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I only used you for your money – Software Engineer shares breakup message from girlfriend


A young Nigerian man received a brutal message from his girlfriend just as she was ending their relationship.

She revealed that she was just using him for his money because he often pampered her with nice treats and gifts

The boyfriend who is a programmer known as Eros shared screenshot of the message on Twitter and expressed disbelief at what she said.

The lady informed him that she cheated throughout their relationship and she was surprised that he did not know or find out.

She thanked Eros for all the gifts he gave her when things were going well and admitted that he is a unique person.


He captioned the post: âThere is no fxxking wayâ

A tweep @Iamgod_wyn commented; Thought only poor men got cheated on1f612.svg

Eros replied; âWondering which money she is speaking about sefâ

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