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The Elephant In The Room! 5 ways to remove performance anxiety before sex



One of the most popular reasons why people have awful time in bed is the anxiety especially from guys. The fear of not being able to perform optimally can ruin any encounter, and anxiety ruins a lot of things for a lot of people, it could be at an interview, or talking to someone new.

Anxiety can mess up a lot of things, but for the purpose of this article, we will tackle performance anxiety. This problem is sometimes domiciled in your mind, it’s a mind problem, your penis isn’t the one with the anxiety problem, it’s your mind.

For some guys, it’s about having the best kind of sex, being a perfectionist, and that can lead to anxiety problems. Here are five ways that you can defeat this mind problem.

1. Talk about it

Talking about it can reduce the anxiety the guy is feeling.

Just like the super title, the elephant in the room, it’s a saying that means a glaring problem that is visible to everyone but no one is talking about. If you’re having performance anxiety, you know it, you partner perhaps knows about it too. It might help that you both talk about it, she can help you relax and lift the dark cloud of anxiety off you so you can go on to be great.

2. Switch things up

With sex, it looks like things should be in a particular order, a linear order. This order some people see as sacrosanct and must never be changed but this isn’t true. For some people, it can begin with making out then oral sex, with then leads to sex that can result in orgasm once or twice or even more, all of these in 20 minutes upward. The good news is that you don’t have to follow this pattern all the time, switch things up, the anxiety can be resolved like this.

3. Go to foreplay

Go back to oral sex if you’re feeling performance anxiety
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Guess what you can still be good at, if you’re having performance anxiety? You can still give good head, and one thing that crowds the mind during sex is that your partner isn’t enjoying the sex, and you’re doing the worst possible job ever. One way to reduce your anxiety is to go with oral sex, give more of it, longer than before, your partner will enjoy that.

4. Exercise

Another reason why people have performance anxiety is because of how they feel about themselves. You may be feeling like your body isn’t attractive especially when you’re naked during sex, that can cause serious performance issue. If that’s the problem with you then dedicate more time to exercise, if you feel good about your body then you’ll be more confident in bed.

5. Rub one off

If all else fails, don’t forget to jerk one off before you have sex
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This might be a cheat sheet strategy, if you’ve not been able to solve your performance anxiety problem then you can masturbate before you have sex. What this does is push up how long you can have sex for, before you have to cum.

The first climax will always betray you but if you can knock that off, then you’ll have a better chance of going longer in bed, which can help you get through that.

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