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Ogechi & I


“Hi Jesusboy” Ogechi greeted.

“Hello. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine thank you. Where have you been all these while? I had expected to get a call from you. But when it took a while without getting one, I concluded we might never get to talk again for a very long while. Nevertheless, something really important has come up, and we need to talk”

“Alright. Go ahead. I have all the time in the world.”

“Not on the phone. We need to see and talk. That means you’ve got to come down to Oklahoma. I would have come over to Regina if you were still there. I’ve been communicating with Cynthia lately, and she told me you left after an argument you had with her, and she doesn’t happen to know where in the world you are. I could still come over if you tell me where you are.”

“Don’t worry Oge, I’ll just come over to Oklahoma. It’s not quite luxurious here, and I wouldn’t want to try fixing a square peck in a round hole.”

“Don’t be silly Jesusboy. We’ve come a long way. I would find my way through a rat hole to see you. But since you’ve chosen to come instead, we have to fix a date.”

“I was actually going to travel to Nigeria in four days’ time.”

“What? Please Jesusboy, we have to see before you travel. Were you planning on coming back to United States afterwards?”

“Not exactly.”

“Thank God I caught you before then. In that case, we have to make it as soon as possible. Tomorrow, to be precise.”

“Tomorrow? I’m not even prepared for a trip”

“If you can’t make it here tomorrow, then you have no choice but to tell me your location so that we can come over”

“We? You and who?”

“I, I meant to say I.”

“Ogechi, what’s up? Is there a problem?”

“No problems Jesusboy. So are you giving me your location or what?”

“Don’t worry; I’ll be in Oklahoma tomorrow”

“Promise?” she asked

“Promise” I replied.

I wondered what she wanted to tell me in such a hurry that couldn’t be spilled out on the phone. I got prepared for the trip and left for Oklahoma the next day. That was my second time of being in Oklahoma, and it was for the same purpose; to see Ogechi. On my last visit to her I had to disguise myself and hide among people, but this time around nothing like that was going to happen. I just wished there hadn’t been anything like the “renouncing” of our relationship; I would go there with a great joy. But no need to dwell on such thoughts since I couldn’t become a reality under any circumstances imaginable.

Ogechi gave me a big hug when I arrived at her house. We were careful not to involve our emotions in whatever we did in order not to arouse feelings that might mar us irredeemably. The radiance of her light skin did not go unnoticed though, but I just had to hold back my complements before one thing led to another. One thing never really led to another between us, but the fear of danger made me overly cautious of even the least of the things that could spell doom. We simply exchanged courtesy and humor as we made for the VIP, which was where she normally received top shots. I guess I was a top shot to her, even without attaining any enviable height in life per say. She offered me all she had to offer me, as we sat in that VIP discussing random topics for nearly an hour and half without getting any closer to what would seem like the reason for her inviting me over.

Then Ogechi inserted a CD into the home theater there and one of those jazz songs we used to listen to back in Enugu on rainy and cold nights started playing. That brought back the very memories that were supposed to remain indefinitely suspended, and triggered abominable desires. Was she trying to bring back the good old days? I asked myself. That would be a very dangerous thing to do and she knows it, so why would she even think of such? The light she saw in her dream may not have mentioned what would happen if we decided to get back together after Cynthia awoke from coma, but I’m pretty sure something would happen; something really bad. And I wasn’t going to risk finding out what would happen. So I braced myself and sat back, waiting for her next line of action.

“Do you remember this song?” She asked.

“Yeah, I do. Why are you playing it? You know you aren’t supposed to do anything that would endanger us don’t you?”

“C’mon Jesusboy, I’m not endangering anyone here. No matter what has happened, we still deserve to be happy don’t we?”

“We sure do, but not a kind of happiness that won’t last for long.”

