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Ogechi & I


I deliberated until it was about two minutes to the commencement of the program and Cynthia was still in the bathroom singing with much excitement and probably dancing, hoping to come out and unleash the dragon on me. Little did she know that my attention had been divided. Did I say divided? My attention had been stolen!

I quickly rushed down to the sitting room and turned on the television. After about five minutes Cynthia came down to meet me paying rapt attention to the program. She wondered what made me pay such attention to TV. She also thought I wasn’t happy that she had spent so much time in the bathroom. Be that as it may, she didn’t expect what she got from me. She came and was sweet talking me as she bent over the couch from behind and unbuttoning my shirt and rubbing my chest. All that didn’t move me. How I wish she would just keep doing that while I watched Ogechi. She saw that I wasn’t moved by the seductive measures she employed, and it struck her that something was not right.

“What’s going on J? Why are you acting weird?”

“This is one of my favorite TV programs, and I’ve been looking forward to this very edition. Please permit me to watch it. I’ll come to you when it’s over”

“What?” You’re leaving me in this high temperature because of a TV program? You’re kidding right?”

“If only you understood the impact this program will have on me, you wouldn’t stop me from watching it”

“Seriously?!”, I don’t know what has suddenly come over you. I can’t believe you want to trade what was supposed to be the sweetest moment of our lives together for a mere TV program. Are you okay?”

“Come on Cynthia, no one is trading anything here. Postpone would be a better word for to use”

“You’ve got to be crazy. Cynthia got pissed off and walked out on me. I was glad she finally did. I had been hoping she would do so three minutes ago; instead she stood there running those alluring lips of hers. Mcheeeeeeww!

Ogechi was called to come on set. The moment I saw my Ogechi I felt like jumping into the TV set to meet her. Wow! This girl is d##n pretty. She was dressed in red short gown with something like wings on both sides. She didn’t apply much make up on her face but looked more stunning than ever before. She was smiling all through. I remembered that smile. She was very impressive. I couldn’t stop analyzing her. I remembered the first day I met her. I remembered the night at my house and many other wonderful moments we had spent together and I missed her exceedingly.

The interview started;

“It’s nice to have you again on the show after such a long time. I’m sure going to get my pound of flesh today because I don’t know when next I’ll be seeing you around. It’s not every day we get to hang out with celebrities like you” the broadcaster said.

Cynthia blushed at what the broadcaster said and I joined her unconsciously.

The broadcaster continued; “I’ll start today by asking where you reside now. We know you were based in America until barely two years ago when you decided to go back to Nigeria. As it is now, one can’t tell if you’re based in America or Nigeria because today you’re here and tomorrow you’re in Nigeria. So can you tell us about that? I believe there are quite a number of us that may want to pay you a visit”

“Well, I’d say I’m based in Nigeria. But due to the invitations I get almost always, it might be difficult to get to me because I move to different places at very short notice. With that I can’t say I’m based at any particular place for now. I think I will quote our dear Lord Jesus when He was asked where He lived. He replied saying; “FOXES HAVE DENS AND BIRDS HAVE NESTS, BUT THE SON OF MAN HAS NO PLACE TO LAY HIS HEAD.” “I say same about myself today. I have no place to lay my head” (Laughs after making that statement)

“Wow. That’s interesting. So how does one get to you if he or she wants to call on you for collaboration?”

“My manager takes care of that. Just put a call across to him and he’ll make sure you have me. He’s a genius”

“Alright, talking about your manager, some time ago rumor had it that he’s your man. The people say they don’t see you with any other man besides him. What are you going to say to that? Are they right?”

“Some time ago I made it clear that I was in a relationship and promised to show off my prince charming to the whole world. That hasn’t happened yet because we’ve been quite busy.”

“You mean, like, you guys have been away from each other for a while now?”


“So how’s he taking that? Doesn’t he sometimes want to be with you? I mean, isn’t he a bit uncomfortable with the way things are going between you guys? He’s a guy. At some point he might be worried about losing you to someone else. How are you getting him to ride with you on this?

“Actually, he was the one who pushed me up here. He believes in dreams and achievements. I’m not quite sure I would have made it here without his help and encouragement. He never stopped getting me to do all he knew would bring me here someday. Though our schedule does not permit us to be together more often, the day shall come when we’ll become inseparable”

“Wow! That’s really romantic. Our ears are tingling right now. We want more. Please tell us all about it.”

“If I start telling you that, they’ll be no end to this program. It’s a pretty long story. Plus, that’s private, so I wouldn’t want to let the whole world in on that. I’ll be hosting an in-house party in my residence at Oklahoma City two weeks from now. There I’ll share some of my life experiences and stories with those present.”

“Will price charming be there?”

“I’ll reserve every other information concerning that till then.

“Okay viewers, it time to take calls. Our phone lines are open. Call in and say hi to this this great Nigerian singer. She’s been rocking the air for a while now and we all love what she does. I bet the American government is planning on getting her to become a citizen.”

