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Erotic Story/Minxie B: Lily’s countdown to the new year is orgasmic!


Dami won’t stop showing pictures of her kids with stories of all the gross and adorable things they do, Victoria and her childhood sweetheart Femi won’t shut up about what marriage is like and all the married people just agrees and continue conversing about it.

“I will rather be anywhere else than here right now” I mentally screamed

Not only did I have to endure Christmas with the family but now I have to sit through the excruciating custom that is the hang out my parent organise every new year’s Eve but that’s not the worse part, all my friends that make this torture bearable are all absolutely having the worst conversation ever.

Dami won’t stop showing pictures of her kids with stories of all the gross and adorable things they do, Victoria and her childhood sweetheart Femi won’t shut up about what marriage is like and all the married people just agrees and continue conversing about it.

The only other unmarried person asides me is Seyi and had totally zoned out of the conversation since it’s started

“I’m going to get another drink” I announced standing up

”Oh please get me another one too” Dami said with a politeness that irked me like she didn’t one of the foulest mouth in recorded history.

“Me too” just about everyone echoed

Maybe I can spike their drink while I am at it, the thought brought a smile to my face

“You will need help carrying all those drinks” Seyi said standing up

Look at that! He finally found his voice.

We walked silently into the kitchen where a counter was turned into a mini bar manned by Aunty Damola my most judgy Aunt. I guess it was appropriate after the incident with uncle Mike last year, I ordered a cocktail for everyone

“Yo! Do you wanna go somewhere?” Seyi asked besides me

“Depends on where” I said when in truth I would even say yes to a book reading right now

“A friend is throwing a party and unlike this one it’s till 12,they wanna do a crossover countdown” He said

“Okay, I’ll go change after I hand over the drinks and meet you outside” I said

We walked back and delivered the drinks and I dashed avoiding guests to my room, I grabbed a purse and stuffed a faded blue bum short and a cute black jumper inside, I changed my shoes and wore a black creeper boot blessing got me for my birthday.

I wore a denim jacket over my t-shirt and headed out making sure to avoid my mum

“When you said change, I was expecting never mind” Seyi said when I got to him

I got into the passenger seat of his Land Cruiser SUV and we drove off, when the house was out of site I climbed to the back seat, I took off my shoes and pulled down my trousers

“You still sneak clothes out I see” he said sounding like he was mocking me

“Keep your eyes on the road and mind your damn business” I said pulling up the bum short

I took off the jacket and t-shirt and I could see him watching me from the rear view mirror, I took off my bra and he quickly looked away making me stifle a laugh, I wore the jumper and jacket and shoes before returning to the front seat.

We drove in silence to a mansion in lekki.

The party looked crazed with people dancing while some stood in circles watching a girl twerk, Seyi held my hand and we went over to his friend, we said hello with the guy blatantly checking me out

“So, what do you do mami” he started as soon as seyi left to get me a drink

I looked him dead in the eyes.

“I’m in the Air Force” I lied enjoying how he shrunk a little

“Oh cool! Cool! Enjoy the party” he said doing a weak salute and leaving

Seyi returned with my drink and I gulped it at once immediately regretting my decision, when my throat stopped burning from the Hennessy I let seyi have it for not warning me. The drink hit hard and I dragged Seyi to the dance floor up close I noticed he wasn’t so thin anymore, he was lean but had toned muscles like that guy that wrestles; he has punk in his name.

I moved closer to him and we started to move, he turned out to be a terrible dancer so I dragged him to a wall and started grinding on him, his bulge pushing into my ass made me smile so I turned around and kissed him, he was surprised at first but he relaxed and kissed me back, I pushed my tongue into his mouth wanting more when he pulled away; no tongue?

He dragged me away from the dance floor, my eyes spinning a little, we went down a hallway and he tried opening a door but it was locked, he tried another door and it opened, we went in and he closed the door behind him.

It was a beautiful ladies bathroom, he led me to the sinks and spun me around to face the mirror, kneeling down he pulled down my bum short and panty before spreading my legs open; I guess he doesn’t like foreplay, wawu!

He spread open my cheeks and before I could say wait what I felt his tongue on my asshole, it felt warm but good, I relaxed and he flickered his tongue around the hole making me tremble a bit, he kept going in circles round the hole and I could feel myself build up, he increased the tempo and I heard voices outside counting

Ten ,nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, he pushed his tongue in and circled three, two, one…

I came hard holding onto the sink for dear life

“Happy new year” I heard him say

It sure is a happy way to start the new year.

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