“Don’t worry my dear. I know better than jeopardize our lives. I just want you to take your mind back to the days we wish never ceased. Jesusboy, you know that I love you and will love you till the day of my death. It is true we can’t be romantically involved anymore, but that doesn’t stop us from being romantically involved with another partner who’s ready to show us the love we deserve. My mind will never be at rest until I know there’s someone in your life that will take care of you like I would or even do better than I would. For this reason I summoned you here today to persuade you to take another woman for yourself. A woman I know and am sure will take good care of you till the end of your life”

“Ogechi, even my mother wouldn’t dare choose a wife for me. Why are you doing it? Don’t you believe I’m capable of finding myself a woman? I might be broken at the moment because I’ve lost you forever, but trust me; I’ll get over it soon and move on. Don’t worry about me falling into the hands of the wrong woman because I won’t. I didn’t the first time, neither will I the last time.”

“As sweet as that may sound, I disagree. I really want to be sure the right woman takes over the egg that didn’t hatch in my care. I will die if I hear that you are troubled or shattered in the future as a result of the woman you ended up with. So I have to secure you a sure future with the only woman I can trust to take care of you. The only woman I know loves you as much as I do.”

“What exactly are you driving at, Ogechi? You already have a woman prepared for me? Oh my gosh! Do I look that vulnerable to you? Of course you know I won’t subscribe to that idea. I wonder why you brought it up in the first place, Like you’ve forgotten it’s the same old me.”

“You’re right there. I knew you won’t consent easily, that’s why I made it a do or die affair. I never knew I loved you this much. Now I know, and I’m very much unwilling to let you fall into the hands of a woman I’m not sure will love you like I would. If you choose not to go along with this proposal of mine, then today might me our last on this planet.”

“Ogechi, what has come over you? Do you intend to kill me and kill yourself if I don’t?”

“Exactly, but in the sweetest way ever.”

“Has there ever been a sweet way to die?” I asked.

“I can’t say for sure. If there hasn’t, this will be the first. And if there has, this will be the best. But if you go with my proposal, we won’t have to go through this”

“You mean you’re really going to kill me? I asked surprised. “I don’t see any weapon that will aid that. Or do you have a short gun hidden somewhere?”

“Weapons and guns wouldn’t make it sweet would they? Now listen my dear, we aren’t supposed to do anything born of true affection after I renounced my love for you because of Cynthia. If we ever happen to do anything that shouldn’t be done between people who aren’t lovers, we will die the death Cynthia would have died if I had not denounced our love. But believe me Jesusboy, if you refuse what I ask of you today, I will make sure we make sweet love for the first time and die afterwards. I’d rather call down death upon me than let you settle for some strange woman who might not truly cherish the beauty of your soul.”

“Ogechi, I would never believe your mind would conceive such thoughts. You want us to die after making love? And what future would await us after death?”

“I don’t care. If you really care about that, then accept the woman I have chosen for you. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. I chose this woman for you because I know you’ll find the happiness I would have given you. But if you won’t, then I have no other option than to bleep you and die.”

“You sound as though you’re going to rape me. We both know you can’t overpower me, so where is all these confidence coming from?”

“You’re right. I can’t overpower you, neither will I try to. But there is one thing I know you can’t do anymore, and that is resisting me. Do not try to draw strength from past glory, for you only successfully resisted me back then because I never had any intensions of getting laid like I do now if you refuse my offer. I give you to the end of 60 seconds to decide which it’s going to be. Take the girl I have for you, and live happily with her ever after. Or reject her, and we make out passionately before dying.”

It was of a fact that I lacked the strength, or even the will to resist Ogechi if seduced by her. The girl was the kind Kings will give their kingdoms to have. I wondered what came over her that made her resort to such option upon my refusal to go with her idea of choosing me a supposed worthy replacement for her, and the more I pondered on it, the closer it was to 60 seconds. Finally, it was past 60 seconds and I hadn’t said a word, which only meant one thing; that I was ready to board the abomination that would drive me to my grave.

Ogechi stood up from her position opposite me and advanced towards me with the “I’M SORRY” look on her face, and my heart skipped three times in a row. Death was coming, and I could do nothing to avert it. I wished I had time to write about my life before I passed away. At least, it would serve as caution to the wise, and a lesson to the strong. But I never had that opportunity, and there I was, heading to hades in the most unusual way ever, driven down there by my one and only true love.

