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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass: The circle of perverts (Part 11)



Ahmed scratched his beards as he watched his assistant rubs his eyes before staring at the cheque he had just gotten over and over again.

“Excuse me, sir” The assistant looked up at Ahmed.

“Yes?” Ahmed smiled.

“I do not understand. What is this for?”

“Well, it is for anything you want it to be. You earned it” Ahmed smiled as he continued to enjoy his assistant’s reaction.

“But this is too much, sir”

“It is not. You just saved my marriage and possibly my life, believe me. So there is no price I can put on that. You earned that and even more. Pick a weekend next month, I am paying for a family vacation for you and your family” Ahmed added.

The assistant was lost for words, all he could do was bow his head in appreciation. His boss had always been a good man which was why he had felt the need to reach out and help him. He had not been expecting an form of reward. Now, he was at a crossroad because he was still undecided about divulging the great secret he bore within.

“When you are done getting yourself together, I would need you to head out to the park. Want you to pick out a car for my wife and then need to go shopping a little for her. Been a while I spoilt her”. Ahmed stood up.

“Ohh, oh okay sir. I will go get the driver to come around immediately” The assistant followed suit and stood up , rushing to the the door before turning back to stare at his boss.

“Thank you very much sir. May God continue to bless you” And then he was gone.

Ahmed fell back to his chair, the smile still plastered all over his face as he thought of his plan for the evening. He really was going to surprise Aisha. He had to apologize for all he had put her through for the last couple of months and then he was going to fuck her like it was their first time. He would make up for it all, that he was certain of.

“So, what are you going to do?” Olumide sat up in bed as he propped up pillows to support his back. Aisha was staring at him through the smoke she exhaled, they were both naked but none was in the mood for some more sex at the moment. This was a crossroad in their relationship and some things needed to be taken care of first.

“Nothing” She whispered.

“Nothing?” Olumide was surprised. He had been surprised since he had let her watch the video of her husband fuck some other lady and she had remained calm all through. She was not anything like the Aisha he knew, she was meant to be throwing tantrums and asking to know the lady and how she could get back at Ahmed.

But instead, she had turned around and fucked him like her life depended on it. And now she was dropping more shockers, she was going to do nothing.

“Yes, nothing. What would you have me do? Should I go and confront him and tell him you snitched on him? And even have video evidence? What would you say” Aisha said before taking another drag of the joint she held between her fingers.

Olumide had to admit she was making sense and now sounding like the Aisha he knew, the cold hearted one.

“So?”.. he asked.

“So, I wait. If my husband now fuck whores around, it is only a matter of time before he slips up”.

She could not be more wrong, Olumide thought to himself. If only she knew he was the one that had hooked up her husband. And that the kind of ladies he had were the fuck and go, no attachment types. If Ahmed stuck to fucking these kind of ladies, Aisha was never going to find anything in a lifetime.

It was none of his business anyway, Ahmed was still his friend. It did not matter if he was fucking his wife on a regular, he could still offer him some protection.

They sat there in silence, each to his and own thoughts. Aisha smoked slowly thinking again of Ahmed’s dick and how it had been going in and out of that pussy. Olumide’s phone ringing beside her broke into her thoughts. The phone was on the stool right next to her. She picked it up and looked at the caller ID, it was Ada.

Aisha scoffed and threw the phone at Olumide. He caught it mid air, looked at the caller ID and understood the sudden change in the air.

Aisha watched him as he spoke on the phone and she despised him. All she could pick out from his conversation was


“I will text you then” He hung up and looked up at her.

“So you still fucking that hoe” Aisha sneered.

“Don’t call her that. And if I remember correctly, you were the one who made the move to fuck her that day” Olumide corrected.

“I was high, so sue me. You are fucking her behind my back” Her voice was rising now and Olumide knew better than to reply.

“Who do you enjoy fucking the most? She or me” Aisha asked with a whisper.

“Why would you even ask such a thing? You know nobody compares to you” Olumide replied quickly with a smile.

“LIAR!!!” She yelled and flung the rest of her burning joint at him. Olumide stood up and headed to the bathroom while Aisha watched him wondering why men were scum.

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