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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 7)


She had been having it for the last two days and yet even that did not seem enough. “But then again, what?” Olumide asked. The circle of perverts [Part 6] “I gave him hell before he left the house. So he might probably still be trying to soothe his ego” Aisha hissed as…

“So when would I see you again?” Olumide asked as he watched Aisha get dressed as he lazily stroked his dick.

“I don’t know. At least not for the next few days, Ahmed should be back any minute from now. I am even surprised that he has not called me yet but then again” Aisha said as she hooked her bra up. It was taking all of her restraining power not to jump back in bed and take his dick in her mouth.

She had been having it for the last two days and yet even that did not seem enough.

“But then again, what?” Olumide asked.

“I gave him hell before he left the house. So he might probably still be trying to soothe his ego” Aisha hissed as she reached for her dress which was on a chair nearby.

Olumide chuckled as he watched her step into her dress, his hand still on his partly hard dick.

“What’s funny?” Aisha raised a brow at him.

“Nothing really. I just find it funny that Ahmed has got such a beauty like you in his bed every night and still can’t get it up”

“Well you know the men are scum saying. You get to fuck this amazing body yet you still go on to screw Ada”

The statement really hit Olumide but his facial expression gave nothing away as he recovered in record time.

“Can you really blame me? You leave for days, weeks atimes. I get lonely. And you of all people know Ada is just to help pass the time.”

“Oh really?” Aisha zipped up her dress.

“You do. If not, why did you let us fuck her?” Olumide sat up now but his hand still did not leave his dick.

“Well, maybe I just wanted to try it out” Aisha walked towards him.

“Hmm, what else would you want to try out? Tell me, perhaps it can be arranged” Olumide could not hide the excitement in his voice.

She did not say a word, just grab his hand and took it off his dick, replacing it with hers. She stroked him slowly as he grew within her grasp. He closed his eyes and enjoy the feeling her hand was building up.

“You want to know what else I would love to try out?” Aisha whispered.

Olumide nodded, eyes still closed. Aisha smiled and then bent over, letting her tongue out. She licked the pre cum that was already spilling out and then slowly kissed his dick cap. Then she stopped abruptly and stood up.

“You will just have to be a good boy and find out later on” She picked up her shoes and left the room.

Olumide opened his eyes just in time to see her walking away, he just shook his head at sight of her hips swaying from side to side till she was gone. He sat there looking down at his dick which had refused to go down.

He was there till he heard the main entrance door slammed shut and he knew she was gone. He sighed and stood up, walked up to the human sized mirror he had in a corner of the room and stared at his naked self in the mirror. He was not looking at anything in particular but his dick, knowing it was going to land him in trouble some day.

Just hoped the day was not too soon, he prayed as he walked off to his bathroom. He turned on the shower and had just put one foot in when he heard the entrance door opened. What had Aisha forgotten now or had she decided to have one more fuck for the road?

“Guy, How far? Where you dey?” Olumide’s eyes widened at the voice.

That was not Aisha’s voice, it was Ahmed’s

Ada stared at the ceiling and tried to gather her thoughts. Was this the life she had really pictured out? A loving husband and adorable kids with a nice home. Yes, she had it all… so what was the problem? Or was it because she was a stay at home wife?

She knew things would occasionally get boring, she expected that. So that was not the problem. Deep down she knew what exactly was wrong. Ever since the night Edward had hit her, something had changed but she just could not put a finger to it,at least not yet. The morning after he had hit her, he had woken her up with a forehead kiss as always, gone to have his bath as she made him his early morning coffee.

They had gone through their usual early morning routine with neither of them bringing up the events of the previous day. But deep down, Ada knew something was amiss. She just knew and right now her only prayer was for whatever it was not to take a turn for the worse. Her phone rang by her side and she picked it up only to see the caller ID. It was Aisha.

Ada stared at the phone for a while before dropping the phone. The phone stopped ringing, Ada half expected it to ring again but it didn’t. She remembered the feeling of Aisha’s tongue on her nipples as Olumide fucked her. The way she paid close attention to each nipple taking her time to wet them before licking all around them.

She stopped thinking and stood up from bed. Walking to her wardrobe, she let the nightie slip off and fall to the ground.

Opening up the wardrobe, she pulled her her Dildo.

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