I had already lost it before Ogechi performed her first three arts of seduction on me, and it was nothing but a go. She came to me on the sofa, and began unbuttoning my shirt. Being fully aware of what the ultimate future held for me, I bent my head and said a prayer in my heart;

Dear Father,

I tried my best to climb up the ladder,
That would have led to where the saints gather,
A place designed only for men that truly matter.

I had made it so far into the skies,

Was supposed to reach the heavens before the set sunrise,
For I was much afraid of how the sun’s heat fries,
But now gravity calls to me, promising safety, but it lies.

Even at the verge of doom, they can still be safety,

Pardon the garment of weakness I’ve put on lately,
Save my soul before it transcends to depths so lengthy,
For Your love is unconditional, and Your grace is always plenty.

Redeemer! Redeemer! The great Lord of the strong,

You are the strength of the weak; You’re merciful all day long,
Look down upon me with mercy, and forgive all my wrong,
Take me to paradise like You did to the thief beside the cross You hung

After making that prayer, I relaxed every bit of me on the sofa with absolute calmness. All of me responded positively to Ogechi’s touch, but all of a sudden, from nowhere I managed to gather the strength to say the words; “I WILL.” Only my mouth spoke the words. No other part of me was in agreement with the idea. As soon as Ogechi heard that, she retreated hurriedly like she never really meant to do it in the first place.

“Thank you so much, Jesusboy. My joy will now be complete” she said extremely glad”

“After I managed to return from the height she had taken me to without crashing, I opened my mouth and asked;

“Now you’ve got what you wanted. I just pray the girl in question is as pretty as you are from inside out. If not, count me out.”

“Of course she is. And you’ll definitely love her” Ogechi said confidently

“If you say so. So who is she? And what’s her name?”

“She’s someone you know quite well. Her name is Cynthia”


“Cynthia is the girl I’ve chosen for you. I did that for the best reasons ever. Sometime ago she came to me to apologize for the things she said to me after she awoke from coma. She explained to me how you both got into an argument which led to your leaving her house. She’s told me about all that has happened between you both in the past two years. She also made me understand that you tricked her severally to avoid s#xual intercourse with her because you didn’t want to use her when you weren’t actually sure to stay in love with her. She has taken care of your bills and done a whole lot of things for you. Those are not the points I’m driving at anyway. You see, Cynthia has told me how much she feels for you, and trust me, it is real. Coupled with the fact that you’ve been living with her for the past two years, who better than her to be your girl? She’s a fellow Igbo girl and a renowned model, which has the necessary contacts that will aid the pursuit of your dreams. I know that you will indeed find happiness with her because she truly and sincerely loves you; permit me to say as much as I do. And since fate has denied us the opportunity to be together anymore, don’t deny this loving Cynthia the opportunity to be loved. I know you have love for her, no matter how small. You’ll learn to grow it with time. I hope you understand that I’m doing this for the sake of your happiness and mine, for nothing will gladden my heart than knowing that you’ve found lasting joy in the arms of a worthy woman. This is why I called you to Oklahoma, to propose joy everlasting to you. Thank God you’ve accepted.”

“Ogechi, what did Cynthia tell you that has made you vouch for her this much? Am I not the one who should tell you about her, being that I’ve been living with her for approximately two years? It’s quite amazing how the reverse happens to be the case here.”

“You can’t do or say anything to change things now. You already said you will.”

We spent more time talking about it all, and later reached the conclusion to have it her way. Not really her way per say, but that was the best option for me to take and move on with life happily. I thought Ogechi would think ill of me if I jumped to Cynthia without a waste of time just because we couldn’t be together anymore. It was a good thing Cynthia had gotten her to subscribe to the idea. Sincerely speaking, I had spent all my life after graduating from school with Cynthia, and like they say; the real life begins after graduation. So ending up with her wasn’t going require much effort to cope because we had already become very good friends, and I loved her, but not as much as I loved Ogechi. Fact remains that I would choose Ogechi over and again between them both under any circumstances. But since Ogechi was out of the picture, there was none better than Cynthia to play the role; at least none that I know of.

Cynthia was overjoyed at the turn out of things, and she held Ogechi in such high regard that one would think she was aspiring to be like Ogechi. But that was far from it because Cynthia was far wealthier and more highly rated than Ogechi. Ogechi was a singer, and performing at different places in the world made it somewhat difficult to tell the difference between her and Cynthia. It was just a matter of time before she measured up with Cynthia.

