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Nudes! 5 ways you can get Safaree’s type of internet melting dick picture



The internet is still abuzz with the leak of Nicki Minaj’s ex , the meltdown has been epic but the truth about taking the right type of dick pictures is that you have to take certain things into consideration. It feels like this is the first time a dick picture is online but .

While the picture may have been trending because of the size and the sheer type of curve Safaree, and more importantly his affiliation with the mega celebrity Nicki Minaj, he also did a couple of things right. While a lot of ladies are melting down for the picture, the real question is how many ladies that can take that much dick but that’s a question for another day.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why the picture is right now one of the best nudes of a guy ever taken.

1. Find your right angle

Safaree Samuels goes shirtless

People who are in show business will tell how they want to be photographed, and it’s a serious thing, they call it their good side or bad side, it could be that their left side looks better in pictures than right, you might not believe in this but it’s a real thing.

Your good angle could be you full frontal in front of the camera like Safaree, for others it could be a slight tilt towards an angle. One important aspect is showcasing your goods in the best type of light, Safaree was serving thickness, length and curve. If you want your pictures that good, you have to find your right angle.

2. The best erection possible

With nudes, you’re hoping to sell your package in its most attractive form, if this is your hope, then you don’t need an erection that is just there, you need it to be the hardest possible, so the veins can be popping. Watch your favorite type of porn, and do the activity that gets you the best type of erection, it’s essential you have the best type of erection.

3. Take several pictures

You may not hit gold the first time you take the picture, so take as many as possible.

If you can get it in one shot, then you’re born to do this. For the rest of us, we may have to take a lot of pictures, from different lights, different angles, then review all of those taken, select the best out of it all. It takes a lot of practice until you get into that expert mode where you can take one picture and you’re good. Review your pictures and only select the best one.

4. Be ripped

It’s not essential but it helps the aesthetic of the picture, look at dick pic, with a large chest and pacs all in the right place is visually more pleasing than otherwise. It’s not important but you have to look like The Rock to take a dick pic but it will make it better. If you’ve got a bit of tummy fat, suck it in like you do in regular pictures or even more because you probably will take the picture shirtless.

5. It’s about the junk

Don’t steal the shine from your junk, let it the object to be adored.

Right up above, I mentioned it will help the overall look of your picture, if you have a ripped body, but more importantly, you have to know that the picture is about showcasing your dick in the best light possible, so make sure it’s clean when you take the picture, don’t take away the attention from it. Shave before taking the picture.

If you’ve got stubbles down there then it’s fine. Full blown afro down there will make your dick look small but shaving will make it look big.

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