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King of Boys: The Return of the King Season 1 Episode 1 – 7 (Complete)πŸ”₯

Mp4 Download King of Boys: The Return of the King Season 1 Episode 1 - 7 (Complete)πŸ”₯ 720p 480p , King of Boys: The Return of the King Season 1 Episode 1 - 7 (Complete)πŸ”₯ , x265 x264 , torrent , HD bluray popcorn, magnet King of Boys: The Return of the King Season 1 Episode 1 - 7 (Complete)πŸ”₯ mkv Download

Alhaja Eniola Salami starts anew and sets her sights on a different position of power, fueled by revenge, regret and ruthlessness.

Cast: Sola Sobowale, Reminisce, IllBliss, Akin Lewis, Osas Ighodaro, Titi Kuti, Keppy Ekpeyoung, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Richard Mofe Damijo, Efa Iwara, Deyemi Okanlawon, Charly Boy, Lord Frank.


Filename: King.Of.Boys.The.Return.Of.The.King.S01.E01-07.720p.Esub.[9jaRocks.com].mkv
Filesize: 100 – 256 MB
Duration: 30 – 60 Mins
Subtitle: English


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It Also supports subtitle if stated on the post (Subtitle: English).









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The Author

Mr Rock

Default password: 9jarocks


  1. Thank mr rock πŸ₯°

    1. Abeg share me d link

        1. Thank you Mr rockπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

          1. Please share the link

        2. Thanks Mr Rock. You never disappoint me

    2. Abeg send link to my email [email protected]

      1. Please can you share the link, I want to download too.thanks

        Please share the link with me, [email protected]. Thanks

        1. Please do share the links πŸ™πŸΌ thank youuuu
          [email protected]

          1. Forward here too , thanks [email protected]

        2. Please share

      2. Please send me the link if you have it
        [email protected]

        1. Please share me the link [email protected]

      3. Please dis you get the link sent to you?

        1. Pls send me the link too [email protected]

          1. Please share with me
            [email protected]

      1. Pls, kindly send the link to my email: [email protected]

        1. Please anybody that has the link should please send to me at
          [email protected]

          1. [email protected] please send the link to me too

        2. Please anyone that has the link should kindly send to me

    3. Mr rock please when wll it be available

      Mr rock please when wll it be available

    4. Please share me the link

    5. Please can you share de links
      [email protected]

    6. Please share the link here
      [email protected]

    7. Please kindly share the link to my @[email protected]

    8. Please share me the link here [email protected]

  2. Why is it in episodes πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. It was mentioned ma’am. Netflix acquired it and they decided to make it a Series

      1. How long will it take to get the remaining ones

    2. Please share me the link [email protected]

      1. Please share it to me also
        [email protected] πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Take this down now‼️‼️‼️
    All my work and sweat and you guys have the guts to put it for free on your website? This is so unfair.

    TAKE THIS DOWN ‼️‼️‼️

    1. Oga Netflix Don Settle You Naw. Make Una Enjoy Small. We Beg.

    2. Mama dey calm down

    3. Not all of KOB Army can afford Netflix yet… Please let us Enjoy our movie… Thank you this God bless you and crown your work with glory Thank you.

      1. Please share me the link
        [email protected]


      Kemi Adetiba, u have no copyright over this movie, u sold this movie for God’s sake allow Netflix to fight their battle, U just a typical greedy Nigerian.

      We have been downloading Netflix movies from this site for a longtime, so just chill this movie won’t be d last OK.

      To hell with all your threat n that of KOB army.

      Pls u guys should be humane n share.

    5. Na wa o, is it that deep? Lol smh

  4. I usually dont comment but you rock

    1. My attention has been brought to this website.

      Kindly take down this video.
      I know what I went through when shooting this movie. It’s a Netflix movie and it’s only 1200 to subscribe, cheaper than going to a cinema to watch.

      This website is going to crash if you don’t l.

      1. Mummy, we are sorry 1200is daily feeding money for some people. we have so much respect and we are sorry for doing this… I love you ma

      2. I can’t find it on Netflix, I can only see the old king of boys.

      3. Mummy sola be calming down mehn

    2. Please share me link. [email protected]. thanks

  5. I usually dont comment but you rock, you’ve saved a lot of people from depression

    1. abeg you have downloaded kindly share with us that are yet to download.