Everything was concluded and it was such a happy ending for everyone, especially Cynthia. Then Cynthia reminded Ogechi about the song she (Cynthia) had proposed that she (Ogechi) does with me. It was agreed that the song should be done before I and Cynthia made for Regina, since Cynthia had joined us at Oklahoma after Ogechi convinced me to get together with her. All the while we were at Ogechi’s mansion in Oklahoma and were set to leave after I and Ogechi did a song together to honor the deal Cynthia and Ogechi had struck beforehand.

Ogechi suggested that we should do a copyright of ABBA’s breakup song, “KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU” in the album, “ARRIVAL”. In case you don’t know or haven’t heard about them before, “Arrival” is the fourth studio album by the Swedish pop group called ABBA. It was originally released in Sweden on 11 October 1976 by Polar Records. Recording sessions began in August 1975 and continued until September 1976 at Metronome and Glen studios in Stockholm, Sweden. It became ABBA’s most successful album to date, producing three of their biggest hits: “Dancing Queen”, “Money, Money, Money” and “KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU”. “Arrival” was the best-selling album of 1977 in the United Kingdom and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

“KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU” was one of the first ABBA songs to deal with the break-up of a relationship, though with an upbeat quality to the music. It predates the divorces of the ABBA members, as well as further break-up songs to come. Since I and Ogechi were to go apart from each other for life, we decided to make it official like the ABBA members did when they resolved to go their separate ways for reasons best known to them.

We got together and cracked our brains to come up with lyrics most suitable for the song. Lyrics more like that of ABBA in the track “KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU”. Let’s take a brief look at what the lyrics of the song was like;

No more carefree laughter
Silence ever after
Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes
Here is where the story ends, this is goodbye

Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time we’re through
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
It’s the best I can do

Memories, good days, bad days
They’ll be, with me always
In these old familiar rooms children would play
Now there’s only emptiness, nothing to say

Knowing me, knowing you
There is nothing we can do
Knowing me, knowing you
We just have to face it, this time we’re through
Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you
It’s the best I can do

Well, that’s the kind of song I and Ogechi did to officially pronounce our break up and get on with our lives happily. The song was a success and unimaginably trended on air and attracted so much thumbs up like it was done by demigods. Soon enough I and Ogechi began going for live performances of our break up song all over the world as we kept getting endless invitations. Ogechi was known by a good number of countries around the world, so when they heard the song, they concluded it was her’s alone. But instead of Ogechi telling them that we both owned the song, she told the world that the song belonged to me exclusively, stating that I only called on her to feature me. THAT WAS HOW I GOT INTO LIMELIGHT AND BECAME REALLY REALLY RICH AND FAMOUS. I couldn’t believe it. Finally, my dreams came true.

Due to the popularity of that song, we began getting invitations for interviews every here and there. The lyrics of the song got some fans of Ogechi confused, and they required to know what exactly inspired the song. One of those days I was interviewed by the press, and this was our conversation.

“So Jesusboy, you just hit the walls of fame, and you hit it real big! What’s the experience like?” the press asked.

“Well, I had imagined and longed for this day to come, and now it’s here. It’s pretty cool. Getting to do the things I love doing just makes me feel fulfilled, coupled with the love I’m getting from the people. It’s a really wonderful experience I must say.”
“Alright. So how long have you been singing? And where was your first performance done?”
“I began singing in a group in church, which I and two other lads came together and formed at the age of 11. That didn’t last up to a year though. After then I hadn’t belonged to any musical group or did anything music till I turned 20 before hitting the studio to commence afresh. But before then I was an ardent listener of scorer of good music. So when I eventually started doing mine, I didn’t find it difficult.”
“We know you have a couple of songs already which didn’t find their way to the top like this very one with Ogechi has. Our sources have it that those songs are cool too. I want to ask if you write your lyrics yourself or you have someone somewhere who does that for you like some singers do.”

“Actually, I do that myself. You see, besides being a singer and a sweet melody composer, I’m also a writer, an actor, an orator, and a poet. So writing musical lines is also a thing of passion to me.”

