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Sex Fetish 101: 6 ways you and your partner can start “swinging”



To each, his/her own.

The statement about is about not judging people and what interests them especially when it comes to sex. People have all sort of , and swinging just happens to one interesting fetish. Swinging seems like a sport event for married or committed people.

In case you don’t know what swinging is, here it is. Swinging is a sex act that involves either married or committed couple swapping partners for sexual gratification with full consent from everyone involved.

Some people just love to watch…

Yes, who would want to share their partner with someone else? That’s why it is a and few people are into it. People who indulge in this are known as swingers. It can vary in different ways, the swinging couple can do it with another couple, multiple other couples or just one individual. It can also happen like in a threesome if an individual joins a couple for intimacy and sex.

The most common way this happens is at parties known as swing party. It has always been happening, and some Hollywood power couples have been rumoured to be swingers.

75% of the time, swinging is suggested by men according to a research carried out.

The idea of swinging is typically initiated by men 75% of the time according to a research carried out. It could be seen as the guy wanting approval for cheating on the woman or it could just be that the guy enjoys watching his wife get fucked by someone else. It varies. Swinging for some couples can help make the relationship better, the , and the women can have improved self confidence.

It can be kinky for a partner to see their significant other have sex with someone else, it can also strengthen their bond, who know? It works and there is the downside to it as well, they could feel jealousy or sadness.

So, it all depends on the swinging couple and why they’re doing it. In case you’re inquisitive about doing this, here are ways you can ease you and your partner into it

1. Exhibition

This is quite simple, it’s the act of deriving sexual pleasure from someone watching while you make out with your partner. Why am I thinking about “You may kiss the bride” thing in church. Sex Fetish things in church, let’s just move on.

Some people just love to be watched while they get their groove on.
(Aesthetical Magazine)

2. Voyeurism

This is the act of either watching people have sex or performing in the action yourself, and this is ideally in a group. Like a live scene of porn, something like that.

3. Soft swap

This is when more than one person make out with a lady or guy. For example, two or more ladies touching a guy, giving him a head or guys feasting on a lady, some people on her boobs and others at her vagina.

4. Peak swap

This one takes it a bit further than making out, this is penetrative sex with a person other than your significant other, the whole point of swinging.

5. Group game

The eventual hope of what the swinging is about, a bunch of people having sex in the same place, it usually involves like four people or above who are doing sexual stuff.

6. Menage a Trios

Threesome is a type of swinging because it introduces another person into sex.

Quite simply a threesome, which is sort of the gateway sex act to swinging, and it is usually what will remain after the swinging lifestyle is gone. Couples who used to swing still do threesomes once in a while.

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