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Pulse Opinion Enugu Rangers’ classless title parade shows Nigerian football in its most chaotic state


Like something from a scene off a Chinua Achebe novel set on ancient Nigeria; it was disheartening, classless and crass.


It was befuddling, to say the least when I saw photos of Enugu Rangers’ title parade which held on Sunday, October 16.

Rangers lifted the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) title on Sunday, October 2 after beating El Kanemi 4-0 at their home of Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu. This was their first title in 32 years and what was expected was a befitting title parade around the football loving city of Enugu.

But what we saw has to be one of the most disturbing sights in Nigerian modern football. A white and red cloth was attached to the side of the truck with a huge sign in front where they indicated their title win.

Like something from a scene off a Chinua Achebe novel set on ancient Nigeria; it was disheartening, classless and crass.

This shameful parade raises so many questions. Is there no provision for this in the budget of the League Management Company(LMC), who are the sponsors of Enugu Rangers and where was the Enugu State Government.

A club of Enugu Rangers status in a huge city like Enugu deserve a far more flamboyant title parade but Nigerian football like everything in this country is in a chaotic state and this is the perfect scenario to explain it.

Reacting to the title parade on Instagram, sports journalist and former media officers of the Super Eagles, Colin Udoh wrote; “Disgraceful. This is supposed to be the Enugu Rangers trophy parade! I am ashamed. You wait 32 years to win the league title, then you demean it like this??!! If you can’t find a better truck, at least pimp this junk yard piece of rusty metal.”

The title parade has also been criticised by many on social media.

After waiting 32 years to win the Nigerian league, this is how Enugu Rangers had their title parade; Embarrassing,” a Twitter user wrote.

LOOL.. I’m just seeing pictures of Enugu Rangers trophy parade. I don’t know why Nigerians keep disgracing,” another user wrote.

Following the criticisms from social media, Enugu Rangers apologised to Nigerians o Twitter.

We are sincerely sorry for the embarrassment yesterday during our victory parade. God bless you all,” they wrote.

An apology is not needed; they only played on the level of Nigerian football.


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