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                                             How to Start a Profitable Online Business with N50,000


Can one really start a profitable business using only fifty thousand naira in this recent clime and economic atmosphere? People who have lost their jobs or students who are simply on break or willing to do some easy task to rake in some cash for upkeeps can easily reason with this. But it is easy to recommend to people advices that are not self-tested or practical in all its approach this is not the case for using online classifieds as this model is a globally tested, self-starting and easily accessible franchise available to everyone for free.


Be it trading in used goods or abruptly new items, your coast is free to swim at will as this space offers every type of sale equal acceptability buy the buying audience and the platforms itself. Be it Jiji, Postwanga or Olx it is easy to say sales of both new and old items are never pecked or displaced for each other.


Yeah, and for those with smaller budget than that, you can still start to make sales and profit using online classified sites, the only drawback is that you have to set your eyes on smaller profit margins.


How to get started:

  • Do an analysis of what is high demand, research the ROI time and bottle-necks
  • Purchase item and stock
  • Open an account with two r classifieds like Jiji, Postwanga or Olx
  • List them online with clear and current images with a solid description.
  • Start selling and winning


Basically, that’s all you need to make this work!


Being new or old to classified sites is not a barrier or an advantage but for your zeal, skill and drive to be on the drivers sit in selling for profit. By way of recommendation, always try to get some feedback before you start selling anything and also after selling always get feedback based on customer satisfaction, by this, you are making them recommend you to others and also make you’re a standby choice in your niche sales area.


So, be mindful, people are very wary of buying anything from an account with no proper description or image! It’s really not worth it to start selling with 0 images when you can easily get 5-10 to keep your online store lively.



Speaking of product images – don’t be too concerned here about image quality. Sure, it goes without saying that you want GREAT images BUT you don’t need professional equipment to make it happen. Even a decent, modern smartphone with a good camera is okay to use.


Lastly, as a seller using classified site it’s important to always deliver on time as slow, late or erratic deliveries make up for a bad future business opportunities that could amount to bigger, better sales and with bigger and better sales means a growing business.

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