People started calling in and either wishing her well or congratulating her or adoring her and all that. I was busy trying to call the number on the screen but I kept getting the ‘BUSY’ feedback from the network. I guess all of America was also trying the phone lines as well. After several tries without getting through, I thought of giving up and let it slide. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. But then, one careless dial went through and I was connected.

“We have another caller on the line. Good evening and welcome to the show. Can you please tell us where you’re calling from?” the broadcaster asked.

“Good evening. I’m calling from Regina.

“Okay you’re welcome to the show. So are you a fan of Oge’s or an admirer?”

“Haha. I would say a fan and an admirer. I’ve been following her from the start and I’m really glad that she’s made it this far. She’s an amazing singer and a pretty damsel. I don’t think there’s any other as pretty as she is. I have longed to speak with her for nearly two years now but to no avail. I guess she’s pretty busy like she said.”

At that point, the countenance on Ogechi’s face changed. There was something unusual about the call. She sat straight and paid rapt attention to the caller. I bet she was trying to decipher the voice. I was talking to her while watching her on TV. I felt so omnipresent. I wanted Ogechi to know I was the one calling. I didn’t want her to just suspect it could be me. I wanted to make sure she knew it was me on the line. And the best way to that was by saying something only she and I knew. So I proceeded to drop my points, but I did so in parables.

“I had almost given up on seeing her again. But the fact that I’m opportune to speak with her tonight makes me optimistic that I will see and talk to her again, even for one more time. I would have loved to hold her by the hand and lead her blindfolded to surprise package, probably a flower, but I don’t think I stand a chance amongst her many admirers. I would ask her out on a cool Sunday evening. And if she objects, I would get on my knees and beg her until she consents. I know I wouldn’t pronounce the word please before she consents.

At that point Ogechi knew it was me. When we first met at Enugu and she asked me to come live with her, I asked her out one Sunday evening. She didn’t want to go with me. But as soon as I got to my knees she consented immediately like it was a spell I cast on her. I always told her I would use that on her as a trick whenever the occasion demanded. So saying something like that probably made her remember that evening. She got nervous. She stopped me from talking and asked; “Where did you say you’re calling from?” “Regina” I replied. And what’s your name sir?” I was silent for a little bit and she asked what my name was again. I opened my mouth to say Jesusboy but just then, Cynthia burst into the sitting room with angry words for my ears. The things she said could be heard by all who watched the program because she was yelling. Immediately, I dropped the call. The presenter then said; I think we’ve lost the caller. That must have been the caller’s wife yelling at him. I think it’s a family issue. The broadcaster then looked to the screen and said; to our caller from Regina, whatever it is, please take it easy with your wife over there. Try to settle things and give us a call back if you will. We didn’t even get your name. By the way, that was very romantic of you. Oge would be lucky to have a man like you. The countenance on Ogechi’s face showed her mind was troubled and she was finding it hard to tell if it was me or not because of the word “wife” which the broadcaster mentioned.

“Cynthia heard what the broadcaster said and got confused. Are you the caller she’s referring to? Who’s Oge?” I stood there acting all lost and confused. “Am I missing something here?” Cynthia asked again with a confused look on her face. I thought she was going to let it slide at my silence. But she had strong suspicion that I was the one the broadcaster commended for being romantic. She enquired to know what was special about the TV broadcast and why I was so particular about watching it that I even hurt her feelings to do so and ended up being romantic to someone I saw on TV. I wish she knew who that someone was. When I wasn’t saying anything in response she flared up and I got displeased. I retaliated with harsh tender words that calmed her down, after which I continued acting all upset with her for the embarrassment she just gave me. She was so sorry and apologized to me dearly. If I knew, I would have accepted the apology immediately. But I still pretended to be really angry about what she just did and she quickly figured out the best way to put an end to my anger. “Guess what she figured out” (The ultimate seal on a partner’s apology to the other) And that was nothing but a make-up………..,. Well, let me not speculate. I prayed it was something else she figured out but no, it wasn’t. It was definitely going to end on the couch. Watch and see.


I wish I could just skip this part of the story or just say something like; IT ENDED ON THE COUCH. But I know this will be the best part of the story for some readers, so I’ll just get on with it. The long and short of the matter is that IT ENDED ON THE COUCH. You still want to know how? Okay, let’s ride.

Cynthia, in order to make sure her apology found its way to my heart, started playing with the beard. That soft palm of hers found its way to my chest and started pinching the hairs therein. Haha, this Cynthia sef. That hurt me and I responded to stimulus. That’s exactly what Cynthia wanted. She may have made it look like she was trying to show me how sorry she was but I knew she had always wanted to do this and this time she caught me by the neck.

