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Wife beats husband till he faints after catching him in bed with another lady


A Zimbabwean woman caught her husband with cheating on him with another lady and she descended on him mercilessly.

The businesswoman reportedly got information that he was at home with an unknown lady and she quickly left her shop.

On reaching her matrimonial home, she pounced on him and beat him to mercilessly and it was gathered that he passed out on the bed.


An eyewitness said she did not pay attention to the lady he was with and she was able to run out of the house while holding her clothes in her hand.

In a video shared by Zim Celebs on Instagram, the angry wife gave her husband and punches without pause as he was begging and trying to defend himself.

He began to bleed from his nose but that did not stop her from the assault, it was outsiders that had to intervene and separate them.

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