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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde: The Conquest (Finale)


Dumebi’s POV I was praying they would be quiet enough, he held a bloody gun to her head. The Conquest [Episode 51] I couldn’t take my eyes away from her and I willed her to raise her head and look at me and when she finally did at the sound of Ahmid’s mum’s…

Dumebi’s POV

We had waited for hours before the bastard finally showed face.

To everyone’s amazement and to my dismay he came out brandishing a gun against a naked Ella. I wanted to lunge forward but was held back, it wasn’t wise to attack at least not yet. We had to find a way to get Ella away from him. the soldiers that had surrounded the house were trying to get in to it so they could attack him unawares from behind.

I was praying they would be quiet enough, he held a bloody gun to her head.

I couldn’t take my eyes away from her and I willed her to raise her head and look at me and when she finally did at the sound of Ahmid’s mum’s voice, her eyes met mine and I could see the joy and hope in her eyes. I will get you out of here baby! I promised myself.

Ahmid began taunting us, saying we couldn’t do anything to him, that if he was going, Ella would be going too and that was what we were afraid of. He and his mum were exchanging words until the lieutenant in charge had had enough. We had been out her for hours in the dry Kano heat and we were getting a little antsy. Nike stepped up to me just then and rubbed my shoulder a bit.

“I want this to end” she whispers to me

“You and me both” I say looking around sighing. I walk up to the Lieutenant, Nike in tow to see what other strategy we were going to take.

“What’s the plan, sir?” I say quietly to him

“He is not backing down, how are the men behind doing?”

“They are not getting any lee way in without attracting his attention. This man was smart when buying or building this house, he made sure it was impenetrable” He sighed

“Whatever he was planning to do here, he would have succeeded if you didn’t alert us” I saw Nike frown deeply which was unlike her, she always maintained a calmness that was eerie as it was soothing.

“I know what to do” she said

“I am sick of this” She grumbles.

She walks away from us to the next soldier and asks for his gun. He looks at the lieutenant for a go ahead and the Lieutenant nods his consent with a weird smile. She picks up the rifle and hides behind a wall of soldiers. I run to her seeing what this her plan was and not liking it one bit.

“What the fuck Nike?” I splutter as Gozie and Dayo join us looking shocked at what they were saying. She doesn’t flinch or look at any of us as she aims.

“Trust me” She says confidently

“You could hit Ella!” Gozie gasps, to that she looks up and eyes him without another word. Then she takes her aim again and asking the soldiers to cover her again she shoots. The loud sound of the gun stuns those of us not used to hearing it except her who is still standing.

I look around them to see that she has shot the gun out of a shocked Ahmid’s hand and before I could blink she takes another shot at Ahmid, hitting his leg as he wails and screams. Ella had begun to run towards us and I ran out so that she could run into my arms and immediately she jumps into them I run back behind the soldiers who have run towards Ahmid to capture him, there was wailing as his mum ran to him. I held a sobbing Ella in my hands as I walked slowly towards where Nike stood handing the rifle back to the stunned soldier.

“How… how… how?” was all I could manage as Gozie captured her in his arms berating her about almost getting hurt to which she laughed for the first time in hours.

“That” she said pointing to the Lieutenant as he nods towards us

“Was my tutor when I wanted to enlist in the army”. She turned to Gozie

“My dad’s youngest brother” She said coyly.

“Now come one, let’s get out of here. I have an exam tomorrow” Nike adds walking off. This woman was full of surprises, my baby brother was one lucky cow.

Someone had gotten a cloth for Ella and was helping me to put it over her while I kiss all over her face and kiss her tears away.

“Baby! Sshhh don’t cry, you’re home now” I whisper to her.

Ella’s POV

“Well that settles it then?” Dumebi murmurs, eyes darkening with lustful promises of what’s to come. He hadn’t let go of me since I ran into his arms almost 24 hours ago.

We had checked into the nearest hotel where he had proceeded to make long, slow passionate love to my body, worshipping every crevice and curve and fat and skin and spot on my body. He had whispered words of love over and over again as he thrust deeper into me, slowly not trying to hurt me after I told him what had transpired between Ahmid and I.

I had told him everything and he still loved me, my heart was soaring and the butterflies in my stomach were not calming down.

“Settles what?” I practically whisper as we both lean into each other more, his cock jerking against my pussy as I straddled him.

“The fact that I am going to treat you like a fucking queen” he growls as he claims my lips with his in a fiery kiss. Every nerve in my being lights up at his touch as he holds me in his strong embrace.

Our tongues glide with each other in a fury of clashes, Dumebi’s grip on my waist tightening to a point where it feels slightly painful but that doesn’t seem to bother me but instead provokes inside and overflow of feelings I never thought could exist for one person.

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