I began to return everything she was giving to me. I even took over and got a little rough with her. I grabbed her by the waist towards me and we faced each other as our upper bodies glued together. I then grabbed her hair with my right hand and dragged her head away from mine while my left hand was around her waist holding firmly onto her to make sure her body didn’t separate from mine when I drag her hair. She was hurt by that, but endured it for the sake of the pleasure she would derive afterwards. Suddenly, I separated my body from hers and stood some distance away staring at her lustfully. She could tell I was in the mood to get naughty. Exactly what she wanted. I then said; “I’m about to invade your sacred zone with much hostility. I’ll need all the strength in the world.” “Tell me what to do” Cynthia said with a voice burning with excessive desire for pleasure. “I need food” I said. “I’m really hungry and won’t make it past the first quarter if I take on this race in my present state. Believe me, I wish to see a corps at the end of it all. Your corps to be precise.” “How dare you!” Cynthia said as a challenge. “You want food, food you shall get!”

She left to the kitchen to prepare me food. I quickly got to my room to get some left over sleeping pills I had been using to knock myself out whenever sleep went on a journey. I took three pills at once and rushed back to the sitting room. Cynthia prepared the food like machine. Before I could say J.A.C.K, there was food was waiting for me on the dining table. She called on me and I joined her there. It would take some time before the drug begins to have effect on me, so I had to delay everything till then.

I joined her at the dining and instead of eating, I asked her to feed me. It was exiting for her. It was as if I was playing love with her to properly prepare the way for the real deal. We started doing those things they do in Nigerian home videos. She would scoop food from the plate towards my mouth, and when I open my mouth to take it she would withdraw it, and sometimes have it or gives it to me after doing that over and again. She was really helping matters.

It wasn’t quite long before I began to feel the effect of the drugs and started feeling dizzy. I was so happy and that made me smile a lot. Cynthia misunderstood my smile for lustful desire for her. We finished eating and she didn’t bother to clear the table. As soon as I stood up she jumped on me and started kissing me real hard. She was so in the mood. But we got to the couch and then like an elephant that had gotten in contact with hunter’s bullets, I fell on the couch and became motionless. She called to me and got no response. I heard her but didn’t respond. She thought it was part of the process until she realized I was really asleep. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t know if it was the food or something else, but the fact remained that I slept off helplessly. She was so frustrated and didn’t know what to do. Nevertheless, she put her head on my chest and continued rubbing it until I slept off completely. That was how it ended on the couch.

The long night finally ended and Cynthia woke up but me, I was still deep in slumber. I normally took one pill of that drug when I wanted to sleep and it served well but this time, I took three because I wanted to pass out before Cynthia had her way. Now I had to deal with the aftermath of that uncalculated action. 1pm and I was still sleeping. Cynthia got worried. She woke me up but I slept again after some minutes and Cynthia concluded I needed medical attention. She talked about calling the doctor and I objected dizzily, telling her I preferred going to the hospital instead of having the doctor come to check on me. I wanted to buy enough time to sleep away the effect of those pills.

I finally woke up by 7pm feeling very hungry. Cynthia wasn’t around then. I asked her maids about her and no one seemed to know her way about. I told them to prepare me food immediately. I went upstairs to get myself cleaned up while that was done. Those maids had known of my situation, so they were somewhat happy that I was back safe and sound. At least they considered me safe and sound, unlike Cynthia who had gone ahead to bring home a doctor to check on me.

While on the dining eating, Cynthia walked in with a white man in white medical suit and some instruments I couldn’t decipher.

“Oh my God! You’re awake! Were you waiting for me to be gone before you ended you slumber?” Cynthia asked.

“I guess I was really tired from the midnight exercise you and I engaged in last night, so I had to sleep that long to regain all my strength.” I said with a mischievous smile, pretending to believe that something happened.

“What midnight exercise are you talking about?” Cynthia asked with a confused.

“Oh Cynthia, I know I shouldn’t be saying this before this stranger but I just couldn’t help it. Perhaps he should leave now because my body is catching some signals from your cleavage and I bet it wants a repeat of last night’s royal rumble. But if he chooses to stay, he can watch.”

As I was saying those things I stood up from the dining and walked towards Cynthia as though I wanted to make out with her. Cynthia had always sought occasions to do so but this time around, the reverse was the case. She didn’t know if I was sane or not. That was very unlike me. Truly, that wasn’t me. I purposely did all that to prevent the doctor from carrying out any tests on me because if he did, my secret would have been unveiled. Another trick on Cynthia, and guess what; IT WORKED!

The doctor bade Cynthia goodbye and left the moment I got up to Cynthia and tried to kiss her. It was all an act. Ever since I met Cynthia, that was the first time she resisted me. Though the doctor made a statement saying; there’s nothing wrong with this man, I think he’s love sick, Cynthia didn’t believe him. She thought there was something wrong with me, and she wasn’t going to let it slide just like that.

