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[story] Adebimpe the Facebook Girl (complete Season 1)


*** after segun’s call*****
Bimpe: onihaxy, what is all this now?, how do
I leave here now,
your friend went home to bring money only for
him to call that his
house was robbed.
ME: I’m amazed too, infact, I don’t know what
to do and I don’t
know anybody else who can borrow me this
BIMPE: I must leave here today oooo, see the
time now, its
11:52am already. I must leave here
ooooooooo. Find something
to do ooooo, ****she started bahaving
ME: what do u suggest that I should do now?.
BIMPE: I don’t know ooooo. Just think of how
you will get Tfare
for me that will take me to PHC. Maybe you
should call uncle
segun back and beg him to refund that 5k, I
will sort out how to
get home myself.
ME: I’m not sure if segun will refund the
money, but I think of
something. Why not beg your cousin to borrow
you the money.
And when I send it to your account, you will
refund back to him
BIMPE: I told you that my cousin is stingy and
that we fought
before my departure. Infact, when I went there
to pick my school
ID card, I gave him the best insults of his life.
Dear, can you
imagine what he said when I got there?
ME: what dear?
BIMPE: he said I should help him to fetch
water from the well at
the 5th house away from his house after he
refused to give me
ME: but na waoo, that your cousin no dey try
oooo. I wish to
know him sha
BIMPE: pls no be dat one dey do me. Help me
find means to
reach PHC. Call uncle segun and beg him
ME: ok.
…..I picked my phone and dial sege’s number
and placed it on
ME: sege, how far na, abeg help me with that
5k, my babe dey
cry here and he wan comot today.
SEGE: I no fit drop am ooo, dem don thief the
one wey I get for
house so this 5k na the last thing on me.
ME: abeg help me now.
SEGE: ok wait, let me call Akin and talk to
him, I will get back to
you..and he hanged up.
….I don’t know who Akin is but I am sure SEGE
is up to another
drama.. After 2minutes, segun called back.
SEGE: guy, I don talk to akin. He say him fit
try help u make u
come meet am, but him talk say I must dey
there as guarantor
incase of wahala.
ME: no problem now, how we go waka abeg?
SEGE: come meet me for house and we go go
together go meet
akin. Hope money for bike dey your hand
oooo, I no go pay for
any bike oooo. Akin talk say him fit help you
ME: thanks, I will be on my way. I hanged up
I opened my wallet and found out that I had
just 200naira inside.
I turned to bimpe.
ME: baby, there is another problem,
BIMPE: what is the problem again my dear, go
and meet the so
call akin now and get the money for me to
leave here, its 12:09
already now
ME: I have just 200naira with me and if I
should calculate the
fare from my house to segun’s house and from
segun’s house to
akin’s house, I will spend 600naira since
segun is going with me.
BIMPE: ok, take this remaining 500naira with
me and add it to the
200naira with you. Pls be fast and hurry up.
ME: ok ****i collected the 500naira, dashed
out of the house,
stopped a 50naira bike and went to meet
On reaching segun’s house.
Me: sege how far
sege: mr maga. How u dey?
Me: na me be mr maga abi?, ur papa. Who is
akin that u are
talking about?.
Sege: u be mumu. U no knw say na drama i
dey act?.
Me: just kidding. I don collect the remaining
500naira wey she
Sege: confirm. Ur head don dey work. How u
take do am?
Me: i tell her say i no get tfare take come ur
place, she give me
the 5hundred.
Sege: dat one nice, so ur balance remain
4,500 be that.
Me: oya give me the 5k make i dey go home.
Sege: u dey craze. So, u wan go give her the
money abi?
Me: i just hold am. But to be serious, i dey
pity bimpe sha
sege: u be mumu. She pity u wen she collect
ur money go Bleep
person for free at ijoka?
Me: but she get test tomorrow na.
Sege: let her fail. Dat one go dey remind say
“magacology” na
bad elective.
