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LASU Bread: Management replies critic over new product


The Lagos State University has replied critics of it’s new bread business on it’s twitter page.

The University had in a post unveiled the new product on their page, which didn’t sit well with many Nigerians on social media with many criticizing the school for stooping so low to engaging in bread making business.

The tweet posted by one user on the platform went thus:

Isn’t it worrisome that a UNIVERSITY is being applauded for opening a bakery when their counterparts outside the country are focused on researches and grants to increase IGR?

The University however in its response stated that it was worrisome that news of research grants and awards posted on their platform didn’t garner as much attention as that of the bread production;

Isn’t it worrisome that when news of research grants and awards (and there are tons of them) from the university are posted on this same platform, they don’t attract this level of engagements? 🤔


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