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Sex Fetish 101: The pain and pleasure of spanking



In a world where normal has become boring then it’s paramount that people look for how better to get their groove on. We’ve seen several of these types of behavior in popular culture.

People constantly looking for the next kind of high, if you’ve listened to then you’ll understand.

If you’ve also heard of stories of people sniffing gum or soak away then you’ll see how far people going looking for a new type of high.

Spanking is one fetish you can give a try. Who knows you may enjoy it?

In the vast array of sex fetishes, we will discuss spanking today. In case you don’t know what spanking is, let me give you a brief introduction. It’s a that involves spanking or wanting to be spanked. Spanking is slapping the ass in hopes of sexual gratification.

I’m sure you must have seen a lot of that in porn movies. It’s usually painful but during sex, it can be mixed with feeling of pleasure which gives an even better sensation. Here is why some ladies may enjoy spanking, the back of the thigh is known to be an erogenous zone, and if you can apply the right amount of pressure, that area can be stimulated for pleasure.

Also, spanking can be a turn on because of the rush of blood towards that part of the body. For some ladies it can be linked to wanting to either be loved or humiliated. There has been reported cases of people being turned on after being beaten, the lady gets to turned on, and want to have rough sex immediately that is done.

Spanking isn’t just a girl thing, guys too enjoy it.
(Dreams of Spanking)

And spanking isn’t just a female thing, some men also like to spanked as well. It can get even to the extent that he/she wants to be bent over the knee and spanked like a child. Spanking for people who are into it can be used to keep things sensual during sex.

Spanking can also be attributed to some sense of domination and submission, and it is actually fun. It’s not just about using the hand, it can be a whip or belt, or whatever you and your partner decide.

Spanking can be a turn on because of the rush of blood towards that part of the body. For some ladies it can be linked to wanting to either be loved or humiliated.

“Spanking can enhance excitement and physical sensations; increase adrenalin, endorphins, and oxytocin; explore and maybe push the line between pleasure and pain; increase intimacy and bonding,” Sex Therapist and psychotherapist Dulcinea Pitagora shares.

We asked people who are into spanking and these were their reactions

“I love spanking, add some choking to it as well. It’s not painful until everything is done and when the orgasm is right, you won’t feel a thing. Spank me Daddy!” The anonymous lady said

“The humiliation of being treated like a spoilt child just makes me so wet, because of my light complexion, my whole ass will be red. I just wish to have that all the time. Punish me for things I haven’t even done. Doggy and spanking are a match made in heaven” Second lady said

Are you into spanking? Let us know in the comment section.

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