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How To Guide: 5 shocking things to do with the balls during sex


The balls are often times neglected during sex. And a lot of people are confused about what to do with the balls.

So if you don’t know what to do, it’s just better to just let them be than do something that will cause pain because they are very sensitive. If you’re comfortable trying out new things, you can start by getting to know more about bae’s anatomy.

It’s better to stay away if you can’t please your partner by playing with his balls, but below are some simple ways to stimulate the balls during sex.

1. Try a position that makes the balls contact any of your body parts

When having sex, more body parts touch than just the D and P. Try to find a position where the balls come in contact with your body. Not only will it be enjoyable for bae, it should also be enjoyable for you because it will offer a little extra stimulation.

2. Make sure to suck on them

Otherwise known as teabagging, this is when you put a dude’s balls in your mouth. Some guys are really into it during blowjobs, while others might not have tried it before so make sure you check with bae before trying it out. If he’s cool but if you’re not into the idea of putting everything in your mouth, you can also try by licking them.

3. Complimenting them really works

Tell him what you think of his balls. If you want to talk during sex, but you don’t know what to say, you can start by describing how beautiful it looks and everything you want to do with it. When you get comfortable with your descriptions, you can move on to his balls. Who knows, just by complimenting them could turn bae on even more.

4. Bite them gently

Bite very gently. Just before you do that you’re going to want to double check bae. Some dudes might be under some pressure down there, while some could start crying at the mere suggestion of putting a tooth in contact with their testicles.

5. Massage them

Massage more to the front, and add the balls into the mix? It can be great foreplay. Plus, you can work it in as part of a handjob or blowjob. If you’re good at multitasking, you can massage the shaft with one hand and the balls with another.

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