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Get Your Freak On: 5 things that might be on her sexual bucket list


A bucket list is the number of things you want to do before you die. So in this case, the sexual bucket is a list full of freaky things you want to do, places you want to have sex and other sexual fantasies you’ve been craving for.

It’s actually fun to guess what your partner might secretly be fantasizing about. But when it comes to female sexual desire, everyone is different, so if you really want to know what your partner secretly wants to do in bed, there’s only one way to find out which is by asking.

There are some common female sexual fantasies below to help you have an idea of what’s on her sexual bucket list.

1. Focus on foreplay

Try teasing and some extra kissing, touching, and massage to it. If she begs you to go further, she’s really enjoying it and it has always been one of the things she truly craves for. Anticipation can be a powerful thing.

2. Being dominated

She likes you going “50 shades of grey on her”.Getting rough can be tricky and you should ask if she really wants to be tied to the bed while you take charge. It’s always best to bring it up before trying it out in the bedroom.

3. Sex in a weird place

If you and your partner want to have sex on the beach, do it but sure to take it slow and keep watch on people around. Do not strip down and immediately start getting down. Instead whisper a few dirty thoughts about what you would like to do to them, right then and there.

4. Use a sex toy

Some women already have their own sex toys, so ask about her collection and whether she would like to test out some of her favorites as a couple. If trying a sex toy is of interest to her and she’s never used one before, let her pick out one on her own, or go shopping together to find the right one.

5. Group sex

Not every woman is into the idea of bringing another lady into the bedroom and just because your girl likes fantasizing about bringing other people into the bedroom doesn’t mean she’s actually looking to do it in real life. Let some fantasies just be, but you can try by asking and if she’s up for it, go right ahead and have the groupie.

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