Me: wetin i go come do next?,
sege: leave this money with me, dey go house
go meet ur babe.
Tell her say akin no see his atm card make
she wait till 2maro
wen u go enter bank go settle ur debit palava.
Update me on
whatsapp any development
Me: ok
i left segun’s house, stopped a bike an went
home straight.
Me: sweetheart, helo
bimpe: dear, its unfair oo. U left since morning
knowing that i
will travel
me: so sorry dear.
Bimpe: oya where is the money?, its 1pm
already, let me start
Me:***i broke the bad news as directed by
Bimpe was sad, frown and started ranting. She
picked her box
and bag.
Me: dear, pls wait till 2moro, i go to bank to
settle the atm debit
and give u the money.
Bimpe: i hav test tomorow, i cant wait. Let me
go to my cousin
and beg him again hopefully he can help me.
Me: but why are u going with your loads.
Bimpe: i dont have much time, if i can get the
money, i will leave
from there, but if i cant, i will return here to
Bimpe picked her loads and left at 1:20am.
Immediately after she
left, her number wasnt reachable again. I said
to my self, “chaiii,
thunder fire segun and bimpe o. So i no go
yansh this girl this
nite”. I opened her facebook account but no
recent chat. I
updated segun on whatsapp and he told me to
lock up that bimpe
is gone. So i zero my mind that she has left
akure and that i paid
4,500 for one round of s#x.
Up till 8pm, her number isnt reachable, i
dropped my fone and
slept off. At about 9:40pm, i heard a knock on
my window. I
asked “who is that?”. Its me bimpe, come and
open the entrance
door for me, the voice replied.
I jumped up, my D##k suddenly got erect as i
was heading
towards the door and said to myself, let me
Bleep.ing begin..

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I ushered bimpe inside. Her face looks swollen,
looks so much unhappy. I took her bags from
her and we entered
the room.
Me: bimpe, what happened to your lines?, you
have been
unreachable, I don’t know how to find you.
You have scared
me……. Bla bla bla.
BIMPE: ****silence for a moment and then
later talked****, my
dear, I really suffered today. A lot happend
that I can’t explain.
ME: pls dear, tell me anything that happened,
you fought your
cousin again?
BIMPE: something like that,
ME: he doesn’t give you the money?. And
BIMPE:: so many things are better left unsaid.
I can’t just talk right
ME: but why were you late?
BIMPE: we were settling the quarrel. And also,
he sent me on
another erand. That is what took my time.
ME: eyah, so sorry. How will you go about
your test now?
BIMPE: I have called my friends in my
department to arrange for
me. But dear, do me a favour.
ME: what’s that?
BIMPE: can you please increase the money
you are collecting
tomorrow to 30k pls, I have to settle my
lecturer incharge of this
course I should write tomorrow.
ME: no problem
BIMPE: and one more thing please
ME: what is that dear?
BIMPE: maybe you should go to that akin first
to get the money
incase if bank issue will not settle tomorrow
and pls make it early.
Latest before 9AM.
ME:, no problem
****all through this conversation, bimpe isn’t
happy at all, she look
disappointed. I tried to figure out what
happened but I couldn’t..
BIMPE: pls I’m seriously hungry, is there
anything I can eat before
I take my bath?
ME: there is rice inside the pot. Go and warm
it and eat.
****bimpe stood up still not smiling and went
to the kitchen. While
she was in the kitchen. Her fone which is on
my bed gave a
facebook notification sound. I knew it must be
a facebook
message but I couldn’t open it due to security
password. I decided
to check it later. Few minutes later, she was
through with the food
and she came back to the room, and said, I
want to have my bath,
do you care to join?. On hearing this, my body
moved, my D##k
responded instantly. Just as I stood up to pull
of my cloths, I heard
another knock on my window “ko ko ko ko”***
*who is that?. its me seun, a voice replied.