Since then, Cynthia treated me like someone with an unsolved problem, and as long as she wasn’t sure my problem was solved, she wouldn’t do anything to endanger herself. And that meant she wasn’t going to want me to bleep her until I was normal again according to her judgement. That was so cool with me. In fact, I started acting really strange but not in manner that suggested mental imbalance. I made it look like it was spiritual, but she believed it was medical and tried everything within her power to get me checked out by a doctor. All her efforts failed. It was sure to fail. It was best for her to think of me that way because I had changed my mind on her after watching the Ogechi on TV. Everything just worked out well. I don’t know how I would have broken up with Cynthia, though I never officially pronounced our relationship into existence.

Cynthia didn’t avoid me, neither did she stop me from getting close to her. The only thing she made sure I didn’t do was the only thing I didn’t want to do, which she had always wanted to do. I took advantage of the situation and acted as though I wouldn’t last a day without feeling the warmth of her body so that she wouldn’t have any reason to say I avoided her at any point in time. As much as Cynthia would have loved to do it, she didn’t for the sake of her health. She was afraid I had an internal disease that could be contacted by bl0*d. “What sort of disease would make a man suddenly fall asleep without prior symptoms and wake up over eighteen hour later” she kept wondering.

Nevertheless, Cynthia never let me go. She never gave up on me. She didn’t take it kindly with anyone insinuated that my problem was psychological. She always believed it was medical. She was so sure I was going to come around someday and she didn’t mind waiting for that day no matter how long it took. She cared even more about me and was determined to see to it that my problem got solved. Cynthia had a good heart and indeed loved me. She’s always been there for me. I can’t begin to number the things she’s done for me even though I wasn’t giving her what she really wanted from me. She’s always been the one around and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this far without her. Just at the time she was to reap the fruit of her labor; I was set to leave her for Ogechi, the one I loved but hadn’t been around me for years and I can’t tell what she has grown to become, unlike Cynthia whom I had gotten to know in and out. Was I being fair with Cynthia?


Well, it wasn’t easy coming by the answer to that question. “There’s only one way to find out” I thought to myself. And that was attending Ogechi’s house party with disguised looks. There I would ask her some sensitive questions that would clear my doubt on whether or not she still truly loved me like back in the days. YES!! That was indeed a wise one.

I summoned Cynthia and told her I needed to take a trip to Oklahoma City. “Why do you want to go there? Are you tired of seeing me around? Cynthia asked. “Not all.” I replied. I think I need to change my environment for a little bit. Who knows? I might regain my true self if I do so” I said, acknowledging Cynthia’s suspicion of me not being alright. Cynthia wouldn’t prevent anything that would put me in the state she wanted me in, so she consented, though she insisted on coming with me. After a little argument about that, she let go. Three days later, I left for Oklahoma.

Looking out from the cab that was taking me to a hotel from the airport, I saw a lot pretty things about Oklahoma City, one of them being Ogechi’s pictures on billboards. I saw about three of that before I got to the hotel. I arrived a day to Ogechi’s house party. After checking in and freshening up, I decided to take a little tour around Oklahoma and take some pictures. It was a wonderful time out. I visited the zoo and museum briefly and then proceeded to Ogechi’s residence so that I wouldn’t find it difficult knowing my way around the next day when it was time to party. We got there and I was stunned by the magnificent building Ogechi had purchased for herself. It had a garden and a swimming pool. Well, those were all I could see from outside. I’ll get to see more when it was time for the party. The taxi driver drove me back to my hotel. I got to my room and changed into my pajamas, after which Cynthia crossed my mind and I called her.

“Hi J” she greeted.

“Hello Cynthia, how are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m sick” she replied.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“I can’t stand your absence” she replied.

“C’mon Cynthia, I’ll be back before you know it”

“Promise?” she asked,

“Promise” I replied.

She then cheered up and we engaged in a very long conversation like we hadn’t talked to each other in the last two years. As a matter of fact, I slept on the call. Even at that, her call woke me up by 8am the next day and we switched to skype while freshening up on both ends. It was a really cool thing to do. After 9am we stopped our call and I started preparing for Ogechi’s party like it was set to begin the next hour, though it was set to begin by 4pm. I was nervous till 4pm and had talked with Cynthia five times for not less than thirty minutes before it was 4pm. I disguised myself with Fela Anikuti’s kind afro and covered my eyes with dark shades. Put on an old school suit and carried a staff as though supporting myself with it. When I consulted the mirror and found that even I couldn’t recognize myself I was convinced Ogechi would also not be able recognize me. I borrowed the disguise strategy from Cynthia.

It had been three hours into Ogechi’s house party and the whole place was fool of superstars, some of which were present at the movie premier I and Cynthia attended back at Regina. It was a good thing I disguised myself. Ogechi was just welcoming people as they came, and out of all who went there, I never saw anyone who showed up solo. I was the only one who went there alone. She came the moment she saw me and welcomed me, not knowing my true identity. I thanked her and she left immediately because she had many people to welcome and would not spend a longer time than necessary with one person except an exceptional big shot.