“Wow! How come we are just getting to know you now with all these gifts and talents of yours?”

“I guess this is just the set time for that. You know there is time for everything. And this is time for Jesusboy.”

“You’re right. Now let’s talk about your song with Ogechi. We gathered that you are the Prince Charming she had talked about severally on different occasions. No one ever knew or saw you all the while until you came together and did this song which entails your break up. That’s kind of weird. The world wants to know what exactly your relationship was like, and why you are breaking up. You guys even did a song in honor of that. Please satisfy our curiosity.”

“Ogechi is, and remains the love of my life. But you see, sometimes, our determination to excel in love can be outweighed by our willingness to accept our destiny. It is true we were in a relationship. But our relationship can’t continue anymore due to details too personal to share. I just want the people to understand that we are not breaking up because of a fight we had or something like that. It’s simply for a very good reason which will keep us both happy our entire lives.”

“Happier than you both would be if you stick together?” the press asked.

“Not exactly. But we will indeed be happy. Like I said; sometimes, our determination to excel in love can be outweighed by our willingness to accept our destiny. Let’s just say we’re accepting our destiny.”

The controversy continued, as fans of Ogechi and mine kicked against the idea of separation between us. For all they cared, I was her Prince Charming and should remain so. The fame thing increased by the day, and my name was spreading all over the world. Soon enough, I began getting calls from movie directors, asking for and appearance in their movies, and music producers, asking for a contract. Everything seemed to be happening at the same time, and the feeling was just so good, not to forget the millions of dollars that kept flooding in.

The only problem remained my relationship with Ogechi. No matter how we tried to wave that subject away, our fans just kept chewing it like chewing gum. And when I proposed to make Cynthia known to them as my lady, they called her names and passed judgment on her without even getting to see her. The called her a separator of close friends and a potential home breaker. Castigations kept going to her from the people who were bent on seeing Ogechi and I together. It got so bad that Cynthia couldn’t take curses anymore. She had gone through a similar thing before after a nude appearance of her on a Nigerian magazine, which led to her fleeing the country. She had made a good life for herself in the US and wasn’t prepared to go through the same thing again as she certainly would have if she had not taken a bold step to let me go. Yes she did. She resolved to let me and Ogechi be for good.

I had become a star like Cynthia and Ogechi, and it was obvious that the people had always known me to be Ogechi’s Prince Charming even without knowing me. So when they eventually got to know me, they weren’t ready to settle for anything else, be it better or worse. Their wishes wouldn’t influence our decision anyway, but the problem was that they all saw Cynthia to be the devil that had come to separate what God had supposedly joined together. She had two options; stick to me and risk her reputation or let me go and continue living without problems and a bad image. She chose to let me go because she didn’t want to be in a position where people will loath her again. Secondly, I barely had time to spend with her. It was always I and Ogechi going places to perform our break up song. And thirdly, she knew I and Ogechi were still very much madly in love. Finally, I and Ogechi had the chance to be together again and live the life we had always dreamed of. But we had something standing between us. “THE RENOUNCEMENT”

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Cynthia felt bad for me and Ogechi, and was willing to do anything within her power to help us out, as she had grown to come to terms with the fact that I was never meant to be with her. It was clear, even to the blind that I and Ogechi were destined to be together. I guess it’s true what they say; “DESTINY CAN BE DELAYED, BUT CAN NEVER BE DENIED”

Well, saying that could have been just to make me have the feeling of victory and accomplishment because there was still the issue of the renouncement to be dealt with. How on earth were we to go about that? Did we need to embark on a fast again to summon the bright light which pronounced that cursed blessing on us? Of course not! I personally wasn’t ready for that. But what else was there to be done?

Wise and smart Cynthia suggested something that seemed like the way out. She said; “IF OGECHI RENOUNCED HER LOVE FOR YOU SO THAT I CAN HAVE YOU, THEN I THINK I CAN ALSO RENOUNCE MY LOVE FOR YOU SO THAT OGECHI CAN HAVE YOU.” That seemed logical enough, but we needed more than logic to sort things out. After endless findings without nearing a seeming a solution or way out, we resolved to heed Cynthia’s idea, not minding if it turned out the wrong thing to do. Of course if it did, we would die. But we weren’t ready to chase shadows anymore. It was a risk we had to take. So I wrote down many songs and stories about what we were about to do in case we didn’t return alive.

