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Nigerian Manufactures The First African Solar Powered Tricycle (keke-napep)


Nigerian Manufactures The First African Solar Powered Tricycle (keke-napep)

In the quest to reduce or possibly cut off reliance on petrol as a main source of power generation and transportation, a lot of efforts are being made via research and inventions. Some individuals and corporate organisations have come up with solutions which are commendable and phenomenal.

One of such individuals is Arthur A Okeyika who is the CEO and brain behind Arthur Energy Technology Ltd, a leading renewable energy technology company in Nigeria.

The company produces various kinds of renewable energy products which are powered naturally by the Sun without fuel, kerosene or oil.

The most intriguing of the company’s inventions is the Solar Powered Tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep by Nigerians.

According to Arthur, the solar powered tricycle branded as Arton is powered by renewable energy from the sun and does not make use of Premium Motor Spirit (Fuel) or Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) or any form of refined Oil or Gas as a main or alternative source of power which according to the Engr Arthur is the first of its kind in Nigeria where the high cost of fuel and poor electricity supply is affecting the socio – economic development of the country.

The company in an exhibition with the distinguished presence of the Minister for Environment Amina J. Mohammed on the 19th August 2016 at the end of the 10th National Council on Environment held in Lafia, Nasarawa State, unveiled the first Solar Powdered Tricycle. Also on display was the Green Energy powered Freezing System which involved the use of bio-degradable matter in powering deep freezers without the use of electricity but sadly little has been said or heard about the invention on either print or broadcast media.

Apart from the tricycles, Arthur Energy Technology Limited produces Solar Generators, Solar Street/ Security Lighting Systems, Solar Bill boards/ Sign lights, Solar-Powered CCTV, Solar Fire Alarm Systems, Solar Home Power System, Inverter backups, Solar Boreholes and Water heating systems, Solar Fridges and Air Conditioning Sets, Solar Powered Telecom and Security Systems, Solar Powered ATM machines, Wind Power Generators etc,

The company also participated at the 1st Akwa Ibom Climate Change & Clean Energy Summit/ Expo which was held on July 26th – 30th, 2016 at Uyo.

According to the CEO, Arthur Energy’s Vision is to provide alternative energy products and services that will reduce the dependence on oil and gas for the electricity and transportation needs of Nigerians, provide jobs for unemployed Nigerians and mobilize human, material and financial resources for solar businesses that encourage sustainable and clean environment.

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