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1 Minute Men: 5 sensual sex positions for longer love-making


Having the power of thrusting is good in all kinds of ways. It’s reliably good for most people.

However, there are more ways you can make your partner last longer if you can just move beyond the traditional missionary style.

See 5 ways below…

1. The missionary impossible

Do you still love the traditional missionary? If yes, you can experience this style in new interesting ways. Make sure to use a thicker condom, put in extra strength or extended pleasure and use a grinding motion instead of a thrust.

The missionary impossible (Cosmopolitan)

2. Knocker rocker

You both lie on your sides facing each other, let your partner wrap her upper leg and arm around you creating a proper avenue to rock you back and forth. This makes the stimulation a little less intense for you, plus you get to control the rhythm. Be in charge of playing with her boobs thereby giving her that awesome intimate feeling she so much desires.

Knocker rocker (Cosmopolitan)

3. The ball monitor

The ball monitor is a position your lover kneels on your lap facing your feet. She grinds, rub and thrust as you please. When it seems like you are about to orgasm, let her gently tug on your balls, pulling them away from your body slightly and repeat the sequence.

The ball monitor (Cosmopolitan)

4. The doggy interrupted

This is a good way to transition without a body part slipping out and everyone getting grouchy by kneeling in an all-fours position and grabbing her waist from behind. When you feel her body getting close, sit back on your heels, pulling her down by her hips onto your lap. You can cool down for a bit, and then start back up again in a super sexy position that hits all her right spots.

The doggy interrupted (Cosmopolitan)

5.The measuring spoons

Here’s how this works…. let her open her legs wide and wrap around your top leg/butt to pull you closer. The thrusting motion tells your brain to hit climax right away. You can also maximize the slow burn by cupping her vagina with a well lubricated hand as you move down sending heat waves down her vagina.

The measuring spoons (Cosmopolitan)

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