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Wild: 7 best, unimaginable places to have sex


Do you need new ideas to spice up your sex life? Considerably, sex should not be limited to just the bedroom. Extend your horizons and have fun.

Lots of people like sex in odd and strange locations. Hence, here are the 7 best places to have sex and get creative with your significant other.

1. Sex in the shower

This is a great place to have erotic sex. It’s sultry and steamy, moist and slick, so there’s a lot to love about it. Having a passionate and relaxing shower together makes a great option if you fancy a more tender scene.

2. Sex on the kitchen table

The kitchen table is an awesome place to have mind-blowing sex. You can try so many styles in different angles of the kitchen table. So, start exploring.

3. Sex on the sofa

Sex on the sofa can be pretty comfortable. It’s soft and covered in cushions. It’s almost as comfy as your bed. And you can watch some porn on TV to add some spice to the erotic moment.

4. Sex on a kitchen counter

Getting down to it on the kitchen counter can be seriously hot. Just make sure you haven’t left anything breakable/sharp on the side before you begin!

5. Sex in a swimming pool

Having sex in a swimming pool can be both adventurous and super-hot at the same time. So, have sex in a pool today to figure out how passionately awesome it can be.

6. Sex at work

The whole sneaking off at work to have sex feels unsafe and that makes it amazingly heated. Start your adventure today by trying it on your work desk with your significant other.

7. Sex on the beach

A sandy beach can be super romantic but expect to find sand in every crack for weeks to come. Do it like they do in the movies and get curly on the beach.

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