she was his height, the heels she had on helped.

This position made her lose grip on the table, only her fingers were touching. His hand was tighter around his neck and choking her but the pleasure was much more than the pain that she could not complain.

“Does your husband fuck you like this”. He grunted in her ear. She knew this was more of a turn on for him than her as she shook her head. She could not talk even if she wanted to.

“Does his dick take control of you like this?” His thrust into her became deeper with this question and she paused before shaking her head in the negative.

He did not get to the third question before groaning out loud and emptying himself into her. She was not bothered about this considering she was on pills, not even her husband knew about this. She was not ready to lose certain privileges just for a baby.

Edward closed his eyes and buried his face behind her neck as his limp dick slowly slid out of her.

The usual thought of running away with his secretary came up again and once again thoughts of his kids put that on the back burner. Do not mix emotions with good sex, he told himself.

Aisha ran her tongue along the rim of the wine cup she had in hand as she watched her husband sleep. Her thoughts were all over the place. The phone call she had received from Olumide half an hour ago was about to change her life. For good or for bad? Was the dilemma she was facing right now. Or was it possible that Olumide was lying to her? But why would he want to? Maybe he was trying to dump her and keep on fucking Ada.

That was a good enough reason. Because there was just no way she could imagine her husband fucking like the porn star Olumide had described. He had sworn on his life and told her he even had a video but was not going to send it to her. If she wanted to see it, she was going to have to come over to his place.

She smiled as she drank her wine, tomorrow she would go over.

Tomorrow she would know the truth.

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