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Chicken found trying to cross the road is taken into police custody (Photo)





Police in East Marketgait, Dundee (UK), were called to an incident on October 7 in which a feathery bird was spotted wandering across the tarmac in the middle of rush hour.

It was seen at around 8.30am and officers arrived after drivers reported the endangered hen.

The chicken was “giving passing motorists cause for concern,” Tayside Police Division police said.

Officers managed to capture the lone bird and take it back to the station.

On Facebook, the police forced added: “The SSPCA has been contacted and will be attending to take care of the chicken until the owner is traced.

“Police are appealing for any information as to why the chicken was crossing the road.”

Tayside police posted an appeal on Facebook in a bid to find the chicken’s owner.

It was shared by more than 1,000 people – and dozens of locals commented.


Chicken found trying to cross the road is taken into police custody (Photo)


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