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Mr. Tough Guy! 4 ways you can lure someone into rough sex



can be a beautiful sexual experience for you and your partner but a lot of people don’t like it at all. This is because they perceive whips, chains and the likes. It can contain the whips and chain but not necessarily.

One big advantage of this sort of sex is that it’s a great stress reducer, it also helps you get closer to your partner. This one mainly deals with the emotional side of domination and fantasy.

A lot of ladies don’t like to engage in rough sex, here are a few tips on how you can convince to try it, fall in love with it.

Communication is first the step, it’s very important that you have the conversation with your spouse. By discussing this with her, she can understand that its something that you like and might in turn consider it.

Rough sex isn’t about violence but more of passion, and every lady craves passion and connection from her partner.

1. Foreplay is your way in

You might need to switch the intensity of foreplay, ramp it up from the slow and sensual to something more faster and intense. Guys can take foreplay from really slow to very fast in a matter of no time, ladies are known to build up to the tempo. Your best way in is during foreplay, teasing and kissing are the best ways to switch up intimacy and passion during sex, you’ll have to concentrate on that and make it yours. Make sure to delay her, if she is pushing for quick penetration, make her waist, by doing this, you’ll increase the passion between yourselves.

2. Move slow with rough play

It’s not yet time to tie her up, just slow down. Starting slow is your best bet. Taking a lady out of her comfort zone to somewhere cannot be done in a haste. It’s important to start slow and work your way one step at a time to the rough sex roaster list of biting, hair pulling, and scratching, she will move into those levels herself with your help, an important note is not to rush her.

3. Live in the moment

It’s the natural scenario where everything seems possible but its also important that you both arrive there at the same thing or wait for her to get there. If you get there too fast, its not going to be of much good to you. It might be a good idea that you set ground rules for it all.

4. Let her lead you

As much as you love rough sex, sex is also a mutual intercourse. Let her have the control of the whole thing, women have their sexual fantasies, be it submissive or dominance in the bed, allowing her lead can be high good for your sex life. A man’s role is to lead but sometimes in the bedroom, allowing the woman lead to lead to great results.

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