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“Ibe Caleb’s News” – Lady Hospitalised After Cassava Got Stuck in Her Vagina – Pictures


“Ibe Caleb’s News”Lady Hospitalised After Cassava Got Stuck in Her Vagina – Pictures , A lady has reportedly been hospitalised after she attempted to use cassava as dildo.

According to Facebook user, Ibe Caleb, the lady opted for cassava after failed attempts to have a boyfriend.

He wrote: ”A lady who was sad that she couldn’t get a boyfriend, decided to use CASSAVA as a Love Machine. She carved the mouth to d desired shape.

”She had been using it until one day, while using it on herself the cassava went deep in and got stuck, she started bleeding and had to call for help

”She was rushed to the hospital and operated on. And the CASSAVA was brought out.”

See photos below:

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