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No Network! 5 things you should know about the nightmarish Whiskey Dick



Whiskey Dick is when you cannot get it up, as in get an erection, simply erectile dysfunction. I know there are people who cannot get it up but the uniqueness of this situation is caused as a result of heavy drinking. And it happens for real, if you’ve ever been in this situation then you’ll know it is a bitch because you’re just left hanging, nothing to do.

According to a urologist at Orlando Health, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, he says alcohol is a depressant, it reduces blood flow to the sexual organ so there you have it, the reason why you may suffer from missing erection.

In case you don’t know about the Whiskey Dick, here are few things you should know about

1. It isn’t just Whiskey though

Whiskey isn’t the only type of alcohol that causes this.
(The Journal)

It may go by the name Whiskey but it isn’t the only type of alcohol that can cause no signal down there when it’s time to have sex. The temporary erectile dysfunction can be caused by any type of alcohol, it is purely caused by the amount of alcohol ingested, it’s a case of the more alcohol you take, the higher your chance of getting a Whiskey Dick.

As illustrated by Dr. Eric Giesler of Austin Urology, who explains that a single beer have lower ABV compared with Whiskey that can be taken in cocktails in several shots. So, if you’re into taking beer or wine, you’re safer with this type of alcohol.

2. It isn’t always alcohol

This probably is not the first time that you’ve read that ingesting alcohol can be good for sex, that isn’t been discredited. You have times that you’ve been drunk and had wild sex that Whiskey Dick never ruined, in decent amount, alcohol is great.

According to Dr. Jesse N. Mills, urologist at the Men’s Clinic at UCLA who explains “It [alcohol] acts as a muscle relaxer, which disinhibits [you], The explanation continues, “Some men find they perform better with a little bit of alcohol in their system,”

So, if you still can get an erection after heavy drinking, you can be lucky with that, but you might get hit with another problem which is finding it difficult to climax.

3. It eventually takes its toll

Years of binge drinking takes its toll.

There is an eventual side effect to binge drinking all of the time. It can become something more frequent depending on how frequent you get drunk heavily. Dr Giesler says “Chronic alcoholism not only can permanently impact erections, it can change your hormonal [balance],” In a study done in 2007, they found out that long term alcohol consumption can affect the male hormones, and another study found out that it can affect sperm quality and fertility.

4. How many shots will be too much

Sadly, no one can tell you how much shots will definitely give you Whiskey Dick because people have different alcohol tolerance level. Sadly, no sure formula to arrive at this. According to Mills, who says 2 drinks a night is okay but taking more than 5 drinks in about 2 hours is considered binge drinking. Sadly, not one size fits all in this particular occasion.

5. It’s no big deal if it’s once

It it has happened just once, don’t fuss about it.

You don’t need to go full panicking mode if it just happens once. It’s not that serious, it can just be a one-off thing. In case this happens, it’s advised that you better get incredibly good at oral sex. When it becomes more common place with you, then you may need to seek medical attention to it.

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