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Zip It! 4 stupid mistakes guys make when talking dirty



If you know what to say, you won’t get into any problem but if you don’t, you’ll come off as a douche bag, and all your chance of getting her turned on will be toast.

Talking dirty can be worse than being inappropriate, even borderline creepy. Here are tips of what to not do.

1. Using technical terms for everyday things

Keep your big grammar to yourself, talking dirty isn’t the place for it.
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It’s a sex, not a paper you’re delivering a seminar neither is it a presentation to your boss. Don’t get too deep, not deep like inside her. It should be short and sweet, so that should be your guiding light. Make it short, simple, avoid sounding too technical. Use words everyone understand, no need for the medical name of things that only science people know, call it what we all call it.

2. Belittling her.

Dirty talk can contain some name calling depending on your approach. You can have rough sex, include all the hot things that you want but it’s important that you don’t treat her like she has no emotions in her.

3. Lying to her

While you’re having a good time, its advised that you don’t lie to her. Just keep it as honest as possible, the downside to lying is when the people finds out, be nice and decent. If there is something you want to say to her, find the best diplomatic way to convey your point.

4. Criticising her

This is perhaps the worst mistake guys make, because she isn’t into dirty talk is no reason to criticize her, some people grow into these things. You will need to be patient with her if it’s something that she may like if not, just move on.

Don’t become that asshole that looks for ways to make her feel bad about not being able to sext, some people don’t know how to sext but when it gets down to the act, they’re fire!

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