  6. Aunty Kemi abeg forgive us but not everybody can subscribe on Netflix , 9jarocks dey for us the Poor Masses 🀣🍡

    1. @Osadebe. Netflix is just 1200 now, if you can’t afford that. It means you don’t deserve to watch movie. It’s a luxury for you.

      1. Lol, nor too serious
        I’m having a watch party with friends later to watch on Netflix
        I’m just surprised that Aunty Kemi made it here

        1. If you’re a true KOB army, you download it but if you’re not, your phone will explode IJN.

          1. Ewo ni Iyo! Which phone dey explode Haven’t you sold the copyright to Netflix

          2. Your too selfish,not everyone can afford #1200 pls,haba

          3. It is you that will explode. Don’t bring Jesus into nonsense statements. Know when to draw the line.

          4. Please this is not KOB, or toyin tomatoes. Anyone can change their names here. Don’t be deceived.

      2. U wey deserve to watch it or wey get 1200 to pay Netflix what are u doing here….? Hypocrite naa so unna dey do… Γ€wọn mofo’s… if tins no hot dem, dem no go talk… But make e reach dem… Dem go dey run around like crazy person… Abegggggy no vex me oo

        1. Abeg who don download the movie make he share link with me abeg

      3. Wow!
        Watching movie is now a luxury that you think some people don’t deserve?
        It is wrong for mr rock to post the link and we’ve all agreed and he apologised but this your statement is wrong, considering how depressing this country is. Blue, what are you doing on a free site? You should be somewhere else where you should pay millions for the ‘luxury’

    2. Netflix is 1200 naira.That’s money for one sharwarma which many can easily afford.Let’s support Kemi Adetiba and Netflix by watching it the legal way.

      1. Sure πŸ₯‚

  7. We reduced the price to 1200 and you people diverted to illegal downloads?

    Γ“ ma se o.

    1. Oga Park well jọ… Who get unna time

    2. Shut up jare….we go still download am. Idiot oshi

    3. Aunty MI, I’m your biggest fan oo.. I understand that they were not suppose to upload the video here for free, but not everybody can afford the 1,200 subscription, for me oooo, I can afford it, but 9jsrock is making things easier for everyone.

    4. Who is this one πŸ˜‚

  8. Hi Mr rock I can’t download the episode 1

    1. Who has an alternative of WHR I can download this…I no get 1200 abeg


    1. Smiles πŸ˜†

      1. This is not fair guys, please go watch on Netflix, it’s just N1, 200 per sub. God bless all KOBarmy.

  10. I can’t seem to find the link

      1. THANKS please upload the link of episode 2-7

      2. Oga,abeg thanks for this. The movie don make money for cinema, watching it here does not mean it would make its money in Netflix. Person wey go join Netflix go join with or without 9jarocks . The last time I checked, this site no be 100% free, cos na still my data I dey use download. Thanks,appreciate πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

      3. It’s only ep.1 the link to the rest pls

        1. 9jarocks cant wait to watch the remaining episodes,these people had made there money in cinema and will still make more in any other way with you uploading or not uploading this movie. Better still quickly upload it, and after 30mins can bring it down. By then we would have downloaded it and clean mouth.

      4. Please share other links….thank youπŸ™

      5. Pls share the remaining link pls

  11. Omo, i dull myself sha. Wey i suppose don download before this whole hullabaloo.. chai..

  12. Some of us don’t have 1,200 to subscribe. kindly allow us download it in peace. you can still make your money from people that can afford netflix after all i paid to watch KOB 1.

  13. Mr rock I’ll come back and check. Abeg upload it

  14. I think 9jarocks should have a responsibility of paying the directors & makers of each movies they regularly upload on their site.(if it’s a gross movie)

    1. Abegiiii

      1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Till now I haven’t watched omo ghetto ,Ratnik ,Ghost and house of truth.
    Please I think there should be a proper negotiation between copyrights of movies and 9jarocks.
    Mrs Adetiba ma,you can meet the appropriate head to discuss so your movie can be uploaded here

  16. 9ja go better 9ja go better….nah like this???? This site uploaded this movie in other to help those who can’t deal with Netflix procedures. I wonder how only this movie will make you guys billionaires overnight. Abi the ones una don de act since no de give una money????? Nah so una just de oppress people for this country. Chop make others chop too….no body get this life ooh….

