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Will The Real Freak Stand Up? Who really thinks the most about sex?



Will the real sex freak please stand up?

The school of thought has always been that men cannot stop thinking about sex, . There was statistics being thrown around that men think about sex every seven seconds or something like that.

Several studies carried out in the past years may have claimed that men think about sex almost 24/7, but new study suggest men may not necessarily be as obsessed as previously thought.

An interesting fact was revealed recently that men think about naughty things about 24 times in a day, which some people might think is excessive. What is more interesting is how much the other sex thinks about sex.

The both genders are not so far apart when it comes to thinking about sex.

A study recently carried out in the U.S spoke with 283 college students who were aged between 18 and 25 found out that women think about sex 18 times a day.

So, here is the analysis of that, we have 24 hours in a day, and guys think about sex 24 times in a day, if we take out 8 hours spent sleeping, then there is 16 hours spent awake, which means men think about sex more than once every hour.

For the ladies, they think about sex at least once every hour they’re awake. This means men and women think about sex almost the same amount of times in a day [via Mid-Day and Naija247], their mind wandered a lot as well, many of those wanderings were between famous actors, their ex boyfriends, porn and even shopping.

While men are accused of being obsessed about sex, ladies are not so far behind as well, almost equal

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