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Heartbroken man narrates how he found out wife was sleeping with 9 different men


A married man has been left heartbroken after discovering that his wife cheated with nine different men.

According to the man, the wife is a nurse.

He stated that he became suspicious after his wife began giving excuses anytime he wanted to fulfil his conjugal rights.

Read an excerpt from his post below:

âWell my story goes like this. I got married to my wife in 2013, and she is a nurse. I am a civil servant working with the federal government. Things were rosy for a while and sometime in 2017, she got nursing, and she left for school, while in school, our communication became less and to be honest, I contributed to it, I was over busy at work and she was always trying to get my attention, which became somewhat difficult. I wasnât cheating at all physically with any lady, but I was chatting with some ladies online. Somehow my wife found out about them, for some she confronted them headlong but without my knowledge and at and at a point, it it degenerated into an argument, but we sorted that out and I apologized.

During those times, our sxx life was really down, and on God, I couldnât explain why. Sometimes I will come back from the office super tired and I will try to make love to my wife but the erection wouldnât be there. It became yet another issue, cos she thought I was having sxx elsewhere that is why she has become undesirable to me, but God is my witness, I wasnât. I tried all my best to convince her, well she either sounded convinced or she just wanted the issue to slide. She graduated mid 2018 and we reunited.â


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