  17. Please send link to my email ok [email protected]

  18. How do I download it no link to download

    1. Someone already posted the links on the comments, check it out there.

  19. Pls take this down. It’s not fair


    1. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

      1. Pls whosoever has the link for the movie, pls share here
        [email protected]

  21. please send the link to my email Mr Rock… [email protected]….tanks rock

  22. No Link to download it why na

  23. I am a KOB army with my full chest, God bless you Mr Rock

  24. Mr. Rock,
    Kindly drop the download link for Nigerians to download and flex.

    Lai Mohammed

  25. Wahala for who never downloaded am……

    1. Asin. It is well

    2. Please help me send the link to my email.. [email protected]

    3. Take this down now!! This is so unfair to the hard work put into this movie

    4. I beg share me the link

      I beg share me the link

    5. Pls help me to send the link to [email protected]

  26. Pls share link with on my mail
    [email protected]

    1. Please send the link to my mail.
      [email protected]

    2. Pls share the link with me
      [email protected]

  27. please send me the link to my email [email protected]

  28. Please link to [email protected] thanks mr rock

    1. Abeg share me the link to [email protected]

  29. But wait fess o, Oyinbo film that they have been posting here from Netflix we all have been downloading it including Money heist which belongs to Netflix as well, and nobody said anything and we dey enjoy am cos i’m not sure anybody here will say they paid 1,200 b4 watching. E reach una turn Kemi say our phone go explode, na so naija things dey always be. Shebi Netflix never pay for the film ni abi dem still dey owe? Kindly walk me through because ayam not understanding.

  30. Well, I think it is better we follow the rules. 9jarocks is the best.however, I think will should allow these people to enjoy the fruits of their labor before bringing films here. Just my opinion though

  31. nah how many people you won fight am sure some people have uploaded it elsewhere you don’t know about, you cant make all the money finish in this life in just this movie @ kemi adetiba

    1. Please my email is [email protected] please forward it to me

  32. Adetiba and co be calming down…see we are some us here cnt even afford nomal data na night sub we dey use download ham and we having supporting u guys frm way bk frm d video cassette of a thing so u people should chill and allow mr rock to bless our night with nice movie …Thanks mr rock ..Job well done ..pls anyone with d link can send to my email…[email protected] ..Thanks

  33. Lol… Wahala for who never download am… As I done download am now so my phone go explode abi…@ kemi adetiba… Nigerians film makers are just stingy and greedy.. Even fast and furious 9, black widow and other movies(cinemas) uploaded here we no hear noise… As e reach KOB una show face d curse person say wetin happen??… Toni tones abeg pack well… We mouuuuuuve!!!… I don download am come and beat me

    1. Please send the link to me [email protected] please

      1. Please send me link abeggg.
        [email protected]

    2. Mind your business

      Bro abeg drop all the link na

    3. Pls, can you send the link to my email? [email protected]

    4. Bros abeg upload it make we download am …I take God beg Una,just upload it the link here

    5. Pls can u help me to send the link to [email protected]

  34. Me, pls kindly send me the link

    1. Abeg send me

    1. [email protected] pls send me the links oh. Anybody that has. Thank you

  35. Send the link to me

  36. please anyone with the link please send to my email at [email protected]

  37. Pls send me the link pls [email protected] make my phone explode bikoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nothing wa person no go see for this country

  38. Please share the download link to my mail, [email protected], thanks

  39. Pls share the link ooo
    [email protected]

    1. Have you gotten any response

  40. Please forward link to [email protected]

    1. Abeg episode 2 link in my email [email protected]

    2. Abeg drop ep 2 link God bless you

  41. Some one dropped the links here in comment session. Check and download

  42. Good afternoon, please I also need the link to download it, [email protected]

    1. Please and please send the link to [email protected]…… Please Mr Rock

  43. please send link to [email protected]

  44. Born 2 download from 9jarocks

    Don’t have energy to drag any drama just want to watch the movie nonetheless. Pls send episode 2 to 7 to links to this gmail. [email protected]

  45. Please send link to [email protected]

  46. Pls send the link to my email @[email protected]

  47. Please I need the link
    [email protected]

  48. Pls send me the remaining link pls episode 2to7 pls [email protected]

    1. Pls when u get the links send to [email protected]

      1. Guys use this link Source: King.of.Boys.The.Return.of.the.King.S01.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DDP5.1.x264-AGLET

