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The Interesting Football Competition at The Island Games


The interesting football competition at the Island Games

Nobody denies the fact that FIFA is football’s world governing body. When visiting the website 1xBet – best sports betting in Ghana can be made on competitions organized by this entity. However, there are plenty of matches and events that take place outside of FIFA’s jurisdiction. One of them is the football competition of the Island Games.


These games can be seen as something similar to the Olympics. It is a multisport event that gathers territories or countries that are islands from all over the world. The best sports betting in Ghana can be made on 1xBet, which also offers football competitions from all across the globe.


The importance that this tournament has had over the years hasn’t been ignored. In fact, many people consider the football tournament of the Island games as the most important non-FIFA competition.

History of the tournament

The first edition of the Island Games was celebrated in 1985. Due to the success of the event, more and more sports disciplines were added with each subsequent edition, which were celebrated every two years. Whenever football is played here you can go to 1xbet.com.gh/line/football – bet football now with the best odds from the entire market.


1989 was the first year when football was included in the Island Games. Additionally, in 2001, a female football competition was also included. The tournament has also grown a lot during the years. The first editions had five teams that simply played a round-robin. However, the most recent editions feature a 16-team championship. You can bet on football matches now on 1xBet on all the teams that regularly participate in this instance.


Curiously, the 2019 games didn’t feature a football competition. The reason was rather curious. The organizing territory of that tournament was Gibraltar, but the nation didn’t have enough football fields to play it properly.

Lots of winners

There are many teams that have won the football competition of the Island games. Right now to bet live is easy on 1xBet, and it can be used to wager on the best tournaments in the world. Some of the teams that have obtained a gold medal in this championship include:


  • Jersey;
  • Guernsey;
  • the Faroe Islands;
  • Isle of Man;
  • Bermuda;
  • and Ynys Môn.


In total, nine teams have won the competition at least once. This makes the competition quite unpredictable, which in turn, has made it even more entertaining. Whenever a major football competition is being played, you will see that to make a live bet on 1xBet on it is easy and quick.


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