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Los Angeles Welcomes Kanye West and Kim Kardashian When She Came in Public


No doubt, Kanye West is a man who keeps traveling because it’s the part of its job. But when you see him with a nice girl in public who have had some cases in the past, the scenario gets a little bit different. This Friday morning, Kanye West was seen with Kim Kardashian who publicly appeared
for the first time after her recent robbery.

Kanye West was wearing his brand new green hoodie with black trousers with red vertical lines. Those black joggers were literally a nice touch over those black trousers. Well, Kim Kardashian was in a black shirt with the same design of trouser.

Her personal security guard was also there for her security and in my opinion, she should have one because, after that Parisian robbery, she must make some measurements for her protection.

So, that was a little bit about their appearance when they arrived in the Los Angeles this Friday.

Kanye West finally took some break from Saint Pablo tour, only for being there with her wife who was suffering from the mental trauma after that threatening robbery she had. According to a source, Kanye is extremely supportive of Kim because he is on her side and he keeps calling Kim to check her in when he is not working.

This was really a short tour because Kanye West had to make a concert in Edmonton on the next day – Saturday night.

Finally, the reason why Kim was out publicly was simple. She had to attend a quick dinner in her female friend’s house.

According to a witness, her friend was also with her along with the Kanye West and the bodyguard.

Their 30 minutes outing clearly shows that Kim doesn’t want to expose herself publicly because she still has to recover from that incident.

She is having a strong security but still, according to a source, she isn’t getting a stress-free sleep from that day.

Hypothetically, she shouldn’t be so scary because the security is always there for her safety. Well, she can now meet Kanye after October 25 because he will be appearing in his three-night tour in Inglewood.

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