When it was 11pm some people were left outside to continue partying while Ogechi and her superstar friends remained at the VIP section. During her last TV program she had promised to talk about her relationship and other personal matters to some set of people. The VIP section was where that was going to happen and not all were allowed in. Not all even knew that something like that was going to happen there. Everyone involved had gotten in and the security stood firm at the door post to make sure that not even a spirit entered in again. Nevertheless, I went to the security and tried to sweet talk them into letting me in to no avail. I suddenly forgot that I was in America and brought out some tips to give to the security so that they would allow me in, and that pissed them off. They pounced on my and I screamed because of the pain they inflicted on me. That caught the attention of the VIPs’ and they rushed out to see what was going on. Ogechi didn’t come out with them. She had been taken to a safe zone like she was the president of the United States, to keep from her from harm in case it was an attack on her. When they found it was just a poor loner like I appeared, they relaxed and sent me away. But I refused to leave, explaining to them that I was Ogechi’s fan from the start and traveled all the way from Regina to be a part of that discussion. They thought I was from the press and wanted to come and get her private life details and publish on the newspapers for the sake of money but confirmed otherwise after they searched me for wires and the likes but couldn’t find it, yet they didn’t let me in. Ogechi finally showed up and I explained everything to her in a way and manner she could not resist. She was my girlfriend. I knew the right words and actions she stood helpless against. So I narrated to her how I took a long trip down just to see and hear her talk about her relationship after years of longing to see her unsuccessfully. “It would be unfair to send me away after all I’ve been through to be here” I said. There was something strange about me to her which she couldn’t figure out. If I had knelt down, she would have suspected or even known it was me, so I didn’t. However, she told them to let me in but keep a close watch on me.

She began her talk with jokes about how she used to be afraid of having an affair because her mother told her that boys would only come and steal her heart away. She didn’t understand what her mum meant by that. She thought the boys were going to murder her and pluck out her heart from her chest. She dropped that fear after she graduated from secondary school and got admission into the university. She told everyone she had longed to have an affair with a guy who truly cared about her all her days in secondary school but was afraid because of what her mum told her. So when she got into the university, she promised to find herself just the right guy who was going to give her the treatment she desired without taking advantage of her. It wasn’t easy to find such guys, she continued; stating how about seven guys she willingly gave her heart to, proved to be undeserving of it by seeing her as a little girl that was perfect for nothing more than s#x. “It was a good thing they didn’t have their ways with me” she said. Even the guy that finally gave her the kind of love and care she needed still had a flaw. He cared about Ogechi, was always there for her, couldn’t bear to see to see her unhappy and all that. But he was discovered to have been double dating. Ogechi said his explanation was that he couldn’t bear not making out with Ogechi, so he had to find himself someone to serve that purpose while Ogechi remained his queen. Ogechi never mentioned that she excluded making out from her relationships, neither did she affirm that she permitted it. But the guy thought she wouldn’t go well with that idea, probably because of the way she carried herself.

I was just sitting there listening and waiting for it to get to my turn so that I would hear what she was going to say about me and judge if she’s been telling the truth all along of if she was just telling them super stories. Finally it got to my turn.

“All I have told you were just to make you understand why it took me that long to find myself the right kind of guy for me. Now is time for the real deal. The prince charming you all want to hear about will be my topic for the rest of the night. Like I said, it is a long story, and a whole night is not enough time to say all there is about it. But I’ll try to mention the most important aspects of my relationship with my prince charming whom I have so missed.” Ogechi said that putting her right hand on her chest and smiling as though reminiscing on a good experience. She then started talking.

“He’s a Nigerian like me but from the southern part of the country. I met him one night under a chaotic atmosphere sleeping. I was supposed to look for a way to get out of there before I got caught by the police who were randomly arresting people. But a force stronger than I could resist compelled me to stop and wake him up. Of course I shouldn’t have left him there like that but I sure was going to if not for the force that stopped me. To my greatest surprise, he started weeping when I woke him up, thinking that the reason for the chaos was the end of the world. He begged God to forgive him and it struck me that he was a Christian that was expecting the second coming of Jesus Christ. But the environment was too hot for me to try and get acquainted with him like I longed to. I brought it to his notice that the world had not ended, but that it was the police. He rejoiced greatly on hearing that and thereafter devised a means by which we escaped, after asking for my name” the crowd laughed and clapped.

He took me to a hotel room, she continued; where I had expected the animal in him to awaken when the hours of the night got ungodly. All I could do was pray in my heart that he should be knocked out by the kind of sleep that visited Adam when Eve was created. That guy refused to sleep. Instead, he was up watching TV endlessly. When I saw that he wouldn’t stop watching TV, I turned the TV off and asked him to join me in prayer and he consented immediately. I was surprise, but I hid all my emotions in order to appear brave.

