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Pity Sex: 5 signs that you are only getting ‘some’ out of compassion


What is pity sex? This is when you are only getting some action in the bedroom out of compassion and sorrow, and not because of attraction.

Quite a number of people don’t know when they are having pity sex which brings a lot of confusion afterwards.

If you are not sure if the sex you have been having lately is out of attraction or pity, you can read the pointers below;

1. To make someone feel better

Making out or having erotic sex with someone to make them feel good is the true meaning of pity sex. You feel obligated to make them happy and by so doing you end up having sex, it’s not normal because it was done out of pity.

2. Sleeping with someone after an emotional breakdown

This is a classic case of pity sex. Having sex with someone just after a serious emotional trauma is definitely pity sex and it happens a lot. When you see a friend or a close colleague having emotional problems you might want to make him/her feel better with sex out of compassion.

3. Having sex after a fight

This mostly known as makeup sex. But it can also be pity sex especially if you just had a fight with your partner and things get emotional which leads to the immediate sex. This is more like pity sex and not normal sex.

4. Having sex with the one who dumped you

Some call this closure sex. This is just pity sex and not closure sex or whatsoever name it’s being called. So if your partner just left you and you engage in sex afterward, it’s not closure or breakup sex. It’s pity sex.

5. Being comforted which leads to sex

If you have sex with your comforter, it’s most likely pity sex. Having sex while being comforted all in the aim of making you feel better is considered pity sex and not normal sex.

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