I, Cynthia and Ogechi held a meeting between us, and Cynthia renounced her love for me with the very exact words Ogechi did before Cynthia awoke from coma. There was no effect afterwards pointing to anything positive or negative. So we proceeded to making our reunion know to the masses and there were great jubilations, and more doors of opportunity opened up for us. The people were happy for us, but we were afraid for our own lives, as anything could become of us at any time. After a while without any sign of anything, we concluded that the only way to really know if Cynthia’s renouncement of her love for me was the undoing of I and Ogechi’s separation was by making love. If we live after making love, then we’ll know it worked. If we died after making love, then the writings we had put down would tell the story.

So we had to make love to find out, but we were not permitted to do so without being married. I proposed to Ogechi on international TV for the world to witness in case they never saw or heard from us again in time to come. Our wedding was a mega one that was sure not to be forgotten in a hurry. Many dignitaries attended. Singers and actors from different parts of the world graced the occasion. It was indeed a memorable one.

After the day’s celebration, it was time for the main thing. I and Ogechi got together over five years back and had not even mistakenly had s#x. It would have been wrong if we did, considering our stand as spiritually moral people, but I guess poo happens sometimes. In our case it didn’t, and here we were, ready to seal our marital union with the sweetest love making ever. I just prayed Cynthia’s renouncement of her love for me was the solution to our problem.

I and Ogechi got into our hotel room feeling fulfilled and accomplished. We took some time to talk and smile at each other. We didn’t hurry to the night’s business because it could be our last. Sitting beside each other on the bed, we held hands and reminisced all that has happened in our lives over time. We went far back to our days in Enugu, when this true love journey began and got to when it seemed like it had come to an end when she left with Ck, and then Cynthia, the renouncement and finally our reunion. What an adventure it had been. The only desired thing after such adventure would be a happy ending, which we certainly had, though we didn’t know how long it would last. We were surely going to find out that very night.

After a session of expressing ourselves with what seemed like all the words in the English dictionary, we proceeded to seal our marital union. This time around, there wasn’t going to be an obstruction or hindrance like in times past, neither was there going to be any feelings of guilt looming in the atmosphere. I went forward to pull off what my heart had always conceived. What a wonderful feeling it was to have all the permission in the world to go ahead.

Lying bare on that bed was my Ogechi with ultimate readiness for all of me, causing every hesitation on my part to abscond. I went onto her and initiated the process with passionate kisses and cuddles, which lasted a while before our spirits got high and yearned for the only dose that could stabilize it. Finally, the big moment had come. The moment we’ll get to know whether or not Cynthia’s renouncement had undone the curse that was to accompany the very act we were about to engage in not quite two minutes away. Was it going to be death or life? If life, how wonderful it would be. If death, well, I guess all I could say was farewell in advance.

I positioned myself well in her, ready to unite our bodies. But just before I could register the first t####t, I heard a slap on my head. OOOHHHH! So this was the end of it. All the money, all the fame, the future I would have built for myself and the heritage I would have left for those who followed after me. All was gone on the platform of trial and error love. Hmmm, what a story to tell to the next generation to keep them from making the same mistake like we did by doing all the stuffs we did which ended us lifeless on our wedding night in the supposed happiest moment of our lives.

I thought the first slap that landed on my head was intended to kill me. I had to think again because it was intended to do more. While soul was still drowning in a pool of regrets, not knowing the future that awaited it in the afterlife, I heard another slap on my head. This time it was hotter than the first, and I concluded I had unfortunately made it to hell because only the devil would slap a man on the head like that.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw a very huge figure planted right in front of me with obvious irritation. My guess was right. That was the devil indeed. There was no way he couldn’t be the devil. But the environment didn’t look like that which is fitting for the devil to dwell in. It was cool unlike hell would be, very cool. I could hear sounds that was no way close the screams of torment expected to be heard in hell. Could all those things about hell have been mere fairy tells? I was trying to figure out where I was and who the mean man in front of me was when I heard him scream at the top of his voice;

“Oboy na which kind sleep be this for person shop eeh? C’mon stand up and go your house joor! Abi you no know say morning don reach??”