All through the night, I slept with one eye open in case he got curious and decided to find out what my body could do to his system. Honestly, I had expected him to do that. He looked like someone who would want to do that. In the middle of the night I woke up and turned on the light to check him out. He was deeply asleep with his face pressed against his pillow. It was clear that the guy was more interested in catching a good night sleep than anything else in the whole world. It was later that I got to find out from him that he had not slept in a bed for the past one month. Then I understood why he slept that much. While I was still looking at him that night and wondering what made such a rough looking guy with beards all over his face sleep with such calm on a bed with a girl like me, I heard a voice say; “DO YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU RELAX?” Oh my gosh!! It was his voice. The guy wasn’t sleeping!!!


“Like I said, Ogechi continued; I kept cool and hid my fears and suspicions. I had been doing that all my life until it became part of me. So when he asked if I wanted him to help me relax, I simply replied him with two words; LET’S PRAY. Again, he joined me in prayers without argument or hesitation. After we prayed, for some reason I had peace within me and believed he wasn’t the kind of guy who would do what I suspected he would do. So I slept off after handing over myself into the hands of God.

Next day I discovered he didn’t have a place to stay and invited over to my house to stay with me. I know you’ll be wondering how I could have done such a thing. I wondered so myself back then. He turned out to be a good acquaintance and I became very fond of him. He was supposed to stay with me for a period of two months but would have ended up staying with me forever if my brother had not called in to say he was coming over to my house. I guess I didn’t want him to go anymore; neither did he want to go. But before then, things happened.

Initially I tried to starve his eyes of some sight that could awaken the hulk in him. But I soon got tired of that and lived freely with him as though he was a girl. Many times I caught him admiring my body extravagantly when I got careless with the adjustment of my clothes, but he would sit back as though such sight had no impact on him. I thought it was because of his promise to be of good behavior while in my house, but when two full months passed without any advances from him despite my unintentional exposure of some sensitive parts of my body, I got worried. In fact, I felt bad. I know there are men who can control themselves but not this much. He made it seem like he was living with a man in the house and that tempered with my self-esteem. Not that I had some desires I needed him to gratify, but I had expected that as a guy living with a girl, he would lose control of himself one day, not because he was lustful, but because his eyes had seen too much of my body than he could resist, then I would call him to order. And if calling him to order was unsuccessful, well I didn’t really think about that. I just believed I could do so whenever the pressure was too much for him to handle. I wouldn’t have been disappointed at him if he did, because he had already proven himself to be a respectable guy. So if he ended up making such advances towards me, it would only be a natural reaction. And I would have stopped him. So I believed.

But when I wasn’t getting that from him or even getting a sign that such might occur soon, I felt so bad about myself. I started thinking that my charms weren’t strong enough to woo this guy. Note: It wasn’t my plan to woo or seduce him. I only expected that he would one day lust after me, and want to have his way with me since he was beholding my body every day. Instead of curiosity consuming him, he always sat still and stared. I know some thoughts were definitely running through him mind, just that he wasn’t acting. I wonder how he managed to do that.

When he finally moved into his apartment after nearly four months of staying with me, I went with him so we could spend some time together before I returned home. At that point, I had already developed feelings for him. He also had developed feelings for me but hadn’t spilled out the words yet, but I knew. There was a heavy down pour that night that I couldn’t make it home again. Spending the night with him wasn’t something to be afraid of, neither was my mood of dressing something to be careful about when with this guy because it never got to him. After all, he’ll just sit still and stare without making a move. The most he would do is rain complements on me until my ear had its fill of complements. I took off everything I had on me and got a T-shirt from him to cover my body without any under wears. I then lay carelessly as usual on the bed as I flipped through the music library of his laptop for songs to cheer me up when suddenly he burst out of the bathroom with hot red burning lust in his eyes while his body vibrated. “BINGO!” I said in my heart. I thought you were not a man.” Why did it take you this long to lose it?” I asked in my heart. Or was he trying to be respectful by not making and advances towards me while in my house?”

I had been expecting that the day would come when he’ll want to feel my warmth, and had planned to forbid him when that day came. Finally, the day came and I just lay on that bed not knowing if I wanted to stop him or actually wanted him to go ahead. The more time I wasted trying to figure out what I wanted, the closer he got to making it happen. My mind went blank, my heartbeat accelerated, and I got really soft. All I could do was lay back helplessly on the bed without making any objections or giving a go ahead. What good could objections do at that point? Apparently, they guy had lost it and wasn’t going to try to hold it back. I, on the other hand was exceedingly happy because he finally fell for my charms, but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted him to go ahead with what he was set to do. I just couldn’t stop him like I thought I would. I guess I shouldn’t have driven him that crazy.

