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Libido: 7 foods to avoid before having great sex


Some of the meals you consume can be ruining your bedroom game.

So, just before you even touch that food list, you should know there are several foods that can kill the bedroom mood.

However, few of the food items stated below are actually healthy for you, but you might want to do away with them before sex.

Therefore, it’s best to take note of the following foods to put in your black book before you hit the sheets. See 7 foods to avoid below.

1. Fries

Salty foods, fried foods, and French fries are known to be mood killers for the bedroom marathon. If you really want to please your partner, you have to stay away from this meals before getting into action. Fries contains trans-fat content which negatively affects testosterone levels and circulation.


Also, the high salt content can make it difficult for men with high blood pressure to stay erect.

2. Sausage/Hotdog


The shape of hotdog definitely looks like something we all know. Although, this doesn’t guarantee a hot sexual romp. This because it contains high saturated fat which can block the penile and vaginal arteries, making your body less ready for hot sex.

3. Oats


A small bowl of oatmeal can be really filling. So, be careful not to take so much because it can affect your performance and also reduce your sex drive.

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