“Bros abeg no vex, na where be this?” I asked with shaky voice.

“You dey craze! Na your father you dey ask that kind question for this kind six O’clock for early morning. Omor get up from there mek I pack dirty dey go my way. Abi na so your own do you? All these small boys of nowadays, na so una just dey waka dey bleep ashewo anyhow. You don go bleep mami-water finish come dey mumu anyhow. Abeg comot for road”

You won’t believe this. I found myself at the same hookers’ point in Enugu where I normally spent my nights. Gosh!!! I had been dreaming all along. sssSSSHHEETTT!!!!! It was all a dream. It began from the point where there was chaos at the hookers’ stand and the police came arresting people, where Ogechi woke me up and we escaped to a nearby hotel. It was all a dream. There was no Ogechi, no Cynthia, no Regina, and no Oklahoma. None of those was real.

When it dawned on me that I had been dreaming all along, I was somewhat troubled, and at the same time happy about the development. I was happy because I saw the dream to be a revelation of what was to come, which ended with me becoming a rich and famous superstar, married to another of my kind. But I was troubled because of all the ordeals I would have to pass through to get there. Was it even a revelation, or just wishful thoughts that graduated into a dream? Whatever it was, I was convinced it was surely going to play out in the nearest possible future.

I walked down to the spring at Ebeano tunnel where I normally had my bath to do so and proceed to my five thousand naira job. I was smiling as I walked majestically along the road, and some passersby noticed me and probable wondered if I had gone nuts or was in the process of doing so. I was already feeling like a superstar whose love was being contended for by two other superstars. Just as I was still walking down the road smiling, I got a call from one of my pals back at home who goes by the name; “OTOABASI, popularly known as Otty.”

“Otty how far nah?” I greeted.

“Omor ee don happen oo!” he threw back at me immediately with a tone of excitement.

“Wetin dey sup nah? Why you dey joli like this?” I asked. “Abi you don win lottery?”

“This one pass lottery oo” he replied.

“Oya cool down tell me wetin happen.” I said.

“You remember that Oyibo woman wey I bin recommend your poems wey you post forhttp://www.allpoetry.com/Jesusboy for?” otty asked.

“Yes, I remember. What about her?”

“She has endorsed you poems to include them in her next compilation. And she wants you to partake in her contest in that same allpoetry.com. If you make it to top three, you’ll be on your way to the United States to join her officially, and you know what that means don’t you?”

“Mehnnnnnnn, are you serious?? So the woman finally gbadun my work! Chei!! I thank God oo.”

“Guy there is no time for all these. She wants to speak with you soonest. Where you dey?” otty asked.

“I dey Enugh oo” I replied

“Wetin you dey do for Enugu nah? You enter Enugu without even telling me? Well, start coming back immediately. There’s serious business on ground that needs you attention.” Otty said.

“No problems. I’ll be on my way tomorrow. Mehn thanks so much for everything. So I’ll now be working online with that woman, and may work one on one with her if I make it to top three in her contest. I can’t believe this. Abeg otty, remind me. I seem to have forgotten her name. Wetin bin be that woman name sef?” I asked.

“Nna guy, you don forget already? Na wetin dey occupy your mind?”

“No vex abeg. Just remind me.”

“Cynthia nah. Her name is Cynthia Foxx”



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[Story] Ogechi & I (Complete Episodes)

[Story] Ogechi & I (Complete Episodes)

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don _ just
don _ just
5 years ago

what a dop real & maleria dream…..? waaoo, great writeup, keep up joor.

Tunde Jones www
Tunde Jones www
2 years ago

I could tell you’ve never been to the airport before from your story. But, make I no lie. Your story sweet pass anything. I was looking for something erotic but ended up following you to the very end. You’re unlimited and are going places with this.
Kudos man. Tunde Jones (www.ltd18.com) loves you

2 years ago

Pls Mr Rock d rock man can u pls download the princess switch in Netflix.tanks

2 years ago

Last last na dream, i am very happy gbosa for you! Chop knockle jare

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