But then, I was amazed at the outcome of things. As he was bending downward to lie on me, he suddenly retreated and lay beside me on the bed. I was confused. Then everything about him that was out of place gradually returned and he was normal again. He changed his mind. He wasn’t going to go through with it again. I was somewhat happy that he stopped himself. How ironic? When I couldn’t stop him, he stopped himself. But why? I asked in my heart. Was it something ugly about me he saw or observed? How was he able to climb that high and return without a single sweat? Then it dawned on me that he had resisted me again. He definitely did! I was dumbfounded. All I could say was; “I’m proud of you” though I was disappointed. At that point, my regard for him tripled up. But I wasn’t going to give him any more chances to resist me. If he actually got to that point and could still hold himself back, he was definitely going to do it over and over again if I gave him chances to.

I left his house the next morning pretending to be alright. I was definitely sad about the whole thing. A pretty girl feels so good knowing that the guys are falling for her charms even though she’s not interested in any of them. But when it seems there’s some guy somewhere who’s not falling for her charms, it makes her wonder why. Sometimes, she might even begin to think there’s something about her that isn’t in place. Those of you ladies can bear me witness to that. That was exactly the way he made me feel. Even though I wasn’t ready to let him have me just yet, I wasn’t also ready to be resisted by him, so I stopped seeing him. I couldn’t believe myself. I had found the exact kind of guy I always desired. But then, I stopped us from seeing each other for two reasons; Firstly, I didn’t want to be resisted by him anymore. Secondly, I couldn’t resist him anymore. If I had continued our usual visits and time alone together, soon enough, I would have ended up being the one to suggest the idea of commitment and union, the very thing I had kept myself from doing right from the day he moved into my house. I had always been a decent girl and wasn’t going to let that go. It appeared he also wasn’t ready to be anything less than his name depicts. In case you’re wondering what his name is, he calls himself Jesusboy. And he says he doesn’t do so for fun. The good thing about him was that he had mastered his body and could starve it of its lustful cravings, but I couldn’t say the same about myself. So the best way out was distance, at least for a little while until I got a hold of myself again. Nevertheless, I loved him. In fact, that was when my love for him was sealed. He didn’t know that. He thought I was angry with him and didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

Jeez! I couldn’t believe my ears after I heard Ogechi confess all that. So that was why she stopped me from seeing her? I asked myself in bewilderment. And all the while I thought she was disappointed at me because of my actions that night. After she narrated the things that went on between her and me, I got to know her hidden feelings and fears which I had no knowledge of before now. I bet she wouldn’t have voiced them out if she knew I was there. “I NEVER KNEW, I NEVER THOUGHT, I NEVER SUSPECTED THAT OGECHI EVER MADE ANY EFFORT TO RESIST MY CHARMS. ALL THE WHILE, IT WAS ALWAYS LIKE SHE NEVER FELT THAT WAY TOWARDS ME. BUT SHE DID, EVEN MORE THAN I DID TOWARDS HER. HOW COULD SHE HAVE HIDDEN IT TO A POINT WHERE EVEN I, WITH MY PSHYCOLOGICAL KNOWHOW COULDN’T COMPRHEND? THAT QUESTION HAS REMAINED UNANSWERED TO THIS VERY DAY”


She went ahead to explain that my action that night did not take her by surprise. She had always seen it coming. She only said she prayed it wouldn’t come sooner than later. How I managed to overcome my lust that night remains a mystery to her, she said. She even said she was disappointed when I didn’t pull through that night, even though she gave me a good remark for not pulling through. I didn’t really understand that statement of hers. She also went ahead to tell them all I went through just to win her heart afterwards. Things like me joining the choir after she had stopped visiting me and all that. It was so much fun listening to her talk about me like I wasn’t there. The feeling is d##n good! If you’ve not been in such position before, try to.

“My brother’s presence at my house helped matters a lot, Ogechi continued her story; Prince charming couldn’t visit me like he would have done if my brother wasn’t around. Neither did he ask me out anymore. He was so busy trying to gain a place in my heart without raising any ill suspicions. Little did he know that he owned my heart. Though I was pushing him away, I was afraid he might leave. So I was careful not to suggest to him with my actions that I didn’t want him around anymore. My brother left a while later and we resumed all that was paused.

It wasn’t long before he broke his silence to me at a bar he took me to one of those days. He asked me to be his girl in the most poetic way ever. Like I said, I was already in love with that guy, so when he poured out his heart to me, I couldn’t pretend to be glad about the development, and that made him think I was still contemplating on whether to give him a chance or not. However, I knew that with he and I formally dating, things between he and I would escalate to another level where I wouldn’t have to think twice should he demand for a piece of me. Was I ready for that? The answer is no. But who was I to decline when I had fallen head over hills for him. So I consented verbally in due course and we sealed it with our first kiss. It may have been more if the atmosphere was conducive enough but you dare not try that inside Oliva Twist no matter how much more you want.

