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Guy Picked Infinix Zero Phone, Charged It And Returned It In This Change Era


This story happened in Abuja about four guys who went to enjoy themselves with beer. On their way coming back one of the guys phone fell on the ground without no one knowing. the phone was off due to low battery. they started looking for the phone when they realized it was missing.

The owner of the phone has already giving up because the phone was switched off and the phone is very expensive to return. the next day he tried the number and luckily it ranged and the guy that picked it was gentle and promised to return it .To cut long story short, the guy returned the phone, charged it and the intriguing thing is that he is the one that called after he came back from his security work.

I am amazed with the guy integrity and decided to share. Good people still exist, you can be the change PMB is preaching about. keep doing good.

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