        1. Please who has the link

  49. Please share the link to me on [email protected]…abeg abeg

  50. Abeg Mr Rock send the link to my email
    [email protected]

  51. Pls send d link to
    [email protected] thanks

  52. Please can I get the link
    [email protected]
    Thank you.

  53. Please share links thanks ❀️

  54. Abeg Γ­ need this movie link seriously

  55. Please I need the link seriously

    [email protected]

  56. Please sir kindly share the link to download it to my e-mail [email protected]

  57. Abeg send me complete links too oπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
    [email protected]

  58. Please send me the link [email protected]

  59. Boss abeg gimme the link [email protected]

  60. Pls help melink send to [email protected] Com

  61. Pls i need the links
    [email protected]

  62. Pls share the link @tayezainabgmail.com

  63. Mr rock! Pls share the link. [email protected]

  64. Please can someone help me with the link to download the movie

  65. Whosoever has the link pls share here
    [email protected]

  66. Pls share link especially zippyshare [email protected]

  67. abdulmalik sani
    pls send link to [email protected]

  68. Please share me the link. [email protected]

    1. Please share the link to me also
      [email protected] πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  69. Please anybody that has the link should please share
    [email protected]
    Thank you

  70. Abeg madam producer understand us Na haba

  71. abeg upload it back
    nothing will happen
    greedy lots
    na una film first enter netflix wey person dey download
    una for kukuma put am for cinema first
    you 9jarock you just dey carry fear

    1. Yes
      Other sites have it
      So he should upload his

  72. Please share to [email protected] Com. You rock my world sir

  73. Please anybody that has the link should give me please.. [email protected]..abeg

    1. Thanks I appreciate for sending…love you guys…

    2. Please send here for me [email protected] thanks

  74. Hi Mr rock Pls share me d link [email protected]

  75. please send me the link… [email protected]

  76. Pls share the link

  77. Please share me the link
    [email protected]

  78. Pls send the link to [email protected]

  79. Please send me link to [email protected]

  80. Please Mr Rock share links for me too biko [email protected] thanks for putting smiles on some of our faces. God bless you boss

  81. Please Mr Rock share links for me too [email protected] God bless you and 9jarocks

  82. I have from EP 1 to 7 na how to share the link remain now o because for this country ehh we die together for mago mago o πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  83. There are other interesting films to watch,no biggie.KOB should not affect our enjoyment please.let us watch others .when time reach we watch,if we no watch nothing go happen.thank you Mr rock.

    1. I take God beg you please share the link of episode 3-7 [email protected]

  84. Share me the link @[email protected]

  85. All i can say is Thank you Mr Rock….. but to think of it so some of us came here downloaded the movie and reported to the producers #lol anyways i have downloaded. Thank you Mr Rock

  86. Abeg Mr Rocks,if them say make you put am down,abeg do am. Na them suffer for am ..if we don’t watch it no definitely we will later. Also, make we no dey compare Nigerian film with American movie… The system no really dey help anyone na struggle everybody dey struggle.. No put sand for pesin Garri. God bless us.

  87. U r d best, please can bring back d part 1 of king of boys?

  88. I swear, I have downloaded the full movie.

  89. Make una drop una email. Make I forward the link to you guys. Na mumu dey watch netflix.

    1. [email protected] thank youπŸ™πŸ»

    2. Please send me the [email protected]@yahoo.com.thank you

  90. Thank you Mr Rock

  91. Pls Mr Rock share the link to me at [email protected] thank you.

  92. Good morning friends… as me I don download the complete episode make I see if my phone go explode @Kemiadetiba I love your work but u don’t have to rain courses on people…if the link is brought down today I have the complete episode so ma to dey share give my friends via Xender

    1. @jacobs dis is my mail address [email protected]

  93. U guys should just write ur email, i will forward the link to u guys, episode 1-7 complete

      1. Please send to my mail
        [email protected]

  94. Thanks ken i just recevied d link, i am about downloading it

  95. please Mr. Rock i need the link…[email protected]

  96. Pls send me the link

    [email protected]. thanks


  98. Pls share me the [email protected]. thanks

  99. Pls share link [email protected]. Tnx

  100. Pls share me the link @[email protected]πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  101. Abeg baba you dey try kudos
    Please someone should share the linkπŸ™
    [email protected]

  102. Please kindly send to my mail
    [email protected]

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