The Romeo and Juliet started in earnest between us. There was no end to our public hugs and kisses on campus, especially as he had switched to my school and was in the same department with me. That was my idea, and I reaped the reward dearly. Six months passed and he hadn’t demanded for the cookie yet. Apparently, he was afraid I might push him away again if he made such advances towards me. I don’t know if I would have been able to withhold my body from him if he asked for it, but fact remains that my fears didn’t let me do it, as much as I would have loved to. All he needed to do was succumb to the pressure for just once, and it would have been a different ball game.

I’ve heard of some girls who clearly defined the terms their relationship with a guy to be without love making before entering into it, and that was only if the guy agreed to such terms. In my case, there was no such agreement, but that’s exactly what it was until we graduated from school. Never for once was anything done towards that direction and we got so used to being that way to a point where we forgot that we could choose to do it and face the consequences later. I guess none of us was ready for such consequences. Instead, we started chasing dreams. He motivated and encouraged me a lot. He took me to studios and opened me up to some set of people I was normally afraid of. One of those days we came across a singer called Ck. Some of you here know him. Ck proposed that I work with him as his backup singer. I agreed and that was how I hit the wall of fame and started living my dream. That was also the initial point of my separation from my Prince Charming.

To be frank with you all, I got a little selfish. Never in my life had I been so celebrated. I was treated like I was a diva. The attention was much more than I could handle, the love people showed me was intoxicating, and the preferential treatment I kept getting everywhere I went got into my head that I halted my affair with Prince Charming in order to get enough of the good feeling, but I still loved him. Suddenly, everyone wanted to identify and curry favor with me. I was barely alone so we couldn’t spend time together anymore. I wasn’t afraid of losing him because I had gotten to know over the years that it took more than a nice body and features to get his attention. I also knew that I had eaten too deep into his soul for him to let go of me like that, especially with the fact that we hadn’t known each other beyond the surface yet. I took advantage of all those and left to explore the world I had always dreamed of over the years.

I came to America after graduation to join Ck as his backup singer. Communication between me and Prince Charming was flowing decreasingly. I tried to wrap things up in America and go back to him but was informed by Ck’s manager that I won’t be going back anytime soon because Ck was getting numerous invitations to perform at different locations all over the world, and I would have to go with him to back him up. I couldn’t believe that was happening to me. I had to choose between my dreams and Prince Charming. I called him and told him the situation of things except the part that I wasn’t coming home anytime soon. The last thing Prince Charming would do is to stop me from pursuing my dreams, so I didn’t want to put him in a situation of having to choose whether to pursue my dreams or come back to him. I summoned courage one day and told him I wasn’t coming home soon and that was when things between us went obviously bizarre.

I got so busy that I couldn’t even take Prince Charming’s calls anymore because I was somewhere performing or rehearsing when he called. I only found out that he called from my manager or his voice messages. I got rich, I got famous, but I got lonely. I wanted to ask him to come over to me here but my manager objected, saying my label won’t condone such and that he was going to draw me backward with his loser’s mentality. It was clear my manager didn’t want him around and if I got stubborn and went ahead to bring him over, he and my manager would always be involved in a clash. I didn’t want that for anyone, so I just stayed back in America and hoped that fate will keep what is mine for me.

For a long period of time, he and I did not communicate and I couldn’t help but wonder if he had replaced me with someone else already. I had no means of getting such information, so I just believed that he will still end up in my arms no matter where he had strayed to. After a while of not communicating with him, it seemed like I had gotten used to being without him. And since there were so much to do, it kind of skipped my mind that Prince Charming existed. But I knew in my heart that I was in love, and with no one else but him.

Things gradually unfolded as Ogechi kept pouring her heart out unreservedly. My eyes got wet and tears nearly rolled down my eyes when I braced up myself as a man and gnashed my teeth as I snapped out of that emotional state. So Ogechi didn’t really abandon me after all like I thought. She was just succumbing to pressure she couldn’t stand against. Then I found out all I needed to find out. She had always loved me all those years and was yearning for us to get together again. But why was she telling these people all these things? I asked myself. Why did she go as far as telling them about the romance aspect of it? She even talked about bleeping! Like seriously, that was way out of the box. I started wondering why and couldn’t believe that Ogechi would let strangers in on such details. But it appeared I was greatly mistaken because she did more than talk about her romance with me. She went ahead to tell them a whole lot more about her romance, but this time, not with me.

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don _ just
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what a dop real & maleria dream…..? waaoo, great writeup, keep up joor.

Tunde Jones www
Tunde Jones www
2 years ago

I could tell you’ve never been to the airport before from your story. But, make I no lie. Your story sweet pass anything. I was looking for something erotic but ended up following you to the very end. You’re unlimited and are going places with this.
Kudos man. Tunde Jones (www.ltd18.com) loves you

2 years ago

Pls Mr Rock d rock man can u pls download the princess switch in Netflix.tanks

2 years ago

Last last na dream, i am very happy gbosa for you! Chop knockle jare

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