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I’ll continue to pray for Nigeria from here – Young lady says as she relocates to Canada


A Nigerian lady identified as Phil Divina, has traveled to Canada and documented her trip on video for social media.


A clip she posted on TikTok, captured the young womanâs movement from when she took her luggage to the airport, to the time she arrived in Canada.

Phil said that the goal for her to remain permanently in the North American country, while praying for Nigeria to get better.

She showed the moment she was carrying her bags into the Lagos international Airport, where she patiently waited in the lobby.

Another part of the clip showed when they were in the air for hours until the plne eventually reached it destination, Canada.

Phil captioned the post; âMy japa journey from Nigeria to Canadaâ

âThe goal is to remain abroad and pray for a better Nigeria. 🏃‍♀ 🏃‍♀ #japa #nigeriatocanadaâ

Watch the video below..


The goal is to remain abroad and pray for a better Nigeria. ðââï¸ ðââï¸ #japa #nigeriatocanada #carrymedeygomyhusbandhouse #godblessnigeriað³ð¬ð³ð¬ððð

⬠Carry Me Dey Go – Paul Cleverlee

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