Seun is my neighbour, he occupies the first
“one room
selfcontain” in the compound. Our house is a
block of 6 selfcons
that has only one main entrance. We all have
to pass through the
entrance from outside. Seun had travelled to
lagos 3days earlier
and just arrived at past 10 as at the time of
knocking. I went
outside to open the main entrance door for
him, as my sure
neighbour, we went to his room, gist a little
about the journey,
why he came late, what he brought for me.
Etc, I spent like
15minutes with seun, he gave me a long
bread. I went back to
the room and met adebimpe on towel pressing
her phone with the
2 hands which indicates that she was chating
with someone. But
she still look unhappy. As I drew close to her
on the bed, she
closed her facebook application, pressed the
lock button and
dropped the phone. Can we have our bath
now?, bimpe asked. I
replied YES.
She went into the bathroom and I followed
What is wrong with you bimpe?, u look sad,I
asked. She replied,
“I just had a stressful day”.
She removed her towel. Oh my God!, those
bosoms were
averagely big and firm, my D##k resurrected
inside my boxers,
she noticed this and smile. But I could
perceive the smell of
“recent s#x” on her which I never mind. I
opened the shower, I
bath first while she follows. She turned her
back to me, I could
see the clear view of the a$$. I moved closer,
stood at her back
and held her bosoms from behind. She
moaned oouchhh. I
continue squeezing and pressing while the
shower was dropping
on us. Still backing her, I moved my my hands
down her
abdomen, this time, she moan faster, she
turned to me, kissed
my passionately while taking her hand down
to my erected D##k.
Our body was close that I could feel her Tip
pin touching me. I
held her a$$ and start pressing and spanking.
She kissed me
down to my neck while stroking my D##k, she
kissed down to my
small Tips. This time I started moaning too.
She moved her
mouth to my abdomen, until she finally knelt
down before me and
bury my D##k inside her mouth. Ooooo, yeah
babyyyy oooouch. I
started making sound and she suck faster and
deeper. After
5mins, she stood up and kissed me. Then she
said, “did I try?”, u
really suck well, I replied. ‘Won’t you give me
orals too? Said
bimpe. I thought within 2 seconds that I dare
not put my mouth
into that public hole, “when we get to bed” I
replied. She resumed
the shower and I dashed into my bedroom,
raised up the
mattress and removed a condom, wore it and
return to
bathroom,. I stopped the shower, suck her
bosoms, turned her
back to me and entered from behind.
Ouuuch huuuuh haaah babyyyy harderrrr,
bimpe was moaning, I
started pressing harder, I shifted back a bit,
drew her closer and
grabbed her bosoms while bleeping, I later
leave the bosoms,
spanked her and then held her hips. We
bleeped for like
15minutes in the bathroom before she cum
and I did the same.
We left the bathroom and went to the bed. But
sumthing is wrong
somewhere. Bimpe is not tight in the K###y-Cat
and also, she
neva smiled, she still looks sad after the s#x.
On getting to the bedroom, we had another
s#x but it was so
boring because bimpe makes it seem like a
“forced s#x”. No
glamour, no anxiety, then I knew something
must be wrong
between her and her “cousin”. 3minutes after
the second s#x,
bimpe said, “please don’t forget to go out
early for that money in
the morning please” and I want to sleep, good
night. I replied
also “good night”.
But I couldn’t sleep because I was worrying
about why bimpe is
unhappy, who sent the message?, what
happened?, few minutes
later, bimpe called my name twice which I
didn’t respond. I
pretend as if I was sleeping. She then rose up,
picked her fone,
went into the bathroom. I over head her
saying “please I beg u
for the sake of the love between us, pls forgive
me”. Pls come
online on facebook and let’s chat please”. She
“tipped toe” back
to the bed, called me again which I didn’t
respond, then she
started chating for another 45 minutes. I
couldn’t stop her
because I want to know what transpired
between her and her
caller. I decided to wait till I wake up before I
find out.

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